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1A Greek and English Dictionary ... To which is now added an ...Rev. John Groves1829BL:A0017606312
2The Arabic Manuscript TraditionAdam Gacek2008-04-09The present work supplements the original volume of The Arab...ISBN-13:9004165401
3Decline of the Corporate CommunityEelke M. Heemskerk2007Traditionally, much of big business in the industrialized We...ISBN-13:9789053569733
4Zoological Collections of GermanyLothar A. Beck2018-02-05This book is devoted to the knowledge of up to 250 years of ...ISBN-13:3319443216
5Noise in Physical SystemsD. Wolf2013-12-11Noise in physical systems - as a consequence of the corpuscu...ISBN-13:3642876404
6Biotechnology for Agro-Industrial Residues UtilisationPoonam Singh-Nee Nigam2009-05-19Residues from agriculture and the food industry consist of m...ISBN-13:1402099428
7Ancient DNA TypingSusanne Hummel2013-03-09This is the definitive source of information on techniques f...ISBN-13:3662050501
8Introduction to FungiJohn Webster2007-01-25This new edition of the universally acclaimed and widely-use...ISBN-13:9781139461504
9Faba Bean ImprovementG. Hawtin2012-12-06Faba beans, formerly known as broad beans, are among the old...ISBN-13:940097499X
10Polar MicrobiologyAsim K. Bej2009-12-23Pollution has accompanied polar exploration since Captain Jo...ISBN-13:9781420083880
11Luciani Samosatensis Opera, cum nova versione Tiber. Hemster...Lucien de Samosate1743BML:37001100765473
12The Encyclopedia Americana1973-01-01ISBN-13:9780717201044
13Human Brain EvolutionStephen Cunnane2010-07-30The evolution of the human brain and cognitive ability is on...ISBN-13:9780470609873
14Athenaiou Deipnosophiston biblia pentekaideka. Athenaei Deip...Athenaeus : Naucratita1657IBNN:BNA01001467424
15I Never Knew There Was a Word For ItAdam Jacot de Boinod2010-08-05From 'shotclog', a Yorkshire term for a companion only toler...ISBN-13:0141963530
16The Two Halves of the BrainKenneth Hugdahl2010This volume provides a comprehensive view of the latest rese...ISBN-13:0262014130
17Arabic ManuscriptsAdam Gacek2009-06-24Arranged alphabetically by subject and/or concept and richly...ISBN-13:9004170367
18Cellular and Molecular Pathobiology of Cardiovascular Diseas...Monte Willis2013-12-23Cellular and Molecular Pathobiology of Cardiovascular Diseas...ISBN-13:0124055257
19Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis Sixti 5. pont. max. iussu re...1630IBNN:BNANT001410766
20Viscosity of Fruit JuicesI. M. Abdulagatov2011Modeling, optimisation and automation of food processes is d...ISBN-13:9781612095257
21Corpus juris civilis, pandectis ad Florentinum archetypum ex...1663RMS:RMS32IST000000357$$$V
22New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and B...Vijai G. Gupta2016-11-15New and Future Developments in Microbial Biotechnology and B...ISBN-13:0444635157
23Pagan Races of the Malay PeninsulaWalter William Skeat1906HARVARD:HX78BZ
24Regional AestheticsErik Hedling2010ISBN-13:9789188468147
25Linkage Disequilibrium and Association MappingAndrew Collins2007As researchers continue to make enormous progress in mapping...ISBN-13:1597453897
26Ingmar BergmanBirgitta Steene2005Exhaustive compendium by one of the world's foremost experts...ISBN-13:9789053564066
27Bio-ImagingRajagopal Vadivambal2015-08-27Highlights the Emergence of Image Processing in Food and Agr...ISBN-13:1466593687
28The Asiatic Origin of the Oceanic LanguagesDaniel Macdonald1894HARVARD:32044086553534
29An English-Malay DictionaryW. G. Shellabear2018-02-04This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781376676167
30A Companion to PaleoanthropologyDavid R. Begun2012-12-20A Companion to Paleoanthropology presents a compendium of re...ISBN-13:1118332377
31Fundamentals of Molecular EvolutionDan Graur2000-01Genes, genetic codes, and mutation. Dynamics of genes in pop...ISBN-13:9780878932665
32As sociology meets historyCharles Tilly1981UOM:39015016130398
33Colloquial IcelandicDaisy Neijmann2015-08-14Colloquial Icelandic provides a step-by-step course in Icela...ISBN-13:1317306554
34Western Esotericism in Scandinavia2016-03-31Western Esotericism in Scandinavia is a detailed encyclopaed...ISBN-13:9004325964
35Mitochondrial DiseasesPatrick Lestienne2012-12-06For those like me who witnessed the beginning of the adventu...ISBN-13:3642598846
36Clinical Functional MRIChristoph Stippich2015-02-27The second, revised edition of this successful textbook prov...ISBN-13:3662451239
37Principles of Greek EtymologyGeorg Curtius1876HARVARD:32044038401469
38Tantraraja TantraArthur Avalon1981ISBN-13:9780836423563
39Major Companies of Europe 1990/91R. M. Whiteside2011-09-28Graham & Trotman, a member of the Kluwer Academic VOLUMES 1 ...ISBN-13:9789401068451
40Fermented Foods, Part IIRamesh C. Ray2017-06-26This book reviews the use of fermentation to develop healthy...ISBN-13:1351793764

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