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1Foundations of Modern MacroeconomicsBen J. Heijdra2017-07-27The study of macroeconomics can seem a daunting project. The...ISBN-13:0198784139
2MacroeconomicsN. Gregory Mankiw2015-05-22Mankiw’s Macroeconomics has been the number one book for t...ISBN-13:9781464182891
3The Cartoon Introduction to EconomicsYoram Bauman, Ph.D.2011-12-20Need to understand today's economy? This is the book for you...ISBN-13:9780809033614
4Principles of MacroeconomicsRobin Stonecash2020-10-15Principles of Macroeconomics 8th edition boils economics dow...ISBN-13:0170445658
5MacroeconomicsPaul Krugman2015-04-14When it comes drawing on enduring economic principles to exp...ISBN-13:9781464110375
6Macroeconomics For DummiesDan Richards2016-08-01The fast and easy way to make macroeconomics manageable Macr...ISBN-13:1119184428
7Modern MacroeconomicsSanjay K. Chugh2015-10-16A textbook that approaches modern macroeconomics through its...ISBN-13:0262029375
8Macroeconomics: A Contemporary IntroductionWilliam A. McEachern2016-01-01Readers gain a strong understanding of economic principles w...ISBN-13:1305887581
9Principles of MacroeconomicsN. Gregory Mankiw2014-02-26With its clear and engaging writing style, PRINCIPLES OF MAC...ISBN-13:1305156064
10MacroeconomicsArthur O'Sullivan2016-01-04For courses in the Principles of Economics. Introduces Stude...ISBN-13:9780134089027
11MacroeconomicsBarCharts Inc., Staff2009-05-31A better understanding of how the economy works in general i...ISBN-13:9781423208549
12Principles of Microeconomics 2eSteven A. Greenlaw2017-09-15ISBN-13:9781947172340
13MacroeconomicsCharles I Jones2019-12-13Modern and practical macroeconomics explained by the expert ...ISBN-13:9780393417326
14MacroeconomicsCampbell McConnell2014-01-09McConnell/Brue/Flynn has long set the standard for providing...ISBN-13:9780077660772
15Macroeconomics: Principles and PolicyWilliam J. Baumol2015-03-03Take a policy-based approach to teaching introductory econom...ISBN-13:9781305280601
16MacroeconomicsRudiger Dornbusch, Dr.2017-09-07A Complete View of Macroeconomics Dornbusch, Fischer, and St...ISBN-13:9781259290633
17Macroeconomics for ManagersMichael K. Evans2003-11-07This text offers business school students an excellent pract...ISBN-13:9781405101448
18MacroeconomicsDavid C Colander2016-07-26Colander’s Economics 10e is specifically designed to help ...ISBN-13:9781259663048
19MacroeconomicsCharles I. Jones2017-01-06Combining innovative treatment of macroeconomic concepts wit...ISBN-13:9780393603767
20Principles of MacroeconomicsSOUMYEN. SIKDAR2020-10Principles of Macroeconomics is a lucid and concise introduc...ISBN-13:9780190124045
21MacroeconomicsRobert J. Gordon2013-07-19Macroeconomics is widely praised for its ability to present ...ISBN-13:9781292022079
22MacroeconomicsDavid Miles2012-04-09Macroeconomics: Understanding the Global Economy, 3rd Editio...ISBN-13:111999571X
23Macroeconomics Brief EditionCampbell R. McConnell2012-02-07McConnell, Brue and Flynn’s Macroeconomics: Brief Edition,...ISBN-13:9780077416409
24A History of Macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and BeyondMichel De Vroey2016-01-08This book retraces the history of macroeconomics from Keynes...ISBN-13:0521898439
25Advanced MacroeconomicsDavid Romer2006Revised topics in this textbook cover immigrants' wages, geo...STANFORD:36105120979732
26Macroeconomics, Global EditionAndrew B. Abel2020-01-03For courses in intermediate macroeconomics. Demonstrating a ...ISBN-13:9781292318615
27Heterodox MacroeconomicsRobert A. Blecker2019-09-27The last few decades have witnessed an outpouring of literat...ISBN-13:9781784718916
28MacroeconomicsFrederic S. Mishkin2014For courses in Intermediate Macroeconomics Help students und...ISBN-13:9780133424317
29MacroeconomicsCampbell McConnell2011-01-12McConnell, Brue, and Flynn's Economics: Principles, Problems...ISBN-13:9780077337728
30MacroeconomicsR. Glenn Hubbard2016-01-11For one-semester courses in Principles of Macroeconomics. Th...ISBN-13:9780134106229
31The Essentials of MacroeconomicsRobert S. Rycroft1989REA’s Essentials provide quick and easy access to critical...ISBN-13:9780878917006
32Macroeconomics SimplifiedNicoli Nattrass2014-09-11Macroeconomics Simplified explains the intuition behind Keyn...ISBN-13:9351501299
33Macroeconomics for ProfessionalsLeslie Lipschitz2019-01-24Understanding macroeconomic developments and policies in the...ISBN-13:9781108449830
34Principles of MacroeconomicsRobert Frank2012-02-21In recent years, innovative texts in mathematics, science, f...ISBN-13:9780077318505
35Dynamic MacroeconomicsGeorge Alogoskoufis2019-12-17An advanced treatment of modern macroeconomics, presented th...ISBN-13:0262355124
36MacroeconomicsMichael Parkin2011ALERT: Before you purchase, check with your instructor or re...ISBN-13:9780131394452
37Macroeconomics in the Small and the LargeRoger E. A. Farmer2008This book honors the work of Axel Leijonhufvud. the topics r...ISBN-13:9781848440463
