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1Qualitative Research & Evaluation MethodsMichael Quinn Patton2002The book that has been a resource and training tool for coun...ISBN-13:9780761919711
2Qualitative Evaluation MethodsMichael Quinn Patton1984OCLC:1070127235
3Qualitative Research & Evaluation MethodsMichael Quinn Patton2014-10-29Drawing on more than 40 years of experience conducting appli...ISBN-13:1483301451
4Utilization-Focused EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton1986The second edition of Patton's classic text retains the prac...UOM:39015040493556
5Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods, 4th Ed. + Writing...Harry F. Wolcott2014ISBN-13:9781506303208
6Research Methods in EducationJoseph Check2011-10-27Research Methods in Education introduces research methods as...ISBN-13:1412998514
7Developmental EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton2010-06-14Developmental evaluation (DE) offers a powerful approach to ...ISBN-13:1606238868
8Facilitating EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton2017-10-23Michael Quinn Patton’s Facilitating Evaluation: Principles...ISBN-13:1506347622
9An Introduction to Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2009-02-19'The fourth edition of Uwe Flick's Introduction to Qualitati...ISBN-13:9781446241318
10Blue Marble EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton2019-11As a transdisciplinary profession, evaluation has much to of...ISBN-13:1462541941
11Qualitative Research in Education: A User's GuideMarilyn Lichtman2012-01-20Qualitative Research in Education: A User's Guide, Third Edi...ISBN-13:1412995329
12Principles-Focused EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton2017-09-11How can programs and organizations ensure they are adhering ...ISBN-13:1462531911
13Case Study Research in EducationSharan B. Merriam1991-04-08A practical guide for designing and carrying out a qualitati...UOM:39015029270157
14Encyclopedia of EvaluationSandra Mathison2005The Encyclopedia of Evaluation is an authoritative, first-of...ISBN-13:9780761926092
15Essentials of Utilization-Focused EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton2011-08-22Based on Michael Quinn Patton's Utilization Focused Evaluati...ISBN-13:141297741X
16Outcome MappingFred Carden2002Cartographie des incidences: Integrer laprentissage et la re...ISBN-13:9780889369627
17Sampling and Choosing Cases in Qualitative ResearchNick Emmel2013-10-11All qualitative researchers sample, yet methods of sampling ...ISBN-13:1446292789
18Video in Qualitative ResearchChristian Heath2010-03-12Video provides unprecedented opportunities for social scienc...ISBN-13:1412929431
19International Handbook of Educational EvaluationT. Kellaghan2012-12-06Thomas Kellaghan Educational Research Centre, St. Patrick's ...ISBN-13:9401003092
20Knowledge Evolution and Societal TransformationJerald Hage2020-04-17ISBN-13:1785273760
21Outcome MappingSarah Earl2001Outcome Mapping: Building learning and reflection into devel...UIUC:30112075492345
22Outcome HarvestingRicardo Wilson-Grau2018-11-01Are you a grant maker, manager or evaluator who must assess ...ISBN-13:1641133945
23Evaluation UtilizationJohn A. McLaughlin1988-10-11This volume of New Directions for Program Evaluation serves ...UOM:49015002453208
24Research DesignPatricia Leavy2017-04-12This user-friendly book provides a step-by-step guide to usi...ISBN-13:1462529992
25Getting to MaybeFrances Westley2009-03-19A practical, inspirational, revolutionary guide to social in...ISBN-13:030737114X
26Collaborative Approaches to EvaluationJ. Bradley Cousins2019-06-25Editor J. Bradley Cousins and colleagues meet the needs of e...ISBN-13:1544344635
27Focus GroupsRichard A. Krueger2000-04-26Focus Group: A Practical Guide for Applied Research was the ...ISBN-13:9780761920717
28The Evaluation EnterpriseJan-Eric Furubo2018-06-27Today, evaluation is part of governing systems and is suppor...ISBN-13:0429893027
29Dynamic ReteamingHeidi Helfand2020-06-12Your team will change whether you like it or not. People wil...ISBN-13:1492061247
30Managing for Sustainable Development ImpactCecile Kusters2017-04-15This guide is not a comprehensive book on how to carry out e...ISBN-13:9781853399817
31Interview Research in Political ScienceLayna Mosley2013-05-15Interviews are a frequent and important part of empirical re...ISBN-13:0801467969
32Learning in the FieldGretchen B. Rossman2011-07-07The popular text that helped readers better understand and p...ISBN-13:1412980488
33Qualitative Data AnalysisMatthew B. Miles1994-01-12The latest edition of this best-selling textbook by Miles an...ISBN-13:9780803955400
34Practical EvaluationMichael Quinn Patton1982-12Patton demonstrates that the main failing of most evaluation...UOM:39015013952356
35Qualitative ResearchGary D. Shank2006A practical, basic-skills book for qualitative research.Prov...ISBN-13:9780131719491
36Qualitative Research DesignJoseph A. Maxwell2005Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach, Second...ISBN-13:9780761926085
37Heuristic ResearchClark Moustakas1990-07-01Well-organized and well-referenced, this book gives a clear ...ISBN-13:1452210756
38Culturally Responsive Approaches to EvaluationJill Anne Chouinard2019-09-27Evaluators have always worked in diverse communities, and th...ISBN-13:1506368522
39Mixed Methods Design in EvaluationDonna M. Mertens2017-07-13In this groundbreaking first volume of SAGE′s Evaluation i...ISBN-13:1506330665
40The Road to ResultsLinda G. Morra-Imas2009'The Road to Results: Designing and Conducting Effective Dev...ISBN-13:0821379119
1Qualitative research & evaluation methodsPatton, Michael Quinncop. 2002Qualitative research & evaluation methods
2La cartographie des incidences [Elektronisk resurs] int�gr...Earl, Sarah, 1971-c2002La cartographie des incidences [Elektronisk resurs] int�gr...
3Qualitative research & evaluation methods [Ljudupptagning]Patton, Michael Quinn2010Qualitative research & evaluation methods [Ljudupptagning]
1Qualitative Inquiry and Evaluation in the Beginning of a Thi...Nygren, Lennart Blom, Björn Qualitative Inquiry and Evaluation in the Beginning of a Thi...

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