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1Interpreting Qualitative DataDavid Silverman2006-08-22In this exciting and major updating of one the most importan...ISBN-13:1446200205
2Using Software in Qualitative ResearchChristina Silver2014-05-01Using Software in Qualitative Research is an essential intro...ISBN-13:1473905222
3Qualitative ResearchDavid Silverman2004-05-25Building on the global success of the First Edition of Quali...ISBN-13:9780761949343
4Qualitative Analysis for Social ScientistsAnselm L. Strauss1987-06-26The teaching of qualitative analysis in the social sciences ...ISBN-13:9780521338066
5Interviewing as Qualitative ResearchIrving Seidman2015-04-25Now in its fourth edition, this popular book provides clear,...ISBN-13:0807772232
6Qualitative Research PracticeJane Ritchie2013-11-01Why use qualitative methods? What kinds of questions can qua...ISBN-13:1446296202
7Analyzing and Reporting Focus Group ResultsRichard A. Krueger1997-07-24Richard Krueger offers a rich and valuable discussion of foc...ISBN-13:1506339174
8Doing Qualitative ResearchDavid Silverman2017-11-25Accessible, practical, and packed with indispensable advice,...ISBN-13:1526416840
9Qualitative Research MethodsMonique Hennink2010-12-08This comprehensive text takes a practical approach that mirr...ISBN-13:1412922259
10Discourses of counsellingDavid Silverman1997Stimulating and timely, Discourses of Counseling offers a fu...ISBN-13:9780803976610
11Completing Your Qualitative DissertationLinda Dale Bloomberg2012-04-26Graduate students often struggle with turning qualitative re...ISBN-13:1452289115
12Qualitative AnalysisWilliam A Hardcastle2009-11-30This Guide is concerned with the practice of qualitative ana...ISBN-13:1849730679
13Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Res...Catherine Cassell2004-05-26This text covers an array of methods needed for undertaking ...ISBN-13:0761948872
14Conversation Analysis and Discourse AnalysisRobin Wooffitt2005-04-23Demonstrating how the methods and findings of conversation a...ISBN-13:9780761974260
15Qualitative Data AnalysisPatricia Bazeley2013-02-01Lecturers/instructors only - request a free digital inspecti...ISBN-13:1446289427
16Doing Qualitative ResearchDavid Silverman2008-04-02The Indispensable, Bestselling Qualitative Textbook isáNow ...ISBN-13:1412926394
17A Companion to Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2004-04-21`The book covers such a diverse range of material and there ...ISBN-13:144622824X
18Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exer...Brett Smith2016-09-13The last two decades have witnessed a proliferation of quali...ISBN-13:1317646916
19Transforming Qualitative DataHarry F. Wolcott1994-02-18The process of analyzing qualitative data and producing a co...ISBN-13:9780803952812
20Doing Interview-based Qualitative ResearchEva Magnusson2015-10-01For many students, the experience of learning about and usin...ISBN-13:131641907X
21Qualitative Data AnalysisIan Dey2003-09-02First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134931468
22Communication and medical practiceDavid Silverman1987The importance of the doctor-patient interaction in medical ...ISBN-13:9780803981096
23Successful Qualitative ResearchVirginia Braun2013-04-05This accessible, practical 'how to' guide provides students ...ISBN-13:1847875815
24The Coding Manual for Qualitative ResearchersJohnny Saldana2015-11-02Lecturers, request your electronic inspection copy Johnny Sa...ISBN-13:1473943582
25Research Methods in PoliticsRoger Pierce2008-04-09Packed with features to promote learning this text is ideal ...ISBN-13:1446204669
26Ethics in Qualitative ResearchMelanie L. Mauthner2002`It is a book worth reading because of the centrality of eth...ISBN-13:9780761973096
27Applied Qualitative Research DesignMargaret R. Roller2015-01-30"This unique text provides a comprehensive framework for cre...ISBN-13:1462515754
28Qualitative Methods for Health ResearchJudith Green2018-03-24Packed with practical advice and research quick tips, this b...ISBN-13:1526448793
29Qualitative ResearchStephen D. Lapan2011-11-09The authors—noted scholars and researchers—provide an up...ISBN-13:1118118855
30NetnographyRobert V Kozinets2009-12-18With as many as 1 billion people now using online communitie...ISBN-13:0857021796
31Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2012-01-19Text accompanied by a companion web site.ISBN-13:0199588058
32Interactive Qualitative AnalysisNorvell Northcutt2004-02-20`Students in qualitative classes often have a difficult time...ISBN-13:0761928340
33Qualitative Marketing ResearchJohanna Moisander2006-05-11Aimed at both graduate and undergraduate students majoring i...ISBN-13:1847878040
34The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Data AnalysisUwe Flick2013-12-18The wide range of approaches to data analysis in qualitative...ISBN-13:1446296695
35Doing Media ResearchSusanna Hornig Priest2009-03-05Comprehensive and comprehensible, Doing Media Research is an...ISBN-13:1412960975
36Organizational WorkDavid Silverman1976STANFORD:36105036569601
37Case Study ResearchRobert K. Yin2013-05-07Providing a complete portal to the world of case study resea...ISBN-13:1483322246
38Research DesignJohn W. Creswell2017-12-12This bestselling text pioneered the comparison of qualitativ...ISBN-13:1506386687
39Introducing Qualitative Research in PsychologyCarla Willig2013-05-01This vital student resource takes six different approaches t...ISBN-13:0335244505
40Doing Qualitative Research DifferentlyWendy Hollway2012-11-12Hollway and Jefferson have updated their ground-breaking boo...ISBN-13:144627165X
1Use of visual displays in research and testing : coding, int...Use of visual displays in research and testing : coding, int...
2Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practiceJewell, Dianne V.c2011Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice

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