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2IntervjumetodikAnnika Lantz1993ISBN-13:9789144381312
3Therapeutic Uses of StorytellingCamilla Asplund Ingemark2015-01-01In this cross-disciplinary study, a group of researchers cri...ISBN-13:918735117X
4Administrative Reforms and the Quest for Foreign Investment ...Maria Sönne1999STANFORD:36105028771116
5The Problems with Teamwork, and How to Solve ThemAnnika Lantz Friedrich2019-12-23This book offers practical, evidence-based solutions to help...ISBN-13:0429508964
6Adjusting State and Market in VietnamAnne Jerneck1995UCSD:31822023650179
7FörskolereformenHans Bengtsson1995UOM:39015041547236
8Political ParticipationLester W. Milbrath1982-01-01To find more information on Rowman & Littlefield titles, ple...ISBN-13:9780819126474
9Hermeneutics: A Very Short IntroductionJens Zimmermann2015-10-22Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge that deals with inte...ISBN-13:0191508543
10Doctor GlasHjalmar Soderberg2009-10-07A masterpiece of enduring power, Doctor Glas confronts a chi...ISBN-13:0307483908
11Young People ReadingCharles Sarland1991-01-01ISBN-13:9780335098798
12Language and Learning in the Digital AgeJames Paul Gee2011-02-01In Language and Learning in the Digital Age, linguist James ...ISBN-13:1136825665
13An Education in Facebook?Mike Kent2014-07-11An Education in Facebook? examines and critiques the role of...ISBN-13:1134676158
14Democratic PhoenixPippa Norris2002-09-02Conventional wisdom suggests that citizens in many countries...ISBN-13:9780521010535
15Mental Health and Work: SwedenOECD2013-03-05This report on Sweden looks at how the broader education, he...ISBN-13:9264188738
16Rethinking Learning for a Digital AgeRhona Sharpe2010-07-02Rethinking Learning for a Digital Age addresses the complex ...ISBN-13:1136973877
17Requirements in Engineering ProjectsJoão M. Fernandes2015-07-18This book focuses on various topics related to engineering a...ISBN-13:3319185977
18The Reference Interview as a Creative ArtElaine Zaremba Jennerich1997Shows librarians how to combine creativity with professional...UOM:39015041609390
19The Handbook of Marketing ResearchRajiv Grover2006-06-23The Handbook of Marketing Research: Uses, Misuses, and Futur...ISBN-13:1506319459
20Multiple Intelligences ReconsideredJoe L. Kincheloe2004Twenty years after the publication of Howard Gardner's Frame...ISBN-13:9780820470986
21RacismsSteve Garner2009-11-25"A very clear and engaging introduction to a contemporary an...ISBN-13:141294581X
22Gender and Social MovementsJo Reger2021-08-23How does gender influence social movements? How do social mo...ISBN-13:1509541349
23Reluctant Victims Into ChallengersCharlotta Zettervall2013ISBN-13:9789174734126
24BurmaP. Carey1997-07-28An up-to-date collection of essays by leading academics and ...ISBN-13:0230389082
25Social Media in Higher Education: Case Studies, Reflections ...Chris Rowell2019-06-21How does social media affect working life in Higher Educatio...ISBN-13:1783746718
26Handbook of the Social Psychology of InequalityJane D. McLeod2014-08-18This volume provides the first comprehensive overview of soc...ISBN-13:9401790027
27An Introduction to Work and Organizational PsychologyNik Chmiel2017-03-08The latest edition of this classic text provides a comprehen...ISBN-13:111916804X
28Mirror, MirrorMark Pendergrast2009-04-28Of all human inventions, the mirror is perhaps the one most ...ISBN-13:0786729902
29Immigrant Languages in EuropeGuus Extra1993The focus of this book is on immigrant groups and immigrant ...ISBN-13:9781853591792
30Envisioning LiteratureJudith A. Langer1995Based on a series of studies of the ways in which literary i...ISBN-13:9780807734643
31Research in Art and DesignChristopher Frayling1993ISBN-13:9781874175551
32Tourism in Destination CommunitiesShalini Singh2003Annotation. As a result of the ongoing growth in the tourism...ISBN-13:9780851997605
33Identity-Based Brand ManagementChristoph Burmann2017-04-24This textbook provides a theoretically based and comprehensi...ISBN-13:3658135611
34Our Father Who Art in a TreeJudy Pascoe2004-04In a novel about grief, love, and the power of belief, the n...ISBN-13:0375759875
35Everyone Can WritePeter Elbow2000-01-27With Writing without Teachers (OUP 1975) and Writing with Po...ISBN-13:0195355873
36Adolescents' Perceptions of School and Reasons for LearningJoanna Giota2001STANFORD:36105110506495
37Social and Personality DevelopmentDavid R. Shaffer2008-09-19The success of this best-selling text lies in the author's b...ISBN-13:1111807264
38The Reading EnvironmentAidan Chambers1996"Reading is a provocative act; it makes things happen." "It ...UVA:X004143391
39Group TimeEllen Booth Church1997-09-01At circle time, children can investigate cognitive activitie...ISBN-13:9780590062534
40Front CoverAlan Powers2004-09-01You can't judge a book by its cover...but some covers simply...ISBN-13:9781845332426
1IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-2013Intervjumetodik
2IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-cop. 2007Intervjumetodik
3Intervjumetodik : den professionellt genomförda intervjunLantz, Annika, 1955-1993Intervjumetodik : den professionellt genomförda intervjun
4Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]Lantz, Annika, 1955-2014Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]
5Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]Lantz, Annika, 1955-2010Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs]
6Intervjumetodik [Ljudupptagning] den professionellt genomfö...Lantz, Annika, 1955-2000Intervjumetodik [Ljudupptagning] den professionellt genomfö...
7Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs] den professionellt geno...Lantz, Annika, 1955-1996Intervjumetodik [Elektronisk resurs] den professionellt geno...
1IntervjumetodikLantz, Annika, 1955-Intervjumetodik

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