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1Can We Read Letters?Finn Egil Tønnessen2015-02-27“In their new book, Finn Egil Tønnessen and Per Henning U...ISBN-13:9462099561
2Dictionary of the English and German Languages ...William James1907IND:32000002756171
3Learning RFTNiklas Torneke2010-11-01Relational frame theory, or RFT, is the little-understood be...ISBN-13:1572249080
4Lexicon Graeco-Latinum. Seu Thesaurus linguae Graecae, post ...Guillaume Budé1554IBNR:CR000725215
5Lexicon siue dictionarium graecolatinum1562UCM:5317959936
6Lexicon, sive Dictionarium graecolatinum G. Budaei, I. Tusan...Guillaume Budé1562BML:37001100506000
7Sermones 'Thesauri novi' quadragesimales1485BSB:BSB11191906
8Where Do Phonological Features Come From?G. Nick Clements2011-07-28This volume offers a timely reconsideration of the function,...ISBN-13:9027286949
9The Poems of OssianJames Macpherson1840NWU:35556006774699
10The Peripatetic PhilosopherMarcus Clarke1869STANFORD:36105048104496
11Love and Saint AugustineHannah Arendt2014-12-10The brilliant thinker who taught us about the banality of ev...ISBN-13:022622564X
12Organizational Culture and LeadershipEdgar H. Schein2010-07-16Regarded as one of the most influential management books of ...ISBN-13:047064057X
13The Story of the American FlagWayne Whipple1910Traces the history of the American flag from the arrival of ...PRNC:32101013497506
14Os sons do portuguêsAndré Zampaulo2018-10-03Os sons do português is a practical introduction to the pho...ISBN-13:131539944X
15The Shore Dimly SeenEllis Gibbs Arnall2013-10This is a new release of the original 1946 edition.ISBN-13:9781494080334
16The Songs of Selma. from the Original of Ossian the Son of F...JAMES. MACPHERSON2018-04-19The 18th century was a wealth of knowledge, exploration and ...ISBN-13:9781379706809
17The Atman ProjectKen Wilber2014-01-23Wilber traces human development from infancy into adulthood ...ISBN-13:0835630927
18Flight Instructor's ManualRon D. Campbell1994ISBN-13:9781898567059
19MedusaStephen R. Wilk2007-11-15Medusa, the Gorgon, who turns those who gaze upon her to sto...ISBN-13:9780199887736
20Governing AustraliaMitchell Dean1998-06-22This interdisciplinary collection addresses Foucault's conce...ISBN-13:9780521586719
21The AmishJohn Andrew Hostetler1995-07-01John A. Hostetler explains the views and lifestyles of the A...ISBN-13:9780836136920
22Report of the Committee of the Highland Society of Scotland,...Highland Society of Scotland1805OXFORD:N10849637
23Holy ThursdayWilliam Blake1971ISBN-13:9780900731211
24Sex, Ecology, SpiritualityKen Wilber2001-01-02In this tour de force of scholarship and vision, Ken Wilber ...ISBN-13:0834821087
25Galvani-VoltaBern Dibner1952STANFORD:36105034092010
26BraceroEugene Nelson1975"This is an obscure but really moving novel about an indigen...UOM:39015008336136
27The Battle of LoraJames Macpherson2018-07The battle of Lora: A poem. With some fragments written in t...ISBN-13:9781721272594
28Everything is WonderfulSigrid Rausing2014The author reflects on the time she spent living in an Eston...ISBN-13:0802122175
29Multilingual Text Analysis: Challenges, Models, And Approach...Marina Litvak2019-02-27Text analytics (TA) covers a very wide research area. Its ov...ISBN-13:9813274891
30GFD Flight Instructor Textbook2002-01-01Guided Flight Discovery Flight Instructor textbook contains ...ISBN-13:9780884872757
31Handbook of Natural Language Processing and Machine Translat...Joseph Olive2011-03-02This comprehensive handbook, written by leading experts in t...ISBN-13:9781441977137
32Strategic Business AlliancesKeith W. Glaister2004-01-01Strategic Business Alliances examines key issues in the anal...ISBN-13:1845420543
33The Cousin JacksAlfred Leslie Rowse1969UOM:39015003761031
34Stereotactic Body RadiotherapyAndrew Gaya2015-01-24This is a single, comprehensive handbook for clinical oncolo...ISBN-13:0857295977
35Prophecy Study BibleTim LaHaye2002-07-01"An exciting NEW Scripture tool for the new millennium, the ...ISBN-13:9780899578514
36Richardson's 'Clarissa' and the Eighteenth-Century ReaderTom Keymer2004-06-24Whilst drawing to some extent on recent theoretical studies,...ISBN-13:9780521604406
37The Adult LearnerMalcolm S. Knowles2020-12-21How do you tailor education to the learning needs of adults?...ISBN-13:1000072894
38The Unlikely Voyage of Jack De CrowA. J. Mackinnon2002-05-01Mackinnon recounts his own fascinating journey from north Wa...ISBN-13:1574093436
39Europe on Stage; Translation and TheatreGunilla Anderman2017-03-22Plays written by the major European dramatists of the last t...ISBN-13:1783192291
40Studies in the Lutheran ConfessionsWillard Dow Allbeck2002-11-20ISBN-13:1725254298

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