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1Discourses of Religion and Secularism in Religious Education...Karin Kittelmann Flensner2017-07-07This book answers the question on how students and teachers ...ISBN-13:3319609491
2Global Education ReformFrank Adamson2016-03-02With contributions from Linda Darling-Hammond, Michael Fulla...ISBN-13:1317396952
3Fandom as Classroom PracticeKatherine Anderson Howell2018-05-15Providing ways to engage students through their popular cult...ISBN-13:1609385683
4Positioning Technology Education in the CurriculumMarc J. de Vries2012-01-01The position of technology education in the school curriculu...ISBN-13:9460916759
5Extramural English in Teaching and LearningPia Sundqvist2016-11-09This book is unique in bringing together theory, research, a...ISBN-13:1137460482
6International Handbook of Technology Education2006-01-01This first volume in the International Technology Education ...ISBN-13:9087901046
7Educational Research and Innovation Critical Maths for Innov...Mevarech Zemira2014-10-28This report looks at a number of published studies on mathem...ISBN-13:9264223568
8Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood EducationMaarit Alasuutari2014-01-21Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen...ISBN-13:1317817079
9Reciprocal Teaching at Work, 3rd EditionLori D. Oczkus2018-07-06In this fully revised and expanded third edition of the best...ISBN-13:1416625992
10Listening in ClassroomsMary McCaslin Thompson1996-01-01A guide to classroom communication for teachers, focusing on...ISBN-13:9780673468819
11Educational Research and Innovation Measuring Innovation in ...Vincent-Lancrin Stéphan2019-03-05Measuring innovation in education and understanding how it w...ISBN-13:926431167X
12Transnational Curriculum Standards and Classroom PracticesNinni Wahlström2017-10-31Focusing on the meaning of teaching, Transnational Curriculu...ISBN-13:1351616013
13HandlingarFinland. Eduskunta2014MINN:31951D03039684K
14History of Vocational Education and Training in EuropeEsther Berner2016-08-29Understanding today s Vocational Education and Training (VET...ISBN-13:9783034321204
15The Shadow Education SystemMark Bray2007Because of its size in a number of countries, and due to it ...UOM:39015082241129
16Writing SuperheroesAnne Haas DysonBased on an ethnographic study in an urban classroom of 7- t...ISBN-13:9780807770160
17The Educated Subject and the German Concept of BildungRebekka Horlacher2015-11-06German education plays a huge role in the development of edu...ISBN-13:1317805178
18Higher Education in the United StatesSeymour Edwin Harris1960UOM:39015024233556
19Multimodality, Learning and CommunicationJeff Bezemer2015-11-19This state-of-the-art account of research and theorizing bri...ISBN-13:1317418433
20The Child's CurriculumJonathan Delafield-Butt2018-09-06All children are born with emotional talent. But if left unt...ISBN-13:0198747101
21Being Boys; Being GirlsCarrie Paechter2007-07-16What is it like being a boy or a girl? How do boys and girls...ISBN-13:0335230121
22Early Childhood CurriculumClaire McLachlan2013-01-02"In most countries, some form of curriculum has been designe...ISBN-13:1107624959
23How To Improve Your SchoolJean Rudduck2004-02-28This fascinating book focuses on those who are most affected...ISBN-13:9780826465313
24Learning Across SitesSten R. Ludvigsen2010-10-04The ever evolving, technology-intensive nature of the twenty...ISBN-13:1136943919
25Understanding Language in Diverse ClassroomsMarilyn Shatz2013-04-26With the increasing linguistic and cultural diversity of stu...ISBN-13:1136700641
26Adolescents' Perceptions of School and Reasons for LearningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
27Transformations in Research, Higher Education and the Academ...Sharon Rider2012-12-30This volume tackles head-on the controversy regarding the te...ISBN-13:9400752490
28Testing and Inclusive SchoolingBjorn Hamre2018-05-11Testing and Inclusive Schooling provides a comparative persp...ISBN-13:135178983X
29Assessment and LearningJohn Gardner2011-12-07Assessment and Learning places learning at the centre of our...ISBN-13:1446290247
30The Global Politics of Educational Borrowing and LendingGita Steiner-Khamsi2004-10-14The globalization of educational policy has become a popular...ISBN-13:9780807744932
31Early Language LearningDr. Janet Enever2017-07-06This is the first collection of research studies to explore ...ISBN-13:1783098333
32Form-function Relations in Narrative DevelopmentE. Birgitta Svensson2018-03-15This book provides insights into the development toward narr...ISBN-13:9027264252
33Popular Education, Power and DemocracyAnn-Marie Laginder2013Popular education, a distinctive Swedish tradition of lifelo...ISBN-13:9781862015791
34The Powers of Literacy (RLE Edu I)Bill Cope2014-06-17Literacy remains a contentious and polarized educational, me...ISBN-13:1136515364
35The School SuperintendentTheodore J. Kowalski2012-11-09The School Superintendent: Theory, Practice, and Cases is th...ISBN-13:1483311163
36Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
37Multiversities, Ideas and DemocracyGeorge Fallis2007Multiversities are sprawling conglomerates that provide libe...ISBN-13:0802092403
38Challenging the 'European Area of Lifelong Learning'George K. Zarifis2013-10-29This book critically reflects on the context in which lifelo...ISBN-13:9400772998
39Improving Learning in CollegeRoz Ivanic2009-03-04What's the problem with literacy at college? How might every...ISBN-13:1134031467
40Doing Educational ResearchMarit Honerød Hoveid2019-06-10Every educational research project has challenges and obstac...ISBN-13:1526482444
1Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]2012Lärande, skola, bildning : [grundbok för lärare]
2Lärande, skola, bildning [Elektronisk resurs] : [grundbok f...2012Lärande, skola, bildning [Elektronisk resurs] : [grundbok f...
3"Vad är det som ska åtgärdas egentligen?" [Elektronisk re...Palla, Linda2012"Vad är det som ska åtgärdas egentligen?" [Elektronisk re...
4(O)Takt mellan styrdokument i förskolan och dess förutsät...Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine2018(O)Takt mellan styrdokument i förskolan och dess förutsät...
1Entreprenörskap och livslångt lärande : utbildningspoliti...Ringarp, Johanna, 1974-Entreprenörskap och livslångt lärande : utbildningspoliti...
2Länken mellan teori och praktik i lärarutbildningHappstadius, Eva-Lena, 1963 Udén, Anna, 1962 Länken mellan teori och praktik i lärarutbildning

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