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1Code CompleteSteve McConnell2004-06-09Widely considered one of the best practical guides to progra...ISBN-13:0735636974
2East Anglian, Or, Notes and Queries on Subjects Connected wi...1890PRNC:32101073856955
3Discontinuous-Fibre Reinforced CompositesKheng Lim Goh2016-10-22This book provides a simple and unified approach to the mech...ISBN-13:1447173058
4(In-)Stability of Differential InclusionsPhilipp BraunISBN-13:303076317X
5Fundamentals and Applications of NanophotonicsJoseph W. Haus2016-01-09Fundamentals and Applications of Nanophotonics includes a co...ISBN-13:1782424873
6Latinas Leading SchoolsMelissa A Martinez2021-01-01As the first scholarly book of its kind, this edited volume ...ISBN-13:1648023592
7Proceedings of the 21st International Symposium on High Volt...Bálint Németh2019-11-27High voltage engineering is extremely important for the reli...ISBN-13:3030316769
8SAMPURAN VYAKARAN SAHIT ORIYA - HINDI BOLNA SIKHEV&S EDITORIAL BOARD2015-01-06Prastut Pustak me batchit sambandhit vakyo ko padhkar aap Od...ISBN-13:9350573962
9SupergravityDaniel Z. Freedman2012-04-05Supergravity, together with string theory, is one of the mos...ISBN-13:1139642855
10Algebraic Modeling SystemsJosef Kallrath2012-02-14This book Algebraic Modeling Systems – Modeling and Solvin...ISBN-13:3642235921
11Fundamentals of BiomechanicsNihat Özkaya2012-05-31Biomechanics applies the principles and rigor of engineering...ISBN-13:1461411505
12Natural Language Processing and Speech TechnologyDafydd Gibbon1996ISBN-13:9783110154498
13Bible History. The Pentateuch and Joshua. For the use of the...1845BL:A0017102673
14Convex OptimizationMikhail Moklyachuk2020-12-16This book provides easy access to the basic principles and m...ISBN-13:1119804078
15Understanding SolidsRichard J. D. Tilley2005-09-27ISBN-13:0470026464
16EUC 2004Laurence T. Yang2004-08-18This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Intern...ISBN-13:354022906X
17NASA Technical NoteUnited States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration1971UIUC:30112008546621
18Industrial EngineeringBopaya Bidanda2019-02-13Industrial Engineering: Management, Tools, and Applications,...ISBN-13:1482282682
19Computational Modeling in BiomechanicsSuvranu De2010-03-10Availability of advanced computational technology has fundam...ISBN-13:9789048135752
20Giải Mã Bí Mật PR - Tập 2Le Tran Bao Phuong2017-02-17Sau khi quyển sách Giải mã bí mật PR - Tập 1 củ...
22International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and ...Ershi Qi2013-05-29The International Conference on Industrial Engineering and E...ISBN-13:3642384455
23Graphics Gems III (IBM Version)David Kirk2012-12-02This sequel to Graphics Gems (Academic Press, 1990), and Gra...ISBN-13:0080507557
24Multiscale, Nonlinear and Adaptive ApproximationRonald DeVore2009-09-16The book of invited articles offers a collection of high-qua...ISBN-13:3642034136
25Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices, Electronic a...Hadis Morkoç2009-07-30The three volumes of this handbook treat the fundamentals, t...ISBN-13:3527628428
26Financial Intermediation and Economic DevelopmentAndres Erosa1995MINN:31951P00409270D
27Data Analysis and Applications 4Andreas Makrides2020-04-09Data analysis as an area of importance has grown exponential...ISBN-13:111972158X
28Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Construction in Soft Gro...Klaas Jan Bakker2005-12-22A valuable source of reference on the current practices of a...ISBN-13:0415889669
29French Course for AmericansThatcher Clark1922HARVARD:32044105430508
30Internet and Network EconomicsXiaotie Deng2007-12-03This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Third ...ISBN-13:3540771050
31Clean CodeRobert C. Martin2009Looks at the principles and clean code, includes case studie...ISBN-13:0132350882
32Mechanics of MaterialsAnsel C. Ugural2007-02-26Ugural provides a comprehensive and methodical presentation ...ISBN-13:0471721158
33NASA technical note1969UOM:39015006092491
34Rank and Pseudo-Rank Procedures for Independent Observations...Edgar Brunner2019-07-15This book explains how to analyze independent data from fact...ISBN-13:303002914X
35Finite Element Analysis ApplicationsZhuming Bi2017-12-16Finite Element Analysis Applications: A Systematic and Pract...ISBN-13:012810399X
36ELECTRICAL MACHINESM. N. BANDO2007-09-27This comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to Electrical Ma...ISBN-13:812032997X