38MacroeconomicsRobert J. Barro1984Robert Barro's Macroeconomics has become the classic textboo...ISBN-13:9780471874072
39Time and MoneyRoger W. Garrison2006Can we accept or find practical use for a macroeconomics -- ...ISBN-13:9780415771221
40MacroeconomicsRobert J. Rossana2011-02-25Research in macroeconomics in the last thirty years has feat...ISBN-13:1136814175
1Handbook of applied econometrics1995Handbook of applied econometrics
2Macroeconomics : a European textBurda, Michael C.cop. 2013Macroeconomics : a European text
3Macroeconomics : imperfections, institutions, and policiesCarlin, Wendy2006Macroeconomics : imperfections, institutions, and policies
4MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. GregoryArrayMacroeconomics
5Macroeconomics : a European perspectiveBlanchard, Olivier2021Macroeconomics : a European perspective
6MacroeconomicsBarron, John M.cop. 1989Macroeconomics
7MacroeconomicsDornbusch, Rudigercop. 2004Macroeconomics
8MacroeconomicsDornbusch, Rudigercop. 2011Macroeconomics
9MacroeconomicsGottfries, Nils, 1952-2013Macroeconomics
10The cartoon introduction to economicsKlein, Gradycop. 2011The cartoon introduction to economics
11Essays in economicsTobin, James, 1918-20021971Essays in economics
12Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]Rossana, Robert J.2011Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]
13MacroeconomicsBlanchard, OlivierArrayMacroeconomics
14MacroeconomicsAcemoglu, DaronArrayMacroeconomics
15Economics : principles and policyBaumol, William J.cop. 1986Economics : principles and policy
16MacroeconomicsBlanchard, Oliviercop. 2005Macroeconomics
17MacroeconomicsBlanchard, OlivierArrayMacroeconomics
18Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs] a European perspectiveBlanchard, Olivier2010Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs] a European perspective
19Economic analysisBoulding, Kenneth Ewart, 1910-19931966Economic analysis
20MacroeconomicsDornbusch, Rudigercop. 2008 [dvs 2007]Macroeconomics
21Macroeconomics. [Elektronisk resurs] : theories and policies...Froyen, Richard T.c2013Macroeconomics. [Elektronisk resurs] : theories and policies...
22MacroeconomicsGärtner, Manfred[2016]Macroeconomics
23Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]Gärtner, Manfred.2009Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]
24MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. Gregory1999Macroeconomics
25MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. Gregory2007Macroeconomics
26MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. Gregory.2009Macroeconomics
27MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. Gregorycop. 2013Macroeconomics
28Macroeconomics : a neoclassical introduction : [with a new p...Miller, Merton H.1986Macroeconomics : a neoclassical introduction : [with a new p...
29Macroeconomics : theory and policySheffrin, Steven M., 1950-cop. 1988Macroeconomics : theory and policy
30Macroeconomics : an introductionThomas, Alex M.ArrayMacroeconomics : an introduction
31Economic theory and practice in the Asian setting1975Economic theory and practice in the Asian setting
32Essays in economicsTobin, James, 1918-20021987Essays in economics
33Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs] A Fresh StartDorman, Peter.2014Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs] A Fresh Start
34Charles I. Jones Macroeconomics : study guideGillette, David.2011Charles I. Jones Macroeconomics : study guide
35Macroeconomics : a European perspectiveBlanchard, Olivier[2017]Macroeconomics : a European perspective
36MacroeconomicsMankiw, N. GregoryArrayMacroeconomics
37MacroeconomicsJones, Charles I.ArrayMacroeconomics
38MacroeconomicsAbel, Andrew B., 1952-ArrayMacroeconomics
39MacroeconomicsArnold, Roger A1989Macroeconomics
40Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]Barro, Robert J.c1997Macroeconomics [Elektronisk resurs]
2Essays on MacroeconomicsFinocchiaro, Daria, 1976- Persson, Torsten, Professor Den Haan, Wouter, Professor Essays on Macroeconomics
3Essays on MacroeconomicsGallegos Dago, José Elías, 1992- Krusell, Per Kohlhas, Alexandre Gaballo, Gaetano Essays on Macroeconomics
4Basic macroeconomicsFarm, AnteBasic macroeconomics
5Environmental MacroeconomicsHassler, John Krusell, Per Smith, Jr. Environmental Macroeconomics
6Essays on Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy and MobilityKramer, John Vincent, 1990- Mitman, Kurt, Associate Professor Krusell, Per, Professor Moritz, Kuhn, Professor Essays on Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy and Mobility
7Chapter 24 – Environmental MacroeconomicsHassler, John Krusell, Per Smith Jr, Anthony A. A. Chapter 24 – Environmental Macroeconomics
8Work, wealth, and well-being : Essays in macroeconomicsOlsson, Jonna, 1978- Krusell, Per, Professor Boppart, Timo, Associate Professor Sahin, Aysegul, Professor Work, wealth, and well-being : Essays in macroeconomics
9Macroeconomics of privacy and security for identity manageme...Katos, Vasilios Stowell, Frank Bednar, Peter Macroeconomics of privacy and security for identity manageme...
