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1Arbete och teknik på människans villkorMats Bohgard2015ISBN-13:9789173651950
2Introduction to Fluid MechanicsDonald F. Young2012A Brief Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition is desi...ISBN-13:9780470902158
3Sara VidebeckCarl Jonas Love Almqvist1919UOM:39015015397998
4Human Factors for EngineersCarl Sandom2004-01-01This book introduces the reader to the subject matter covera...ISBN-13:9780863413292
5The future bookMagnus Lindkvist2016-05-05“The future” plays a dominant role in everybody’s live...ISBN-13:191064983X
6Proceedings of the 20th Congress of the International Ergono...Sebastiano Bagnara2018-08-10This book presents the proceedings of the 20th Congress of t...ISBN-13:3319960717
7Understanding Attractive Work in a Globalized WorldUrmi Nanda Biswas2017-11-27This book discusses organizational values and their implicat...ISBN-13:9811061335
8Decision, Probability and UtilityPeter Gärdenfors1988-04-29Decision theory and the theory of rational choice have recen...ISBN-13:9780521336581
9CalculusRobert A. Adams2017-01-24Proven in North America and abroad, this classic text has ea...ISBN-13:9780134154367
10Management Control SystemsRobert Newton Anthony2014This well-established text offers a comprehensive foundation...ISBN-13:9780077133269
11The Concept of HistoryDmitri Nikulin2017-01-26The Concept of History reflects on the presuppositions behin...ISBN-13:1474269133
12Senses of the SubjectJudith Butler2015-03-01This book brings together a group of Judith Butler's philoso...ISBN-13:0823264661
13Framing Social InteractionAnders Persson2018-07-20This book is about Erving Goffman’s frame analysis as it, ...ISBN-13:1317133536
14The Handbook of SalutogenesisMaurice B. Mittelmark2016-09-02This in-depth survey of salutogenesis shows the breadth and ...ISBN-13:3319046004
15Sociologi Och EpistemologiDonald Broady1990ISBN-13:9789176562505
16Words Are My MatterUrsula K. Le Guin2016-09-26"Hard times are coming, when we’ll be wanting the voices o...ISBN-13:1618731211
17The Hiding PlaceTrezza Azzopardi2000Dolores Gauci, the youngest daughter in a family of six, wat...ISBN-13:9780802138590
18Elementary Linear AlgebraHoward Anton2015ISBN-13:9788126562961
19Phenomenology and the Social Context of PsychiatryMagnus Englander2018-01-25Exploring phenomenological philosophy as it relates to psych...ISBN-13:1350044326
20Mechanical Design Engineering HandbookPeter R. N. Childs2013-09-02Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook is a straight-talking...ISBN-13:0080982832
21Hans MalmBjörn Springfeldt2013-09ISBN-13:9783868284447
22Leadership AgilityWilliam B. Joiner2007Provides practical advice and guidance to show managers and ...ISBN-13:9780787979133
23Critique in Design and Technology EducationP John Williams2017-03-22This book addresses notions of critique in Design and Techno...ISBN-13:9811031061
24Rethinking the Fifth DisciplineRobert Louis Flood2002-01-04'Fifth Discipline' is one of the very few approaches to mana...ISBN-13:1134667140
25Music & SilenceRose Tremain2001-05-01Brought to the Danish court in 1629 to serve in the king's o...ISBN-13:0743418263
26The Rise of Organised BrutalitySiniša Malešević2017-04-03Challenging the prevailing belief that organised violence is...ISBN-13:1108155898
27The AMA Handbook of Project ManagementPaul C. Dinsmore2018-11-13An essential resource presenting state-of-the-art theory and...ISBN-13:0814438679
28The Second Jungle BookRudyard Kipling1897HARVARD:32044058223413
29The Anatomy of WorkGeorges Friedmann1992-01-01The consequences of narrow work specialization are critical ...ISBN-13:9781412835886
30Hannah Arendt and TheologyJohn Kiess2016-02-25Hannah Arendt is regarded as one of the most important polit...ISBN-13:0567628515
31Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science and MedicineMichael Kent2006-11-30With more than 7,500 entries and over 165 illustrations, thi...ISBN-13:0199210896
32The Girl Who Saved ChristmasMatt Haig2017-10-31"If somewhere in the afterlife Roald Dahl met Charles Dicken...ISBN-13:1524700460
33International BusinessJohn Wild2014-02-26ISBN-13:0133540391
34Very tricky, Alfie AtkinsGunilla Bergström2005-04-14Alfie's father is too busy to play, so Alfie borrows his too...PSU:000056014204
35Hannah Arendt in JerusalemSteven E. Aschheim2001"It is impressive to see an edited collection in which such ...ISBN-13:9780520220577
36Learning to be EmployableChristina Garsten2004This book looks at the powerful global discourse on employab...ISBN-13:9781403901057
37Haynes-Apperson and America's First Practical AutomobileW. C. Madden2003While Elwood Haynes and the Apperson brothers are not as wel...ISBN-13:9780786413973
38Intuitive InteractionAlethea Blackler2018-07-03This book explores recent research in intuitive interaction ...ISBN-13:1351682091
3912 Rules for LifeJordan B. Peterson2018"What does everyone in the modern world need to know? [The a...ISBN-13:0345816021
40Controlling Design VariantsAnna Ericsson1999"Introduces the concept of modular design within the product...ISBN-13:0872635147
1Arbete och teknik på människans villkorArbete och teknik på människans villkor
2Arbete och teknik på människans villkorArbete och teknik på människans villkor
3Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Ljudupptagning]2011Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Ljudupptagning]
4Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Ljudupptagning]2013Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Ljudupptagning]
5Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Elektronisk resur...2015Arbete och teknik på människans villkor [Elektronisk resur...
6Arbete och teknik på människans villkorArbete och teknik på människans villkor
1Arbete och teknik på människans villkorLoven, Eva Bohgard, Mats, Karlsson, Stig, Lovén, Eva, 2008Arbete och teknik på människans villkor
2Att utforma arbete och teknik på människans villkorBohgard, Mats, Karlsson, Stig, Lovén, Eva, Mikaelsson, Lars-Åke, Att utforma arbete och teknik på människans villkor
3Arbete och teknik på människans villkorBoghard, Mats, Karlsson, Stig, Lovén, Eva, 1960-, Mikaelsson, Lars-Åke, 2008Arbete och teknik på människans villkor
4Arbete och teknik på människans villkorBohgard, Mats, Karlsson, Stig, Lovén, Eva, 2015Arbete och teknik på människans villkor

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