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1Arbete och teknik på människans villkorMats Bohgard2015ISBN-13:9789173651950
2Understanding Attractive Work in a Globalized WorldUrmi Nanda Biswas2017-11-27This book discusses organizational values and their implicat...ISBN-13:9811061335
3Chemical Process TechnologyJacob A. Moulijn2013-03-21With a focus on actual industrial processes, e.g. the produc...ISBN-13:1118570758
4Urban Aghori: Siddhis in the CityJahn Hooks2016-07-17This book is presenting a way to approach living in the grim...ISBN-13:1365245500
5Automating with SIMATIC S7-300 inside TIA PortalHans Berger2014-11-24SIMATIC S7-300 has been specially designed for innovative sy...ISBN-13:9783895784439
6Introduction to MATLAB & SIMULINK (A Project Approach)O. Beucher2008-01-01ISBN-13:9788131804261
7Practising Critical ReflectionFook2007-09-01How can professionals learn more easily from their own exper...ISBN-13:0335234879
8Differential Equations with Boundary-Value ProblemsDennis G. Zill2016-12-05DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH BOUNDARY-VALUE PROBLEMS, 9th Edi...ISBN-13:1305965795
9The Handbook of SalutogenesisMaurice B. Mittelmark2016-09-02This in-depth survey of salutogenesis shows the breadth and ...ISBN-13:3319046004
10Ambiguous artefactsAnnette Henning2000-09STANFORD:36105110029373
11Engineering ElephantsEmily M. Hunt2010-03Kids learn about everyday projects created by engineers.ISBN-13:1449058167
12The Value Model: How to Master Product Development and Creat...Per Lindstedt2003ISBN-13:9789163063497
13Delft Design GuideAnnemiek Van Boeijen2014-04-01an overview of product design approaches and methods used at...ISBN-13:9789063693275
14Elementary Linear AlgebraHoward Anton2015ISBN-13:9788126562961
15Very tricky, Alfie AtkinsGunilla Bergström2005-04-14Alfie's father is too busy to play, so Alfie borrows his too...PSU:000056014204
16Design SketchingErik Olofsson2007ISBN-13:9789197680714
17The AMA Handbook of Project ManagementPaul C. Dinsmore2011Completely revised and fully up-to-date, this is the essenti...ISBN-13:0814415423
18Haynes-Apperson and America's First Practical AutomobileW. C. Madden2003While Elwood Haynes and the Apperson brothers are not as wel...ISBN-13:9780786413973
19Design of Thermal Barrier CoatingsMohit Gupta2015-05-05This book details the relationships between microstructure, ...ISBN-13:3319172549
20The Oxford dictionary of sports science and medicineMichael Kent2007Covers all the major areas of sports science and medicine in...ISBN-13:9780191727788
21BodyspaceStephen Pheasant2016-03-16In the 20 years since the publication of the first edition o...ISBN-13:1420055895
22Meta-organizationsGöran Ahrne2008-01-01A growing number of organizations are meta-organizations; ra...ISBN-13:1848442653
23Differently LiterateDr Elaine Millard2002-09-26Presents research into the differences in boy's and girl's e...ISBN-13:1135713871
24Framing EducationLars Wallner2017-10-27Interest in comics as Swedish school material has risen in t...ISBN-13:9176854191
25Return to MeaningMats Alvesson2017-07-06This book argues that we are currently witnessing not merely...ISBN-13:0191090786
26Empty LaborRoland Paulsen2014-08-14The first critical study of 'empty labor', the time during w...ISBN-13:1107066417
27Gender TroubleJudith Butler2011-09-22Since its initial publication in 1990, this book has become ...ISBN-13:1136783245
28Biomechanics in ErgonomicsShrawan Kumar1999-04-01Two important goals of ergonomics are the comfort, and the h...ISBN-13:9780203016268
29Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
30Learning to be EmployableChristina Garsten2004This book looks at the powerful global discourse on employab...ISBN-13:9781403901057
31MontecoreJonas Hassen Khemiri2011-03-01At the start of this dazzlingly inventive novel from Jonas H...ISBN-13:0307595323
32Individualiseringens villkorGunnar Gillberg2010ISBN-13:9789197450485
33How to Market BooksAlison Baverstock2015-02-11'Baverstock is to book marketing what Gray is to anatomy; th...ISBN-13:1317646371
34Discourses of Religion and Secularism in Religious Education...Karin Kittelmann Flensner2017-07-07This book answers the question on how students and teachers ...ISBN-13:3319609491
35Human Competence at WorkJörgen Sandberg1994ISBN-13:9789172461017
36Why We Disagree about Climate ChangeMike Hulme2009-04-30Climate change is not 'a problem' waiting for 'a solution'. ...ISBN-13:1107268893
37Book as Artwork 1960/1972Germano Celant2010Nearly three decades after its first printing, Book as Artwo...ISBN-13:0982969406
38Principles of MarketingGary Armstrong2014-10-01The 6th edition of Principles of Marketing makes the road to...ISBN-13:1486002536
39Learning CurvesKlara Sjölén2011Full of tips, tricks and suggestions for exercises, the goal...ISBN-13:9789163389528
40Principles of Marketing Scandinavian EditionAnders Parment2016-01-20Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition is an ideal int...ISBN-13:1292115564

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