10Time Series and Macroeconomics: Studies in Demography and Mo...Österholm, Pär, 1974- Lindh, Thomas Canning, David, Professor Time Series and Macroeconomics: Studies in Demography and Mo...
11Essays on Empirical MacroeconomicsCaldara, Dario, 1982- Hassler, John, Professor Corsetti, Giancarlo, Professor Essays on Empirical Macroeconomics
12Essays on Dynamic MacroeconomicsFlodén, Martin, 1970- Attanasio, Orazio, Professor Essays on Dynamic Macroeconomics
13Essays on Dynamic MacroeconomicsOlovsson, Conny, 1969- Persson, Mats Krueger, Dirk, Assistant Professor Essays on Dynamic Macroeconomics
14Population Dynamics and MacroeconomicsHolden, Steinar, Lindh, Thomas, Malmberg, Bo & Schultz, ChristianPopulation Dynamics and Macroeconomics
15Essays in Quantitative MacroeconomicsBrinca, Pedro Soares, 1979- Flodén, Martin, Professor McGrattan, Ellen, PhD Essays in Quantitative Macroeconomics
16Essays on Empirical MacroeconomicsJohansson, Martin WEssays on Empirical Macroeconomics
17Studies in empirical macroeconomicsLindström, TomasStudies in empirical macroeconomics
18Political economy and macroeconomics : on foreign aid and de...Svensson, JakobPolitical economy and macroeconomics : on foreign aid and de...
19The Uppsala model on evolution of the multinational business...Vahlne, Jan-Erik Johanson, Jan The Uppsala model on evolution of the multinational business...
20The inverted pyramid : A neo-Ricardian view on the economy...Kemp-Benedict, EricThe inverted pyramid : A neo-Ricardian view on the economy...
21Angola 1996: Hyper-inflation, confusion and political crisis...Aguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Angola 1996: Hyper-inflation, confusion and political crisis...
22Guinea-Bissau 1995: Missing the beatAguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Guinea-Bissau 1995: Missing the beat
23Guinea-Bissau 1996: Looking for new development pathsAguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Guinea-Bissau 1996: Looking for new development paths
24Guinea-Bissau: From structural adjustment to economic integr...Aguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Guinea-Bissau: From structural adjustment to economic integr...
25Nicaragua 1994: Back into the ranksAguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Nicaragua 1994: Back into the ranks
26Nicaragua 1995: A new door might be openedAguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Nicaragua 1995: A new door might be opened
27Transition in Nicaragua: Patterns of growth and stagnationAguilar, Renato, 1943 Stenman, Åsa, 1966 Transition in Nicaragua: Patterns of growth and stagnation
28Public Policy, Household Finance and the MacroeconomyAlmerud, Jakob, 1984- Klein, Paul, Professor Domeij, David, Professor Public Policy, Household Finance and the Macroeconomy
29Entrepreneurship, institutions, and economic dynamism : less...Braunerhjelm, Pontus Henrekson, Magnus Entrepreneurship, institutions, and economic dynamism : less...
30Discretized time and conditional duration modelling for stoc...Brännäs, Kurt, 1949- Simonsen, Ola, 1975- Discretized time and conditional duration modelling for stoc...
31Networks, Information and Economic VolatilityCokayne, GraemeNetworks, Information and Economic Volatility
32Movement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) : po...Courson, EliasMovement for the emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) : po...
33Causality Between Energy and Output in the Long-RunEnflo, Kerstin Stern, David Causality Between Energy and Output in the Long-Run
34Essays on growth, trade and inequalityGancia, Gino A., 1973-Essays on growth, trade and inequality
35Employment and wages in Germany since the 2004 deregulation ...Garz, MarcelEmployment and wages in Germany since the 2004 deregulation ...
36The Macroeconomics of European AgricultureGylfason, ThorvaldurThe Macroeconomics of European Agriculture
37The kilometer tax and Swedish industry-effects on sectors an...Hammar, Henrik Lundgren, Tommy, 1970- Sjöström, Magnus, 1969- Andersson, Matts The kilometer tax and Swedish industry-effects on sectors an...
38The importance of financial recession for mental health amon...Hammarström, Anne Virtanen, Pekka The importance of financial recession for mental health amon...
39Essays on Housing : tax treatment, prices, and macroeconomic...Karlman, Markus, 1989- Hassler, John, Professor Krusell, Per, Professor Englund, Peter, Professor Emeritus Essays on Housing : tax treatment, prices, and macroeconomic...
40Dynamic Multiplier Effects of Remittances in Developing Coun...Karpestam, PeterDynamic Multiplier Effects of Remittances in Developing Coun...

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