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1Project managementBo Tonnquist2009ISBN-13:9788776757281
2Projektledning2014PROJEKTLEDNING riktar sig till alla som arbetar med projekt,...ISBN-13:9789152326473
3Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok).Bo Tonnquist2016ISBN-13:9789152341100
4Projektledning upplaga 7Bo Tonnquist2018ISBN-13:9789152354988
5Governance, projektportfölj och projektkontorKjell Rodenstedt2013-12-03Allt mer drivs som olika typer av projekt. Stora globala fö...ISBN-13:917463951X
6Paediatric Audiological MedicineValerie E. Newton2008-12-30Professionals will find a wide range of topics relevant to t...ISBN-13:9780470987964
7Project Management, Sixth EditionG. Michael Campbell PMP2014-03-04Successful project management requires organization, skill, ...ISBN-13:1615645330
8Business ResearchJill Collis2013-11-29A practical, concise, straightforward guide. Covering the en...ISBN-13:1137037482
9Daylight Influence on Colour DesignMaud Hårleman2007ISBN-13:9789197664400
10Gower Handbook of Project ManagementRodney Turner2016-04-22This Handbook was the first APM Body of Knowledge Approved t...ISBN-13:1317125118
11A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK(R...Project Management Institute2019-08-05To support the broadening spectrum of project delivery appro...ISBN-13:1628255390
12Creating Effective TeamsSusan A. Wheelan1999-06-28`Creating Effective Teams takes readers by the hand through ...PSU:000047062825
13Conflict Prevention in Project ManagementWolfgang Spiess2008-08-09Tis handbook has three primary objectives : (?) to give the ...ISBN-13:3540774378
14Color and DesignMarilyn DeLong2013-08-29From products we use to clothes we wear, and spaces we inhab...ISBN-13:1472520157
15Estimating and Tendering for Construction WorkMartin Brook2016-12-08Estimators need to understand the consequences of entering i...ISBN-13:1317561732
16EMPOWEREDMarty Cagan2020-12-03What is it about the top tech product companies such as Amaz...ISBN-13:1119691257
17Key Account ManagementPeter Cheverton2015-02-03An organization's key accounts are its lifeblood. Key accoun...ISBN-13:0749469412
18Project ManagementJack R. Meredith2015-09-22Designed for project management courses for business student...ISBN-13:1118945859
19Geography Through MapsSiddhartha K2001ISBN-13:9788187461067
20Colour and LightKarin Fridell Anter2017-05-17Colour and Light: Spatial Experience describes the coherent ...ISBN-13:9781472482792
21Apple WorldChristina Garsten1994STANFORD:36105016361615
22Agil Organisering med PulsUlla Sebestyén2015-04-24Ett företags tillväxt och lönsamhet beror till stor del p...ISBN-13:9163783622
23Color in FoodJosé Luis Caivano2012-04-05Controlling, measuring, and "designing" the color of food ar...ISBN-13:1439876932
24Colour DynamicsAntal Nemcsics1993This volume defines colour dynamics and their effect on the ...UVA:X002437280
25Small Business and EntrepreneurshipPaul Burns2016-01-08Extensively revised for the second edition, this popular tex...ISBN-13:1349249114
26Food Colour and AppearanceHutchings2012-12-06Much of man's behaviour is controlled by appearance, but the...ISBN-13:1461523737
27Project Management ToolBoxRuss J. Martinelli2016-01-05Boost your performance with improved project management tact...ISBN-13:1118973208
28Toddler Weekly Meal PlannerNotebook Meal Planner2019-07-29Keep your favorite dishes for quick and easy with undated fo...ISBN-13:9781086087116
29Dc Comics2019-04-30As the co-creator of Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Timm...ISBN-13:9781401289133
30Learning to SeeMike Rother2003Value-stream maps are the blueprints for lean transformation...ISBN-13:0966784308
31Once A Ferrara Wife...Sarah Morgan2014-11-27ISBN-13:459664831X
32Effective Software Project ManagementRobert K. Wysocki2010-09-29Why another book on software project management? For some ti...ISBN-13:0470446536
33The Mulligan Concept of Manual TherapyWayne Hing2019-06-27Endorsed by the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association (MCTA)...ISBN-13:0729586863
34Fundamentals of Organizational BehaviorAndrew J. DuBrin2013-09-17Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior: An Applied Perspect...ISBN-13:1483148173
35Getting Value out of Agile RetrospectivesLuis Gonçalves2015-01-28Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives helps you and your...ISBN-13:9492119072
36Guide to Management Ideas and GurusTim Hindle2008-09-01Good management is a precious commodity in the corporate wor...ISBN-13:9781846681080
37Managers Not MBAsHenry Mintzberg2005-06-02In this sweeping critique of how managers are educated and h...ISBN-13:160994044X
38Creating the Art of the GameMatthew Omernick2004-03-24The key word here is art: the dynamic 3D art that defines th...ISBN-13:9780132705073
39Proactive management of uncertainty using the successive pri...Steen Lichtenberg2000ISBN-13:9788750208228
40Agile Multi-Project ManagementUlla Sebestyén2017-05-29ISBN-13:9163924595
1ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
2ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
3ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
4ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2014Projektledning
5ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
6Project managementTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProject management
7ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Projektledning
8ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
9ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
10Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
11ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2006Projektledning
12Projektledning från grundenTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning från grunden
13ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
14Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...
15ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2021Projektledning
16Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
17ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Projektledning
18Agilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayAgilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...
19ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2004Projektledning
20Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo2008Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
21Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
22Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
23Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
24Project management : student learning guide and workbookTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2010Project management : student learning guide and workbook
25Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...Tonnquist, Bo2017Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...
26Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...Tonnquist, Bo2015Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...
27Project ManagementTonnquist, Bo2021Project Management
28Projektledning PaketTonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning Paket
29Projektledning Paket Faktabok + ÖvningsbokTonnquist, Bo2012Projektledning Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok
30Projektledning Paket med teori-övningTonnquist, Bo2021Projektledning Paket med teori-övning
31Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)
32Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2021Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
33Projektledning från grunden [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2020Projektledning från grunden [Elektronisk resurs]
34Project management [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2019Project management [Elektronisk resurs]
35Project management : a complete guideTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Project management : a complete guide
36Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-1999Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...
37Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-2001Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...

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