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1StorytellingKlaus Fog2004-12-06Must-read for managers on a powerful branding tool of the fu...ISBN-13:9783540235019
2StorytellingKlaus Fog2011-05-09Must-read for managers on a powerful branding tool of the fu...ISBN-13:3540883495
3Brand ManagementTilde Heding2008-12-19For over two decades, it has been argued that the brand is a...ISBN-13:1134068298
4Hospitality BrandingChekitan S. Dev2012-11-01In recent years the brand has moved squarely into the spotli...ISBN-13:0801465265
5Marketing Strategies for Higher Education Institutions: Tech...Tripathi, Purnendu2013-05-31Although higher education institutes are not typically thoug...ISBN-13:1466640154
6City BrandingKeith Dinnie2011-01-15Focussing specifically on city branding this is an invaluabl...ISBN-13:0230241859
7Practice of AdvertisingAdrian Mackay2007-03-30The Practice of Advertising addresses key issues in the indu...ISBN-13:1136372458
8Consumer-Brand RelationshipsSusan Fournier2012-03-29The creation and management of customer relationships is fun...ISBN-13:1136470972
9The Law Times Reports1907UOM:35112103187888
10Principles and Practice of MarketingJim Blythe2013-11-05When you think of marketing you may think of the adverts tha...ISBN-13:1446297500
11Branding ServicesN. M. Shanthi2006Services are differentiated from products, based on certain ...IND:30000115758959
12Branding Chinese Mega-CitiesPer Olof Berg2014-04-25This interdisciplinary book details the economic, cultural a...ISBN-13:178347033X
13Brand CultureJonathan E. Schroeder2006Exploring current issues in brand management, this book fill...ISBN-13:9780415355995
14Annual ReportNew York State Library1910Reports for 1863-90 include accession lists for the year. Be...OSU:32435067158998
16Legislation Bulletin ...New York State Library1910IOWA:31858045367905
18ReportNew York State Library1910IOWA:31858027128895
19Designing B2B BrandsCarlos Martinez Onaindia2013-02-19“As an in-depth explanation of one organisation’s brand ...ISBN-13:1118554434
20Nation BrandingKeith Dinnie2015-08-27Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice was the ground-b...ISBN-13:1317681940
21Cruise Tourism and SocietyAlexis Papathanassis2012-12-21​The growth and increased popularity of cruises is accompa...ISBN-13:3642329926
22Religious Thought and Life in IndiaSir Monier Monier-Williams1885OXFORD:N12641428
23Brāhmanism and HindūismSir Monier Monier-Williams1887STANFORD:36105040861341
24Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport MarketingEric C. Schwarz2017-12-18Effective marketing is essential for any successful sport or...ISBN-13:1351667629
25Destination Marketing OrganisationsSteven Pike2007-06-01Travellers are now spoilt by choice of available holiday des...ISBN-13:1136411038
26Brand CommandAlex Marland2016-03-15The pursuit of political power is strategic as never before....ISBN-13:0774832061
27The Brand Chartering HandbookChris Macrae1996A timely exposition of the brand chartering process within b...PSU:000044894818
28Destination BrandsNigel Morgan2011This textbook shows how cities, regions and countries adopt ...ISBN-13:0080969305
29Contemporary Issues in MarketingAyantunji Gbadamosi2019-09-02As the landscape of marketing knowledge changes, contemporar...ISBN-13:1526485400
30BrandscapesAnna Klingmann2007Anna Klingmann looks at the controversial practice of brandi...ISBN-13:0262515032
31Fashion MarketingMarianne Bickle2010-06-21Prior to the 1970s and 1980s, fashion marketing focused heav...ISBN-13:9781563677380
32Nation brandingKeith Dinnie2010-05-14Nation Branding: Concepts, Issues, Practice is a comprehensi...ISBN-13:1136377352
33The Only Book You Will Ever Need on BrandingMichiel Maandag2015-12-17A great product is not enough. You cannot sell or promote an...ISBN-13:147213608X
34The Marketing Challenge for Industrial CompaniesClaudio A. Saavedra2016-04-29This book discusses the differences between consumer marketi...ISBN-13:3319306103
35Building Your Ideal Private Practice: A Guide for Therapists...Lynn Grodzki2000-04-17Lynn Grodzki will be running a series of workshops in Austra...ISBN-13:0393703312
36Branding and AdvertisingSeema Gupta2009-09-27In today's time there is no more dynamic and fascinating fie...ISBN-13:9788190794114
37Brand ManagementPaolo Popoli2017-11-08This book is an original, high-quality collection of chapter...ISBN-13:953513597X
38The Law Times Reports of Cases Decided in the House of Lords...1907OSU:32437121367060
39How the online presence of a tourist destination affects the...Viktorija Širvinskytė2016-09-28Master's Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Tourism, g...ISBN-13:3668309876
40Strategic MarketingGraeme Drummond2001-01Strategic Marketing: planning and control covers contemporar...ISBN-13:0750652365
1Critical Issues in Higher Education [Elektronisk resurs]Kompf, Michael.2013Critical Issues in Higher Education [Elektronisk resurs]

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