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1Industrial Safety ManagementJ Maiti2017-10-30This edited volume focuses on research conducted in the area...ISBN-13:9811063281
2Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge DiscoveryMyra Spiliopoulou2013-11-26Data analysis, machine learning and knowledge discovery are ...ISBN-13:3319015958
3Pro-environmental BehaviorsKiyo Kurisu2016-01-28This book offers a much-needed practical and conceptual guid...ISBN-13:4431558349
4Advances in Cognitive SociolinguisticsDirk Geeraerts2010The book brings together ten studies into the social and con...ISBN-13:3110226456
5Bifurcation StentingRon Waksman2012-03-22Here is expert guidance on one of the most vexing clinical c...ISBN-13:1444346989
6Advances in Manufacturing, Production Management and Process...Beata Mrugalska2020-06-30This book discusses the latest advances in the broadly defin...ISBN-13:3030519813
7Phases of beliefJames Walker (Baptist minister.)1873OXFORD:591023775
8Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and RegionsAdriano Bisello2018-04-25This book comprises a selection of the top contributions pre...ISBN-13:3319757741
9Water Demand ForecastingV. Gardiner1986-06-30This book is an outcome of the workshop on water demand fore...ISBN-13:1482275600
10Natural Medications for Psychiatric DisordersDavid Mischoulon2008Updated for its Second Edition, this book is the only refere...ISBN-13:9780781767620
11The Secret of TSLWilliam G. Ouchi2009-09-01From the author of the acclaimed and influential Making Scho...ISBN-13:9781439141274
12Natural Language Information RetrievalT. Strzalkowski2013-04-17The last decade has been one of dramatic progress in the fie...ISBN-13:9401723885
13New Methods In Language ProcessingD. B. Jones2013-11-05Studies in Computational Linguistics presents authoritative ...ISBN-13:1134227450
14Psychology in OrganizationsS Alexander Haslam2004-05-24'Psychology in Organizations' presents an approach to organi...ISBN-13:9780761942313
15Coronary RadiologyMatthijs Oudkerk2013-06-29This is the first monograph to focus exclusively on coronary...ISBN-13:3662064197
16An Integrated Play-based Curriculum for Young ChildrenOlivia N. Saracho2013-03Play provides young children with the opportunity to express...ISBN-13:113684211X
17Advances in Radiation OncologyJeffrey Y.C. Wong2017-04-20This book concisely reviews important advances in radiation ...ISBN-13:3319532359
18Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and RegionsAdriano Bisello2016-11-03This book presents cutting-edge work on innovative planning ...ISBN-13:3319448994
19Cognitive SociolinguisticsGitte Kristiansen2008-11-06A union of Cognitive Linguistics and Sociolinguistics was bo...ISBN-13:3110199157
20The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Climate and CultureKaren M. Barbera2014-05-07The Oxford Handbook of Organizational Climate and Culture pr...ISBN-13:0199860726
21Instruments for Clinical Health-care ResearchSharon Olsen20042004 AJN BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD WINNER! This Text Facilitate...ISBN-13:9780763722524
22Art and EmotionDerek Matravers2001-01-25The author's aim in this study is to show that what experien...ISBN-13:9780199243167
23Sustainable Landscape PlanningPaul Selman2012-07-26This book takes as its starting point the need to examine cr...ISBN-13:1136317481
24The Family in the Mediterranean Welfare StatesManuela Naldini2004-11-23This work analyses in a historical and comparative perspecti...ISBN-13:1135775699
25Consumer ValueMorris Holbrook2002-03-11As shoppers, what factors influence our decision to purchase...ISBN-13:1134652852
26Materials Processing TechnologiesZhengyi Jiang2010"This book aims to collect the latest advancement and applic...ISBN-13:9780878492046
27Ethics of Social ConsequencesVasil Gluchman2018-10-30This edited volume presents new and unconventional views of ...ISBN-13:1527520684
28Traffic GrowthAustralia. Department of Infrastructure and Transport2012ISBN-13:9781921769573
29Human Resource Management in South AfricaP. A. Grobler2005-11Grobler and Wärnich’s market-leading text has long been r...ISBN-13:9781844803286
30A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of TimeBenjamin Curtis2016-02-11What is the nature of time? Does it flow? Do the past and fu...ISBN-13:1472566882
31Machine LearnersAdrian Mackenzie2017-11-16If machine learning transforms the nature of knowledge, does...ISBN-13:0262036827
32Immigrant PastoralSusan Dieterlen2015-07-16Immigrant Pastoral examines the growth of new Mexican herita...ISBN-13:1317422899
33Contemporary Issues in Human Resource ManagementRob Bothma2012-10-13Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management 4th edition...ISBN-13:9780195998306
34Saratoga SpittlebugLouis F. Wilson1978MINN:31951D00279654F
35Quantitative Coronary ArteriographyJohan H. C. Reiber1991-03-31In June 1989, a third conference concentrating on the progre...ISBN-13:0792309138
36Kumba AfricaSampson Ejike Odum2020-11-03‘KUMBA AFRICA’, is a compilation of African Short Storie...ISBN-13:1663205043
37The Social Psychology of Intergroup RelationsWilliam G. Austin1979UOM:39015002555111
38Sustainable Cities and Energy PoliciesRoberta Capello2012-12-06The aim of this book is to highlight the great potential of ...ISBN-13:3662038331
39The Economics of Natural ResourcesBarry C. Field2014The principles that underpin the economics of natural resour...ISBN-13:9780415829946
40Exploring CYashavant Kanetkar2003-08-01ISBN-13:9788176566339

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