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1InterViewsSteinar Kvale2009The First Edition of InterViews has provided students and pr...ISBN-13:0761925422
2Doing InterviewsSteinar Kvale2008-03-05Interviewing is an invaluable tool for the qualitative resea...ISBN-13:9781446226834
3InterViewsSvend Brinkmann2014-04-10Retaining the same four-part structure as the second edition...ISBN-13:1452275726
4InterViewsSteinar Kvale1996-04-09Interviewing is an essential tool in qualitative research an...UOM:39015037442574
5The SAGE Qualitative Research KitUwe Flick2018-01-02Fully updated and expanded to ten volumes, this Second Editi...ISBN-13:9781446298725
6Qualitative InterviewingSvend Brinkmann2013-05-30Qualitative interviewing has today become one of the most co...ISBN-13:0199861390
7Qualitative Inquiry in Everyday LifeSvend Brinkmann2012-07-23This book is a 'survival guide' for students and researchers...ISBN-13:1446290867
8Fieldwork in Educational SettingsSara Delamont2002This new edition brings original, best-selling text right up...ISBN-13:9780415248372
9Psychology as a Moral ScienceSvend Brinkmann2010-09-27What does morality have to do with psychology in a value-neu...ISBN-13:9781441970671
10John DeweySvend Brinkmann2013John Dewey was an American psychologist, philosopher, educat...ISBN-13:1412852730
11The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative ResearchPatricia Leavy PhD2014-04-07The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research presents a compr...ISBN-13:0199811822
12The Craft of Qualitative ResearchSteven W. Kleinknecht2018-12-07The Craft of Qualitative Research is a consultative handbook...ISBN-13:1773380974
13Points of PassageTobias Brinkmann2013-10-30Between 1880 and 1914 several million Eastern Europeans migr...ISBN-13:1782380302
14The Life Story InterviewRobert Atkinson1998-01-06First-person narratives are a fundamental tool of the qualit...ISBN-13:9780761904281
15InterViewsJeanne M. Plas1996-03-14Interviewing is an essential tool in qualitative research an...ISBN-13:9780803958203
16Doing Triangulation and Mixed MethodsUwe Flick2018-09-29This book shows you not just how to use triangulation as a s...ISBN-13:1526426226
17A Practical Introduction to In-depth InterviewingAlan Morris2015-05-18Are you new to qualitative research or a bit rusty and in ne...ISBN-13:147392698X
18A Qualitative StanceSvend Brinkmann2008-12-31This book articulates a qualitative stance, drawing inspirat...ISBN-13:8779347673
19China’s Ambassadors of Christ to the NationsTabor Laughlin2020-03-24Maybe you are familiar with the growth in recent decades of ...ISBN-13:172525798X
20Clinical PsychologyWolfgang Linden2015-10-14Introduces students to Clinical Psychology by portraying the...ISBN-13:1317351401
21Det kvalitative forskningsintervjuSteinar Kvale2015I kvalitativ forskning spiller intervjuet en helt avgjørend...ISBN-13:9788205463547
22Applied Qualitative Research DesignMargaret R. Roller2015-02-23This unique text provides a comprehensive framework for crea...ISBN-13:1462519105
23100 Questions (and Answers) About Qualitative ResearchLisa M. Given2015-01-29100 Questions (and Answers) About Qualitative Research, by L...ISBN-13:1483346897
24The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research in PsychologyCarla Willig2017-03-31One of our bestselling handbooks, The SAGE Handbook of Quali...ISBN-13:1526422867
25Constructing Questions for Interviews and QuestionnairesWilliam Foddy1994-06-24Integrating the empirical findings on question design report...ISBN-13:9780521467339
26Conducting Research Interviews for Business and Management S...Catherine Cassell2015-02-12In Conducting Research Interviews, Catherine Cassell guides ...ISBN-13:1473917468
27Sexualised Crimes, Armed Conflict and the LawHannah Baumeister2018-06-04From ancient to modern times, sexualised war violence agains...ISBN-13:1351619217
28Field Research in Political ScienceDiana Kapiszewski2015-03-19Explains how field research contributes value to political s...ISBN-13:1107006031
29The Will of ChangeEva-Maria Maggi2015-10-13In this book, Eva-Maria Maggi argues that the European Union...ISBN-13:3658110368
30Qualitative Organizational ResearchGillian Symon2012-03-26Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Th...ISBN-13:1446258270
31Conducting Hermeneutic Research: From Philosophy to Practice...Nancy J. Moules2015-04-23<I>Conducting Hermeneutic Research: From Philosophy to Pra...ISBN-13:9781433127328
