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1Food Borne Viruses and Prions and Their Significance for Pub...Frans J. M. Smulders2013Many risk management plans as currently implemented by the f...ISBN-13:9086862268
2Nanotechnology StandardsVladimir Murashov2011-02-01Written by a team of experts, Nanotechnology Standards provi...ISBN-13:9781441978530
3Nhl Official Guide and RecordDan Diamond2003-10-01An official NHL guide to the world of professional hockey re...ISBN-13:9781572436039
4Ceramic Injection MoldingB.C. Mutsuddy1994-11-30This book provides a comprehensive overview of the steps inv...ISBN-13:9780412538100
5Lichens to Biomonitor the EnvironmentVertika Shukla2013-08-23The book embodies the detailed account about unique symbiont...ISBN-13:8132215036
6NanoelectrochemistryMichael V. Mirkin2015-03-27Nanoscale electrochemistry has revolutionized electrochemica...ISBN-13:146656122X
7The Textbook of Nanoneuroscience and NanoneurosurgeryBabak Kateb2013-07-25Nanoneuroscience, nanoneurosurgery, and nanobioelectronics h...ISBN-13:1439849420
8Remote Sensing of DroughtBrian D. Wardlow2012-04-24Remote Sensing of Drought: Innovative Monitoring Approaches ...ISBN-13:1439835578
9Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental HealthMike Slade2017-02-09This book brings together current research on recovery and w...ISBN-13:1107543053
10Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports1979-03NYPL:33433060143462
11Climatological Data, National SummaryNational Climatic CenterSTANFORD:36105006301175
12The Metabolic Pathway Engineering HandbookChristina Smolke2009-07-28This first volume of the Metabolic Pathway Engineering Handb...ISBN-13:9781439802977
13Biochemistry of AtherosclerosisSukhinder C. Kaur2006-08-31This book covers many aspects of atherogenesis, with particu...ISBN-13:0387362797
14Carbon-related Materials in Recognition of Nobel Lectures by...Satoru Kaneko2017-09-08This book summarizes the recent advances in carbon-related m...ISBN-13:331961651X
15Repetitive DNAManuel A. Garrido-Ramos2012The experimental data that have been generated using new mol...ISBN-13:3318021490
16Statistical RegisterSouth Australia1916STANFORD:36105027236673
17Handbook of Surface and Interface AnalysisJohn C. Riviere2009-06-24The original Handbook of Surface and Interface Analysis: Met...ISBN-13:9781420007800
18OECD Health Policy Studies Geographic Variations in Health C...OECD2014-09-16This report helps policy makers better understand the issues...ISBN-13:9264216596
19Anticancer Agents from Natural Products, Second EditionGordon M. Cragg2011-10-10The approach to drug discovery from natural sources has yiel...ISBN-13:1439813825
20The Molecular Basis of Human CancerWilliam B. Coleman2016-11-11This book covers the concepts of molecular medicine and pers...ISBN-13:1597454583
21Financial Report and Public Debt Statement, Ohio School Dist...1962OSU:32435052591096
22Encyclopedia of Canonical ḤadīthGautier H.A. Juynboll2007-11-13This encyclopedic work on Islam comprises English translatio...ISBN-13:9047422724
23Rapid Cycle Real-Time PCR — Methods and ApplicationsW. Dietmaier2013-06-29Rapid-Cycle Real-Time PCR is a powerful technique for nuclei...ISBN-13:3642593976
24Nucleic Acids and Molecular BiologyFritz Eckstein2012-12-06A wide range of topics are covered, including articles on nu...ISBN-13:3642837093
25Security Owner's Stock GuideStandard and Poor's Corporation2000UCSC:32106015859314
26Thirteenth Census of the United States, 1910United States. Bureau of the Census1913WISC:89076088764
27Nanomaterials Handbook, Second EditionYury Gogotsi2017-08-09Since publication of the first edition over a decade ago, th...ISBN-13:1315354527
29Carbon Nanomaterials for Biomedical ApplicationsMei Zhang2015-11-06This book covers a wide range of topics relating to carbon n...ISBN-13:3319228617
30Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical EngineeringDavid Mautner Himmelblau2012Best-selling introductory chemical engineering book - now up...ISBN-13:0132346605
31Carbon Nanomaterials, Second EditionYury Gogotsi2013-10-24This book provides information on synthesis, properties, and...ISBN-13:1439897816
32Compact NMRBernhard Blümich2014-08-22Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is the most po...ISBN-13:3110374587
33Biological AgingTrygve O. Tollefsbol2007The goal of Biological Aging: Methods and Protocols is to pr...ISBN-13:1597453617
34Single Particle Tracking and Single Molecule Energy Transfer...Christoph Bräuchle2009-10-30Closing a gap in the literature, this handbook gathers all t...ISBN-13:9783527628377
35Building the Agile EnterpriseFred A. Cummins2010-07-28In the last ten years IT has brought fundamental changes to ...ISBN-13:9780080560083
36Statistical Prediction AnalysisJ. Aitchison1980-02-28Practitioners of many skills face the need to make some real...ISBN-13:9780521298582
37Extremes in a Changing ClimateAmir AghaKouchak2012-10-24This book provides a collection of the state-of-the-art meth...ISBN-13:9400744781
38ClustersMinh Tho Nguyen2017-01-27The field of atomic clusters continues to attract great inte...ISBN-13:3319489186
39Regional Fisheries Oceanography of the California Current Sy...Sam McClatchie2013-09-30The California Current System is one of the best studied oce...ISBN-13:9400772238
40Crazy Mayonnaisy MumJulia Donaldson2015-07-30Crazy Mayonnaisy Mum is packed with all sorts of poems and r...ISBN-13:1509812024

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