37Application of the Pressure Sensitive Paint Technique to Ste...Yuichi Shimbo1996CORNELL:31924070129527
38Advances in Pattern RecognitionFrancesc J. Ferri2000-08-23This book constitutes the joint refereed proceedings of the ...ISBN-13:3540679464
39NBS Special Publication1933UOM:39015023121851
40Nonblocking Electronic and Photonic Switching FabricsWojciech Kabacinski2005-08-12Surveys recent advances in combinatorial properties of switc...ISBN-13:9780387254319
1Smaa kommentarerAndersen, Jörgen1947Smaa kommentarer
2Smaa Komedier. : [2-3:] Udg. ved Harald BergstedtBergstedt, Harald, 1877-1965.Smaa Komedier. : [2-3:] Udg. ved Harald Bergstedt
3Smaa LivsbillederBjerge, Poul1923Smaa Livsbilleder
4Smaa skuespilBrandes, Edvard, 1847-19311898Smaa skuespil
5Smaa prismerBrandt, Frithiof1962Smaa prismer
6Smaa Smil : RejseskitserClausen, Edward1948Smaa Smil : Rejseskitser
7Smaa FortællingerGoldschmidt, Meïr Aron, 1819-18871868Smaa Fortællinger
8Smaa blomsterviser : op. 46Lund, Signe, 1868-1950[1915]Smaa blomsterviser : op. 46
9Smaa apropos'erPaludan, Jacob, 1896-19751943Smaa apropos'er
10Smaa Fortællinger1880Smaa Fortællinger
11De smaaStrindberg, August, 1849-1912[1888]De smaa
12Vargfjeldet : smaa fortællingerFalkberget, Johan, 1879-19671911Vargfjeldet : smaa fortællinger
13Menneskehjertets Hemmelighed. : Smaa TalerJansen, Jens Jonas Elstrand1907Menneskehjertets Hemmelighed. : Smaa Taler
14Troskabsprøven : smaa historierNansen, Peter, 1861-19181899Troskabsprøven : smaa historier
15Glimt : smaa essaysSarvig, Ole, 1921-19811956Glimt : smaa essays
16Sommer : smaa fortællingerSkram, Amalie1899Sommer : smaa fortællinger
17Statsbiblioteket i Aarhus : Smaa Bogfortegnelser1906Statsbiblioteket i Aarhus : Smaa Bogfortegnelser
18Valravn og Sol : Smaa RomanerStuckenberg, Viggo, 1863-19051908Valravn og Sol : Smaa Romaner
197 smaa klaverstykker [Musiktryck] op. 3Bentzon, Niels Viggocop. 19407 smaa klaverstykker [Musiktryck] op. 3
20Smaa Romaner 1885-1890Pontoppidan, Henrik, 1857-1943cop. 1999Smaa Romaner 1885-1890
21The Ongoing Technological System [Elektronisk resurs]Aït-El-Hadjait, SmaïlThe Ongoing Technological System [Elektronisk resurs]
22Små preludier [Musiktryck] : 10 preludier ur 29 smaa prælu...Nielsen, Carl, 1865-19311995Små preludier [Musiktryck] : 10 preludier ur 29 smaa prælu...
23Smaa huse med statslaan : 56 forslag fr en konkurrence udskr...1941Smaa huse med statslaan : 56 forslag fr en konkurrence udskr...
24Smaa folkelige skuespillBergstedt, Harald, 1877-1965.1929-Smaa folkelige skuespill
25Smaa folkelige skuespillBergstedt, Harald, 1877-1965.Smaa folkelige skuespill
26Smaa folkelige skuespillBergstedt, Harald, 1877-1965.Smaa folkelige skuespill
27De smaa Skovnisser : BilledbogBeskow, Elsa, 1874-19531947De smaa Skovnisser : Billedbog
28De smaa SkovnisserBeskow, Elsa, 1874-19531911De smaa Skovnisser
29De smaa Pile. : 5. OplBuchholtz, Johannes1933De smaa Pile. : 5. Opl
3020 smaa Sorte : TegningerChristoffersen, F.194120 smaa Sorte : Tegninger
31Smaa Staters Betydning : en historisk UdviklingFischer, H. A. L.1915Smaa Staters Betydning : en historisk Udvikling
32Den store nordiske Svanesang : Smaa sprogpolitiske Betragtni...Friis Möller, Kai, 1888-19601945Den store nordiske Svanesang : Smaa sprogpolitiske Betragtni...
33Smaa Nordmænd. FortællingerHilditch, Jacob, 1864-19301908Smaa Nordmænd. Fortællinger
34Tre smaa ÖerMielche, H.1939Tre smaa Öer
35Natur : To smaa RomanerPontoppidan, Henrik, 1857-19431890Natur : To smaa Romaner
36Smaa historiske skrifterRiegels, Niels Ditlev, 1755-18021796Smaa historiske skrifter
37Smaa historiske skrifterRiegels, Niels Ditlev, 1755-18021796Smaa historiske skrifter
38Smaa historiske skrifterRiegels, Niels Ditlev, 1755-18021798Smaa historiske skrifter
39De smaa mestre [Musiktryck] : 15 firhændige klaverstykker m...Ring, Oluftr. 1947De smaa mestre [Musiktryck] : 15 firhændige klaverstykker m...
40Guð hins smáaRoy, Arundhati, 1961-1998Guð hins smáa
1Out-of-Pocket Costs and Other Determinants of Access to Heal...Castellani, J. Mihaylova, B. Evers, Smaa Paulus, A. T. G. Out-of-Pocket Costs and Other Determinants of Access to Heal...
2Profiles of Met and Unmet Needs in People with Dementia Acco...Janssen, N Handels, RL Kohler, S Goncalves-Pereira, M Profiles of Met and Unmet Needs in People with Dementia Acco...
3SMAA-Classification - A New Method for Nominal Classificatio...Yevseyeva, Iryna Miettinen, Kaisa, 1965- Salminen, Pekka Lahdelma, Risto SMAA-Classification - A New Method for Nominal Classificatio...

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