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1Neural Information ProcessingAkira Hirose2016-09-30The four volume set LNCS 9947, LNCS 9948, LNCS 9949, and LNC...ISBN-13:331946681X
2Annual Reports in Computational ChemistryDavid C. Spellmeyer2005-04-12Annual Reports in Computational Chemistry is a new periodica...ISBN-13:9780080460307
3Six Sigma for Organizational ExcellenceK. Muralidharan2015-04-22This book discusses the integrated concepts of statistical q...ISBN-13:813222325X
4Early Software Reliability PredictionAjeet Kumar Pandey2013-07-12The development of software system with acceptable level of ...ISBN-13:8132211766
5Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE Frequency Control SymposiumIEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society1992ISBN-13:9780780304765
6Groundwater EngineeringYiqun Tang2016-09-06Integrating information from several areas of engineering ge...ISBN-13:9811006695
7Foundations of Gas DynamicsRuey-Hung Chen2017-02-28This reference includes an applications focus on jet and roc...ISBN-13:1107082706
8BoostingRobert E. Schapire2014-01-10An accessible introduction and essential reference for an ap...ISBN-13:0262526034
9Flora CapensisWilliam T. Thiselton-Dyer2014-07-24Reissued in ten parts, originally published 1894-1933, this ...ISBN-13:1108068111
10Color Gamut MappingJán Morovič2008-09-15Gamut mapping algorithms, implemented by color management sy...ISBN-13:0470758937
11Introduction to Computer-Intensive Methods of Data Analysis ...Derek A. Roff2006-05-25A 2006 graduate level introduction to modern computational t...ISBN-13:0521608651
12Encyclopedia of Atmospheric SciencesGerald R. North2014-09-14Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences, 2nd Edition is an auth...ISBN-13:0123822262
13Advances in Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Si...Jeng-Shyang Pan2017-07-15This volume includes papers presented at IIH-MSP 2017, the 1...ISBN-13:3319638599
14Monthly Weather Review1983-05UCR:31210005149271
15Comprehensive Hard MaterialsDaniele Mari2014-02-01Comprehensive Hard Materials deals with the production, uses...ISBN-13:0080965288
16A Story of the World Before the FenceLeeya Mehta2020-11-06These poems are an intimate portrait of a life set against t...ISBN-13:9781646623761
17Essential AstrophysicsKenneth R. Lang2013-05-24Essential Astrophysics is a book to learn or teach from, as ...ISBN-13:3642359639
18Comprehensive ChemometricsSteven Brown2020-05-26Comprehensive Chemometrics, Second Edition features expanded...ISBN-13:0444641661
19Constitutive EquationsAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers. Winter Meeting1984WISC:89034025569
20Fundamentals of Shallow Water AcousticsBoris Katsnelson2012-02-22Shallow water acoustics (SWA), the study of how low and medi...ISBN-13:1441997768
21Canadian Journal of Physics2009MINN:31951P01078607N
22Te Reo1977UCAL:B4573417
23Oswaal NCERT Exemplar (Problems - solutions) Class 12 Mathem...Oswaal Editorial Board2022-03-02• Chapter-wise & Topic-wise presentation • Chapter Objec...ISBN-13:9389067200
24Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and GlaciersVijay P. Singh2011-07-01The earth’s cryosphere, which includes snow, glaciers, ice...ISBN-13:904812641X
25International Tables for Crystallography,Volume CE. Prince2004-01-31International Tables for Crystallography are no longer avail...ISBN-13:1402019009
26Biological OceanographyCharles B. Miller2009-04-01This modern textbook of biological oceanography is aimed ats...ISBN-13:1444311123
27SymposiumLars O. Werme1986ISBN-13:9780931837159
28Forest Ecosystems and EnvironmentsTakashi Kohyama2006-04-19Coastal East and Southeast Asia are characterized by wet gro...ISBN-13:4431293612
296th International Conference on Advancements of Medicine and...Simona Vlad2019-05-16This volume presents the contributions of the 6th Internatio...ISBN-13:9811362076
30Industrial Laboratory1976UIUC:30112027821906
31Femtosecond Photoelectron SpectroscopyBenjamin Jefferys Greenblatt1999UCAL:C3443793
32Soviet Electrochemistry1980CHI:20609005
331001 Faces of OrientalismSakıp Sabancı Müzesi2013S.U. Sakip Sabanci Museum (SSM) explores the 1001 faces of O...ISBN-13:9786054348510
34 Lu  trovatore giornale-spassatiempo1867IBSR:BS001436201
35Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modeling and Cooperation for...Antonia Moropoulou2019-02-20This two-volume set CCIS 961 and 962 constitutes the referee...ISBN-13:3030129608
36Linguistic Survey of India1928CORNELL:31924071945368
37Soldier Protective Clothing and EquipmentNational Research Council2008-03-19There is an ongoing need to test and ensure effectiveness of...ISBN-13:0309178045
38Family of LiarsE. Lockhart2022-05-03#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The addictive prequel to th...ISBN-13:0593485874
39The Journal of Chemical Physics1991CHI:38187167
40Dilation Theory, Toeplitz Operators and Other TopicsNagy1983UCAL:B4406561

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