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1SOU 2007:054 Barnet i fokus. En skärpt lagstiftning mot bar...2007ISBN-13:9789138227848
2UtvecklingspsykologiPhilip Hwang2003ISBN-13:9789127085510
3Ungdomar och unga vuxnaPhilip Hwang2018ISBN-13:9789127822450
4Autonomy and Dependence in the FamilyRita Liljestrom2003-09-02What are the future prospects of the modern family? For a lo...ISBN-13:1134401914
5Fathers in Cultural ContextDavid W. Shwalb2013Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2013 Winner, APA Divis...ISBN-13:1848729472
6National RelationsNikolas Glover2011-01-01In Stockholm in January 1945, an assembly of Swedish diploma...ISBN-13:9185509663
7Risk, Power and the StateMagnus Hörnqvist2010-02-25Risk, Power and the State: After Foucault addresses how powe...ISBN-13:1135154406
8Organizational Change and Gender EquityLinda L. Haas1999-10-27Comparing progress in the United Kingdom, United States, Sca...ISBN-13:9780761910442
9Skolan som barnarbete och utvecklingsprojektJan-Olof Hellsten2000ISBN-13:9789155446345
10Essential Biological PsychologyJim Barnes2013-02-01Drawing on the latest exciting research, Essential Biologica...ISBN-13:1446275620
11Nordic Intimate Couples with ChildrenElse Christensen1986UVA:X001244341
12Perceiving Motherhood and FatherhoodClarissa Kugelberg1999-01-01STANFORD:36105029473993
13The Hen Who Dreamed she Could FlySun-mi Hwang2014-02-27This is the story of a hen named Sprout. No longer content t...ISBN-13:1780745354
14National Union Catalog1968Includes entries for maps and atlases.WISC:89015286172
15Pharmaceuticals in medical imagingDennis P. Swanson1990-12-01UOM:39015015475968
16The Dog Who Dared to DreamSun-mi Hwang2016-07-07FROM THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR SUN-MI HWANG This ...ISBN-13:0349142092
17Pedestrian and Evacuation DynamicsRichard D. Peacock2011-06-29An aging population, increasing obesity and more people with...ISBN-13:9781441997258
18Advances in Information Systems Development:Anders G. Nilsson2006-05-31The two-volume Advances in Information Systems Development: ...ISBN-13:9780387308340
19Cumulated Index Medicus2000UIUC:30112055104696
20Parent-infant RelationshipsDavid Robert Harvey1987The aim of this series is to provide a common ground between...UOM:39015012574953
21Subject CatalogLibrary of CongressWISC:89126008309
22Scandinavian Journal of Haematology1969UCLA:31158001734119
24Playing as if the World MatteredGabriel Kuhn2015-03-30The world of sports is often associated with commercialism, ...ISBN-13:1629631345
25Fathers and family work in two culturesKarin Sandqvist1987UOM:39015016137385
26Images of ChildhoodC. Philip Hwang2014-02-04The twentieth century will surely be remembered as a period ...ISBN-13:1317780175
27ChalmersKälla: Wikipedia2011-09K lla: Wikipedia. Sidor: 124. Kapitlen: Alumner fr n Chalmer...ISBN-13:9781231336137
28PsychologyStanton L. Jones2014-11-30In this accessible student’s guide, an experienced profess...ISBN-13:1433539810
29Oor 'n motorfiets, 'n zombiefliekJaco Jacobs2013-10-02Martin Retief se hele lewe verander toe sy pa een middag sti...ISBN-13:0799362387
30Text, Speech and DialoguePetr Sojka2012-08-08This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th I...ISBN-13:3642327907
31Teas, Cocoa and CoffeeAlan Crozier2011-10-14In recent years, the role of plant secondary metabolites as ...ISBN-13:1444347071
32La kartidningen1987UCLA:L0058128349
33Handbook of Plant Food PhytochemicalsBrijesh K. Tiwari2013-01-02Phytochemicals are plant derived chemicals which may bestowh...ISBN-13:1118464680