32The Joy of Missing OutSvend Brinkmann2019-05-10‘Because you’re worth it’, proclaims the classic cosme...ISBN-13:1509531599
33An Introduction to Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2009-02-19'The fourth edition of Uwe Flick's Introduction to Qualitati...ISBN-13:9781446241318
34Introducing Qualitative Research in PsychologyCarla Willig2013-05-01This vital student resource takes six different approaches t...ISBN-13:0335244505
35Reflective InterviewingKathryn Roulston2010-02-11Qualitative researchers have long made use of many different...ISBN-13:1412948576
36Managing Quality in Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2018-09-03Quality underpins the success (or failure) of any piece of q...ISBN-13:1526426196
37Collecting Qualitative DataVirginia Braun2017-10-19Is there more to qualitative data collection than face-to-fa...ISBN-13:1316849058
38StandpointsSvend Brinkmann2018-03-16Self-help gurus, life coaches and business consultants love ...ISBN-13:1509523766
39Psychology and PostmodernismDr Steinar Kvale1992-10-16This groundbreaking book is the first to explore the implica...ISBN-13:9781446234808
40Practical EmpathyIndi Young2015-01-15Conventional product development focuses on the solution. Em...ISBN-13:1933820640
1Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-20082014Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
2Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjunKvale, Steinar, 1938-20082009Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun
3InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research inte...Brinkmann, Svend, 1975-cop. 2015InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research inte...
4InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research inte...Kvale, Steinar, 1938-2008cop. 2009InterViews : learning the craft of qualitative research inte...
5Doing interviewsBrinkmann, Svend, 1975-ArrayDoing interviews
6Interviews [Elektronisk resurs] learning the craft of qualit...Brinkmann, Svend2018Interviews [Elektronisk resurs] learning the craft of qualit...
7InterViews [Elektronisk resurs] learning the craft of qualit...Kvale, Steinar2016InterViews [Elektronisk resurs] learning the craft of qualit...
8Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2009Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
9Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2012Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
10Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]Kvale, Steinar2014Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Ljudupptagning]
11Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]Kvale, Steinar2021Den kvalitativa forskningsintervjun [Elektronisk resurs]
12Det kvalitative forskningsintervjuKvale, Steinar, 1938-20082010Det kvalitative forskningsintervju
13Points of passage : Jewish transmigrants from Eastern Europe...2013Points of passage : Jewish transmigrants from Eastern Europe...
14The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology [Ele...2008The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology [Ele...
15Common denominator [Elektronisk resurs] CLIL-teachers’ bel...Sandberg, Ylva 1968- 7th Junior Researchers Meeting in Applied Linguistics, Winterthur, Switzerland, September 10-12, 2015 2015Common denominator [Elektronisk resurs] CLIL-teachers’ bel...
16The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology2017The SAGE handbook of qualitative research in psychology
1Möten för "religionslärarkunskap" : om undervisning och l...Deborg, David, 1974-Möten för "religionslärarkunskap" : om undervisning och l...
2Common denominator : CLIL-teachers’ beliefs and practices ...Sandberg, Ylva, 1968-Common denominator : CLIL-teachers’ beliefs and practices ...
3The making of the elite football coach : Coach education pro...Svensson, Robert, 1982- O'Regan, Niall The making of the elite football coach : Coach education pro...
4The attractiveness of gardening VET. Influential (mis)concep...Berglund, Ingrid, 1954The attractiveness of gardening VET. Influential (mis)concep...
5Different secondary school subject areas contributions to co...Per, Sund Gericke, Niklas, 1970- Bladh, Gabriel, 1959- Different secondary school subject areas contributions to co...
6Investigating Situations when Religion, Ethnicity and Gender...Jansson, Karl, 1988-Investigating Situations when Religion, Ethnicity and Gender...

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