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1Behind the ScreenJohan Lundgren2017-12-05Introduction The prevalence of depressive symptoms in person...ISBN-13:9176854027
2Sömn dröm mardröm : Kunskap och verktyg för god sömnIda Flink2018-03-17Alla sover – menvarförsover vi? Är det farligt att få f...ISBN-13:9127818136
3Allians : Den terapeutiska relationen i KBTAnna Kåver2014-05-19En god allians och tillitsfull terapirelation är betydelsef...ISBN-13:9127139808
4Dansa på deadlineAlexander Rozental2014-03-12De allra flesta väntar gärna minst en dag med att ta tag i...ISBN-13:9127136183
5Jag tror jag måste prata med någon: en guide till terapiJenny Rickardsson2014-08-01Det här är en bok för dig som funderar på att börja i t...ISBN-13:9127135977
6An Introduction to Cognitive Behaviour TherapyHelen Kennerley2016-11-16This bestselling guide to the basic theory, skills and appli...ISBN-13:1473998255
7Cognitive Behavior TherapyWilliam T. O'Donohue2008-12-23Proven to be highly effective for the treatment of a wide ra...ISBN-13:0470482729
8Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy...Khadj Rouf2004-05-06Behavioural experiments are one of the central and most powe...ISBN-13:019100491X
9Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional ...David H. Barlow2017-12-15Contemporary research on major emotional disorders emphasize...ISBN-13:0190685972
10Understanding Pain for Better Clinical PracticeSteven Linton2005A comprehensive review of the current state of thinking and ...ISBN-13:0444515917
11Design of Caspase Inhibitors as Potential Clinical AgentsTom O'Brien2008-10-28Presents the Therapeutic Potential for Caspase Inhibitors: P...ISBN-13:9781420045413
12Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSDEdna Foa2007-03-22Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD: Emotional Processing of...ISBN-13:0195308506
13Positive Psychology at WorkSarah Lewis2011-03-16Positive Psychology at Work brings the fields of positive ps...ISBN-13:111999621X
14Generalized Anxiety Disorder ReliefJoshua Sideon2017-07-03Provides useful statistics as well as scientifically-researc...ISBN-13:9781548574000
15Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy, Fifth EditionYitzchak M. Binik2014-03-19The leading clinical reference and text in the field, origin...ISBN-13:1462513891
16Marketing for Architects and DesignersHarold Linton2005Large and small architecture firms alike will appreciate thi...ISBN-13:9780393731002
17The Meaning of ScienceTim Lewens2015-08-27What is science? Is it uniquely equipped to deliver universa...ISBN-13:0141977434
18Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, Global EditionLarry B. Christensen2015-01-23Encourages mastery of the basic principles of psychological ...ISBN-13:1292068469
19TinnitusDavid Baguley2012-12-06Tinnitus: A Multidisciplinary Approach provides a broad acco...ISBN-13:1118488709
20From Neurons to Neighborhoods:Committee on Integrating the Science of Early Childhood Development2000-11-13How we raise young children is one of today's most highly pe...ISBN-13:0309069882
21Interviewing for Qualitative InquiryRuthellen Josselson2013-03-12Engagingly written, this book builds the reader's skills for...ISBN-13:1462511945
22The Hair-pulling ProblemFred Penzel2003Trichotillomania, one of the family of obsessive-compulsive ...ISBN-13:0195149424
23Master the SAT: Diagnosing Strengths and Weaknesses--Practic...Peterson's2010-10-01Peterson's Master the SAT: Diagnosing Strengths and Weakness...ISBN-13:0768930111
24Ground Rules in Psychotherapy and CounsellingRobert Langs1998-01The author examines the issue of boundaries in psychoanalyti...ISBN-13:9781855751712
25Handbook of Musculoskeletal Pain and Disability Disorders in...Robert J. Gatchel2014-05-08This book addresses the complexity of preventing, diagnosing...ISBN-13:1493906127
26New Avenues for the Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pa...Steven Linton2002ISBN-13:9780444507327
27Healing After the Suicide of a Loved OneAnn Smolin2011-01-18Too often people suffering the aftermath of a suicide suffer...ISBN-13:9781439123980
28The Reality SlapRuss Harris2012-03-01The “reality slap” takes many different forms. Sometimes...ISBN-13:1608822818
29Food Pharmacy2017-09-05ISBN-13:9781510723481
30All About Lovebell hooks2018-01-30"The word "love" is most often defined as a noun, yet...we w...ISBN-13:0062862170
31The Psychotherapeutic ConspiracyRobert Langs1995-11-01In this work, Robert Langs depicts modern day psychotherapy ...ISBN-13:9781568217314
32Den skräckslagne psykologen botar sin flygrädsla med KBTErik Matton2015-05-06Eriks flygrädsla har tagit över mer och mer: vardagen plan...ISBN-13:9127140172
33Statistics Without Maths for PsychologyChristine Dancey2017-04-21Highly praised for its clear, straightforward approach, Stat...ISBN-13:1292128895
34Beat the Blues Before They Beat YouRobert L. Leahy2010ISBN-13:1401928668
35Feeling GoodDavid D. Burns, M.D.2012-11-20The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastina...ISBN-13:0062136496
36Brief Interventions for Radical ChangeKirk D. Strosahl2012-10-01As a mental health professional, you know it’s a real chal...ISBN-13:1608823474
37Self CompassionKristin Neff2011-07-07Kristin Neff PhD, is a professor in human development whose ...ISBN-13:1444738186
38The Mind Illuminated Culadasa (John Yates PhD)2017-01-03

The Mind Illuminated is a comprehensive, accessi...

39Tinnitus Retraining TherapyPawel J. Jastreboff2008-10-30Tinnitus and oversensitivity to sound are common and hithert...ISBN-13:9781139453097
40Pain-Related Fear:Exposure-Based Treatment of Chronic PainJohan W. Vlaeyen2015-06-01This book identifies fear of movement and injury as a primar...ISBN-13:1496331923
112 verktyg i KBT : från teori till färdighetLinton, Steven James, 1952-201112 verktyg i KBT : från teori till färdighet
212 verktyg i KBT [Ljudupptagning] : från teori till färdig...Linton, Steven James201112 verktyg i KBT [Ljudupptagning] : från teori till färdig...
112 verktyg i KBT : från teori till färdighetLinton, Steven J., Flink, Ida K., 201012 verktyg i KBT : från teori till färdighet

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