34Index of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office...United States. Patent Office1974STANFORD:36105112104802
35Alumner Från Chalmers Tekniska HögskolKälla: Wikipedia2011-08K lla: Wikipedia. Sidor: 36. Kapitlen: Gustaf Dal n, Ivar Te...ISBN-13:9781231809273
36Language Technologies for the Challenges of the Digital AgeGeorg Rehm2018-01-05This open access volume constitutes the refereed proceedings...ISBN-13:3319737066
37Magnesium in the Central Nervous SystemRobert Vink2011The brain is the most complex organ in our body. Indeed, it ...ISBN-13:0987073052
38Geospatial ThinkingMarco Painho2010-07-20For the fourth consecutive year, the Association of Geograph...ISBN-13:9783642123269
39PhotobiologyLars Olof Björn2012-12-06Photobiology - the science of light and life - begins with b...ISBN-13:9401005818
40Svenska tidskriftsartiklar1980MINN:31951001425954H
1Ungdomar och unga vuxna : utveckling och livsvillkorHwang, Philip, 1950-Ungdomar och unga vuxna : utveckling och livsvillkor
2UtvecklingspsykologiHwang, Philip, 1950-Utvecklingspsykologi
3Gruppsykologi : för skola, arbetsliv och fritidHwang, Philip, 1950-Gruppsykologi : för skola, arbetsliv och fritid
4UtvecklingspsykologiHwang, Philip, 1950-Utvecklingspsykologi
5Ungdomar och unga vuxna [Elektronisk resurs] utveckling och ...Hwang, PhilipUngdomar och unga vuxna [Elektronisk resurs] utveckling och ...
6Utvecklingspsykologi : från foster till vuxenHwang, Philip, 1950-Utvecklingspsykologi : från foster till vuxen
7Det blommande granatäppelträdet : en kinesisk familjs hist...Hwang, Tsu-yü, 1912-20051986Det blommande granatäppelträdet : en kinesisk familjs hist...
8Utvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]Hwang, PhilipUtvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]
9Modu na rŭl ch'yŏda bwayoUnenge, Johan, 1963-Modu na rŭl ch'yŏda bwayo
10Vänner, kärleksrelationer och sexualitetHwang, Philip, 1950-Vänner, kärleksrelationer och sexualitet
11Gruppsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]Hwang, PhilipGruppsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]
12Utvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]Hwang, PhilipUtvecklingspsykologi [Elektronisk resurs]
13Utvecklingspsykologi [Ljudupptagning] från foster till vuxe...Hwang, PhilipUtvecklingspsykologi [Ljudupptagning] från foster till vuxe...
14Introduktion till psykologin : lärobok för gymnasiet, kurs...Hwang, Philip, 1950-2001Introduktion till psykologin : lärobok för gymnasiet, kurs...
1Ungdomar och unga vuxna : utveckling och livsvillkorHwang, Philip, 1950-, Frisén, Ann, 1963-, Nilsson, Björn 2018Ungdomar och unga vuxna : utveckling och livsvillkor
2Sediment Toxicity Assessment in the Intertidal Flat Zone of ...Hwang, G.S. Dave, Göran, 1945-, Nilsson, Eva, 1941-, Kim, K Sediment Toxicity Assessment in the Intertidal Flat Zone of ...
3Gruppsykologi : för skola, arbetsliv och fritidHwang, Philip, 1950-, Nilsson, Björn, 2014Gruppsykologi : för skola, arbetsliv och fritid
4Genetic variants in novel pathways influence blood pressure ...Ehret, Georg B. Munroe, Patricia B. Rice, Kenneth M. Bochud, Murielle Genetic variants in novel pathways influence blood pressure ...
5The ENIGMA Consortium : large-scale collaborative analyses o...Thompson, P. M. Nilsson, Lars-Göran, Salami, Alireza Drevets, W The ENIGMA Consortium : large-scale collaborative analyses o...
6Purification and characterization of human intestinal neutra...Ohlsson, Lena, Palmberg, Carina Duan, Rui-Dong, Olsson, Maria, Purification and characterization of human intestinal neutra...
7GruppsykologiHwang, Philip, 1950-, Nilsson, Björn 2014Gruppsykologi

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