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1More's Utopia: Ideal and IllusionRobbin S. Johnson1969UOM:39015005276020
2Early Medieval Spain1983-11-24ISBN-13:1349172618
3Yeast Biotechnology: Diversity and ApplicationsT. Satyanarayana2009-04-24I belie ve that the book would provide an overview of the re...ISBN-13:1402082924
4The History of ChristianityTim Dowley1990This reference book brings together information from a range...ISBN-13:9780745936901
5Energy Efficiency in IndustryJ. Sirchis1988-08-04Proceedings of a workshop organized by the Commission of the...ISBN-13:185166243X
6The PapacyBernhard Schimmelpfennig1992A history of the papacy from the post-apostolic period to th...ISBN-13:9780231075152
7Creative FidelityFrancis A. Sullivan2003-03-31An important part of the theologians' task is to make the ch...ISBN-13:1592442080
8Papal PrimacyKlaus Schatz1996Through the centuries, stories of popes and of the papacy fr...ISBN-13:9780814655221
9English in EuropeManfred Görlach2002-05-23English in Europe charts the English invasion of Europe sinc...ISBN-13:0191580694
10Ethics and Action in Thirteenth Century IcelandGurun1998An analysis of the changing ethics of 13th century Christian...STANFORD:36105023641108
11Erfahren, Erzählen, ErinnernHartwin Brandt2012ISBN-13:3863091140
12Motivation and Second Language AcquisitionZoltán Dörnyei2001This volume - the second in this series concerned with motiv...ISBN-13:082482458X
13Romance in IcelandMargaret Schlauch1973OCLC:247464939
14Motivational Strategies in the Language ClassroomZoltan Dörnyei2001-09-27When trying to explain any success or failure in second lang...ISBN-13:0521790298
15Aspects of Meaning ConstructionGünter Radden2007-04-11Meaning does not reside in linguistic units but is construct...ISBN-13:9027292558
16Literacy and OralityRuth Finnegan2014-09-18An enlarged and updated edition of Ruth Finnegan's authorita...ISBN-13:1291995412
17French: From Dialect to StandardR. Anthony Lodge2013-04-08Written as a text, this book looks at the external history o...ISBN-13:1134894147
18The Formal Garden in EnglandSir Reginald Theodore Blomfield1901UOM:39015011930966
19A Historical Sketch of GibraltarJohn Heriot2017-09-15A Historical Sketch of Gibraltar is an unchanged, high-quali...ISBN-13:9783337320447
20The Shadow-walkersT. A. Shippey2005Elves and dwarves, trolls and giants, talking dragons, valky...ISBN-13:9782503520940
21Addenda Do Frazeologii PolskiejAndrzej Bogusławski1979STANFORD:36105035636385
22The Context of SelfRichard M. Zaner1981This study takes up the challenge presented to philosophy in...UOM:39015003466532
23Studies in Interactional LinguisticsMargret Selting2001-01-01Current interactional linguistic research appears to be crys...ISBN-13:9789027226204
24CollationesPeter Abelard2001This critical edition of the Collationes - or Dialogue betwe...ISBN-13:9780198205791
25The Study of Second Language AcquisitionRod Ellis1994An up to date comprehensive introduction to second language ...ISBN-13:9780194371896
26Tales of God’s FriendsJohn Renard2009-05-13"The works of Islamic mysticism are a crucial genre of Islam...ISBN-13:9780520258969
27ScandalLanny Davis2015-03-24For more than four decades, polarized politics in America ha...ISBN-13:1466892803
28Prosody in ConversationProfessor of Linguistics Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen1996-07-11These essays study the role of prosody in everyday English, ...ISBN-13:9780521460750
29Discourse and Inference in Cognitive AnthropologyMarvin D. Loflin1978-01-01ISBN-13:3110800055
30Studies in Dependency SyntaxIgorʹ Aleksandrovič Melʹčuk1979Article entitled The predicative construction in Dyirbal, se...UOM:39015001803876
31Language in UseLoredana Punga2016-04-15Language in Use: Metaphors in Non-Literary Contexts is a kal...ISBN-13:9781443888844
32Revealed GraceAḥmad Sirhindī2011"This selection of letters furnishes the contemporary reader...ISBN-13:9781891785894
33Taxation and IncentiveLady Juliet Rhys-Williams1953UOM:35112104587961
34Trashing the PlanetDixy Lee Ray1992Exposes how little the public actually knows about the envir...ISBN-13:9780060974909
35Motivation in EducationDale H. Schunk2013-01-03The academic standard for texts on motivation in educational...ISBN-13:9780133017526
36Two Essays on InflectionAndrzej Bogusławski1992STANFORD:36105008764685
37Lexicography and Conceptual AnalysisAnna Wierzbicka1985Non-Aboriginal; semantics of concrete objects in English e.g...UOM:39015011809004
38Poetry of the Carolingian RenaissancePeter Godman1985-01ISBN-13:9780715617694
39Erste GedichteRainer Maria Rilke2010OCLC:1096810362
40J.S. Bach's The Art of FugueHans Heinrich Eggebrecht1993STANFORD:36105004255522

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