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1PHealth 2015B. Blobel2015-05-26Smart mobile systems, smart textiles, smart implants and sen...ISBN-13:1614995168
2Promising and High-Impact Practices: Student Success Program...Gloria Crisp2016-09-21With calls for community colleges to play a greater role in ...ISBN-13:1119319404
3The Palgrave Handbook of Ageing and Physical Activity Promot...Samuel R. Nyman2018-03-31The ageing of our population is a key societal issue across ...ISBN-13:3319712918
4The Role of Public Health Organizations in Addressing Public...Who Regional Office for Europe2018-11-20Growing levels of obesity (including among children) continu...ISBN-13:928905171X
5Brukner & Khan's Clinical Sports Medicine Volume 2: The medi...Peter Brukner2019-05-23Brukner & Khan’s Clinical Sports Medicine, the world-leadi...ISBN-13:1743767528
6Trace, Ecart, CarteKokroa Martial Frindethie1996MINN:31951P00503344X
7Ionospheric Data at Syowa Station (Antarctica)UCSD:31822009581547
8Boyd's Co-partnership and Residence Business Directory of Ph...1911HARVARD:HXGSKS
9Attica: Intermediate Classical GreekCynthia L. Claxton2013-12-17Includes selections from Xenophon, Antiphon and Euripides.ISBN-13:030017876X
10Dog Ate My Mad LibsMad Libs2015-05-26A Mad Libs perfect for dog lovers! Our 48-page book features...ISBN-13:0843182938
11Chasing American MonstersJason Offutt2019-03-08STEP RIGHT UP and BEHOLD a stupendous COLLECTION of over 250...ISBN-13:0738760064
12Rehabilitation Medicine for Elderly PatientsStefano Masiero2017-09-04This book clearly explains when and how different rehabilita...ISBN-13:331957406X
13Star WarsKevin J. Anderson1996Jubnuk the Gamorrean guard searches high and low through the...ISBN-13:9780316535137
14How to Be a Good CreatureSy Montgomery2018-09-25A New York Times bestseller! National Book Award finalist Sy...ISBN-13:1328528235
15Boletín americanista2015UCLA:L0108244344
16On the Way to the FutureRay C. Stedman2013-12-17It’s more than just a statement. It’s a fact! The world ...ISBN-13:1572938684
17The Physics and Astrophysics of Neutron StarsLuciano Rezzolla2019-01-09This book summarizes the recent progress in the physics and ...ISBN-13:3319976168
18Meanings of PainSimon van Rysewyk2019-08-31Experiential evidence shows that pain is associated with com...ISBN-13:3030241548
19Expansión de la Frontera Homínida en El Paisaje CulturalLeonardo Vera Benavente2011-10-11La apertura de la naturaleza y su transformacion en paisaje ...ISBN-13:9783845487984
20YoseleJacob Dinezon2015YOSELE, Jacob Dinezon's short novel published in 1899, expos...ISBN-13:9780979815638
21HattieFrida Nilsson2020-04-07Hattie is a street-smart country girl in her first year of s...ISBN-13:177657270X
22Adventuring Through The Old TestamentRay C. Stedman2011-04-01Adventuring through the Bible: Old Testament brings the stor...ISBN-13:1572935324
23The Wild BeyondPiers Torday2015-04-01FROM THE WINNER OF THE GUARDIAN CHILDREN'S FICTION PRIZE. Th...ISBN-13:9781848668485
24Folkesundhed som politikSignild Vallgårda2003CHI:75086383
25Chronic Pain Management for Physical TherapistsHarriët Wittink2002This is the first and only book on chronic pain management w...UOM:39015054259901
26Joyce Chen Cook BookJoyce Chen1962Gives basic and essential knowledge of Chinese cookery, with...UCSD:31822042774067
27Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Volume 2Naru Narumi2020-10-06Yuu's worried about whether Ms. Koizumi might have a boyfrie...ISBN-13:1506721583
28Sexual DecoysZillah Eisenstein2013-07-18In this book, Zillah Eisenstein continues her unforgiving in...ISBN-13:1848137796
29The Magna Carta ChronicleChristopher Lloyd2015-04The Magna Carta Chronicle charts the fight for freedom from ...ISBN-13:9780993019913
30Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition TherapyDiana Noland2020-03-27This textbook is a practical guide to the application of the...ISBN-13:3030307301
31Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Volume 3Naru Narumi2021-02-04"Let cool, mysterious high school student Ms. Koizumi and he...ISBN-13:1506713297
32Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Volume 1Naru Narumi2020-04-21Ramen and manga are two Japanese things that people love eve...ISBN-13:1506721575
33Practical Recommender SystemsKim Falk2019-02-02Summary Online recommender systems help users find movies, j...ISBN-13:9781617292705
34Tales from Jabba's PalaceKevin J. Anderson1996A collection of short stories takes place in the dog-eat-dog...ISBN-13:9780553568158
35Churchmouse StoriesMargot Austin1984-01-01Peter Churchmouse, Gabriel Churchkitten, and Trumpet, the sp...ISBN-13:9780440412847
36Chemisches Zentralblatt1966Includes supplementary volumes called Ergänzungsbände and ...UOM:39015084371353
37Nutrition, Fitness, and MindfulnessJaime Uribarri2020-01-31This comprehensive volume presents an approach based on cutt...ISBN-13:3030308928
38The Good Food RevolutionWill Allen2013"A MacArthur ""Genius Award"" recipient and co-launcher of F...ISBN-13:1592407609
39Be Expert With Map and CompassBjorn Kjellstrom2013-04-16Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back t...ISBN-13:1447493079
40The Ice Sea PiratesFrida Nilsson2018A classic children's adventure of icy seas and cold-blooded ...ISBN-13:9781776572007
1Ordination motion [Ljudupptagning] vägen till bättre häls...2015Ordination motion [Ljudupptagning] vägen till bättre häls...
2Fysisk aktivitet vid depression [Elektronisk resurs]Martinsen, Egil2015Fysisk aktivitet vid depression [Elektronisk resurs]
1FYSS KranskärlssjukdomStåhle, Agneta Bäck, Maria, 1978 Cider, Åsa, 1960 FYSS Kranskärlssjukdom
2Bedöma och utvärdera fysisk aktivitetHagströmer, M Wisén, Anita Hassmén, P FYSS, Redaktionsgrupp Bedöma och utvärdera fysisk aktivitet
3Metoder för att indvidanpassa fysisk aktivitetHassmén, P Wisén, Anita Hagströmer, M FYSS, Redaktionsgrupp Metoder för att indvidanpassa fysisk aktivitet
4Fysisk aktivitet vid depressionMartinsen, Egil Hovland, Anders Kjellman, Bengt Taube, Jill Fysisk aktivitet vid depression
5Rekommendationer om fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomarBerg, Ulrika Ekblom, Örjan, 1971- Rekommendationer om fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomar
6Effects of exercise training in patients with chronic obstru...Emtner, M. Wadell, Karin Wadell, K. Emtner, Margareta Effects of exercise training in patients with chronic obstru...
7Effects of aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise in adul...Swardh, E Brodin, N Effects of aerobic and muscle strengthening exercise in adul...
8Kontraindikationer för fysisk aktivitetBörjesson, MatsKontraindikationer för fysisk aktivitet
9Plötslig hjärtdöd vid fysisk aktivitetBörjesson, Mats Solberg, Erik Ekker Nylander, Eva Plötslig hjärtdöd vid fysisk aktivitet
10Fysisk aktivitet vid depressionMartinsen, Egil W Hovland, Anders Kjellman, Bengt Taube, Jill Fysisk aktivitet vid depression
11Fysisk aktivitet - begrepp och definitionerMattsson, C. Mikael Jansson, Eva Hagströmer, Maria Fysisk aktivitet - begrepp och definitioner
12Fysisk aktivitet vid hypertoniBörjesson, Mats Onerup, Aron Lundqvist, Stefan Dahlöf, Björn Fysisk aktivitet vid hypertoni
13Fysisk aktivitet vid ångestsyndromHovland, Anders Martinsen, Egil W. Taube, Jill Andersson, Eva Fysisk aktivitet vid ångestsyndrom
14Rekommendationer om fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomarBerg, Ulrika Ekblom, Örjan Rekommendationer om fysisk aktivitet för barn och ungdomar

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