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1LärandeSäljö Roger2015ISBN-13:9789140688262
2Ethics and Values in Social WorkSarah Banks2012-03-30Ethics and Values in Social Work offers a clear and systemat...ISBN-13:0230375928
3A concise Swedish grammarÅke Viberg2005ISBN-13:9789127502529
4Fandom as Classroom PracticeKatherine Anderson Howell2018-05-15Providing ways to engage students through their popular cult...ISBN-13:1609385675
5The Routledge International Handbook of Early Childhood Play...Tina Bruce2017-06-14Historical changes in play are taking place in childhood all...ISBN-13:1317563530
6Botanicum Poster BookProfessor Katherine J. Willis2017-11-02This large-format poster book lets you decorate your walls w...ISBN-13:9781783706303
7Vygotsky’s Theory in Early Childhood Education and Researc...Nikolay Veraksa2018-02-21Drawing upon in-depth analyses of Lev Vygotsky’s theories ...ISBN-13:1351579401
8Marginalization Processes across Different SettingsSangeeta Bagga-Gupta2018-06-11While issues of marginalization and participation have engag...ISBN-13:1527511928
9Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy; Poems, a Song and a StoryJuliana Townsend2016-05-09This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781356162703
10Educational PsychologyWoolfolk2003-09-01ISBN-13:9788131701966
11ChanelDanièle Bott2007A design aficionado's visual reference to some of the House ...ISBN-13:9780500513606
12Psychology: A Concise IntroductionRichard A. Griggs2017-07-01This exceptionally concise volume offers a rich survey of th...ISBN-13:1319059198
13We're Friends, Right?William A. Corsaro, Ph.D.2003-12-31Sociologists often study exotic cultures by immersing themse...ISBN-13:0309528356
14Summer at the ZooMarcia Wuest2009-08-17Readers for Teens provide engaging fictional stories with im...ISBN-13:0521737354
15Contemporary Theories of LearningKnud Illeris2018-03-15This tenth anniversary edition of Knud Illeris’s classic 2...ISBN-13:1351377035
16Learning and DiscourseRoger Säljö1997ISBN-13:9781854332592
17Scientific American Reader for Psychology: A Concise Introdu...Richard A. Griggs2007-02-15These 10 articles were selected by Richard Griggs to support...ISBN-13:9781429205917
18The Theory and Practice of LearningPeter Jarvis2003-12-16Learning is among the most basic of human activities. The st...ISBN-13:1135725071
19Apps, Technology and Younger LearnersNatalia Kucirkova2016-11-10This book provides an in-depth analysis of the challenges, p...ISBN-13:1317402472
20The Mind IlluminatedCULADASA2017-01-03The Mind Illuminated is a comprehensive, accessible and - ab...ISBN-13:1781808791
21Memory Practices, and LearningÅsa Mäkitalo2017-01-01ISBN-13:9781681236209
22International Guide to Student AchievementJohn Hattie2013-01-17The International Guide to Student Achievement brings togeth...ISBN-13:1136962042
23The Montessori MethodMontessori2014-07-02The Montessori Method represents an explicit idealism and tu...
24ConservationClive Hambler2013-01-03The importance of conservation is growing each year, with in...ISBN-13:1139618830
25Necessary Conditions of LearningFerence Marton2014-06-20Necessary Conditions of Learning presents a research approac...ISBN-13:1317811933
26Life 3.0Max Tegmark2017-08-29'This is the most important conversation of our time, and Te...ISBN-13:0141981792
27The University of LearningJohn Bowden2003-12-18Universities are rarely structured to facilitate learning an...ISBN-13:1134312024
28Discourses in InteractionSanna-Kaisa Tanskanen2010-12-22The fourteen contributions in this collection come from diff...ISBN-13:902728749X
29The Elephant in the BrainKevin Simler2017-12-01ISBN-13:0190496010
30What Did I Write?Marie M. Clay1975-01-01Grade level: 1, 2, 3, k, e, p, t.UOM:49015000456450
31The Child and the CurriculumJohn Dewey1920ISBN-13:1465558101
32Children Reading PicturebooksEvelyn Arizpe2015-11-27Children Reading Pictures has made a huge impact on teachers...ISBN-13:1317407601
33The Lily PondAnnika Thor2011-10-11A Mildred L. Batchelder Honor Book and an ALA-ALSC Notable C...ISBN-13:0375899146
34Stress reduction through joy of life. The salutogenesis mode...GRIN Verlag GmbH2014-09-03Seminar paper from the year 2003 in the subject Psychology -...ISBN-13:3656725683
35The Ins and Outs of English PronunciationLiss Kerstin Sylvén2013ISBN-13:9789144079554
36The Sociology of ChildhoodWilliam A. Corsaro2017-06-10William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking text, The Sociology of...ISBN-13:1506386199
37Course in General LinguisticsFerdinand de Saussure2013-10-10Ferdinand de Saussure is commonly regarded as one of the fat...ISBN-13:1472508823
38Cognitive DevelopmentAleksandr Romanovich Luriia1976Alexander Romanovich Luria, one of the most influential psyc...ISBN-13:9780674137325
39Understanding Cross-cultural ManagementBrowaeysISBN-13:9788131727973
40Stylish Academic WritingHelen Sword2012-04-16Elegant ideas deserve elegant expression. Sword dispels the ...ISBN-13:0674069137
1Lärande [Elektronisk resurs] : en introduktion till perspek...Säljö, Roger2015Lärande [Elektronisk resurs] : en introduktion till perspek...
2Lärande : en introduktion till perspektiv och metaforerSäljö, Roger, 1948-Lärande : en introduktion till perspektiv och metaforer
3Boken om KIM : [om systemisk organisationsutveckling med KIM...Henriksson, Bente Kaj2016Boken om KIM : [om systemisk organisationsutveckling med KIM...
1Lärande - en introduktion till perspektiv och metaforerSäljö, Roger, 1948-,2015Lärande - en introduktion till perspektiv och metaforer
2Fanfiction och fransk litteraturundervisningAronsson, Mattias, 1971-,Fanfiction och fransk litteraturundervisning
3La fanfiction et le FLE : une manière d’enrichir l’ens...Aronsson, Mattias, 1971-,2017La fanfiction et le FLE : une manière d’enrichir l’ens...

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