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1History of Vocational Education and Training in EuropeEsther Berner2016-08-29Understanding today s Vocational Education and Training (VET...ISBN-13:9783034321204
2The Handbook of Social Work Research MethodsBruce Thyer2010"In the field of social work, qualitative research is starti...ISBN-13:1412958393
3Taking Food PublicPsyche Williams Forson2013-09-13The field of food studies has been growing rapidly over the ...ISBN-13:1134726279
4Sports GeographyJohn Bale2003Looks at the impact geography has on sports around the world...ISBN-13:0419252304
5From Ritual to RecordAllen Guttmann2004Examines the relationship between sports and society, includ...ISBN-13:0231133413
6Agency and OrganizationGöran Ahrne1990Social theory and organization theory often exist in mutual ...UOM:39015019819450
7The New Century Italian Renaissance EncyclopediaMarvin B.. Becker1972STANFORD:36105006489707
8Nature and History in Modern ItalyMarco Armiero2010-08-31Marco Armiero is Senior Researcher at the Italian National R...ISBN-13:0821419161
9Sport and Leisure in the Civilizing ProcessEric Dunning2016-07-27How do figurational sociologists approach the subjects of sp...ISBN-13:1349111910
10The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern ConsumerismColin Campbell2005The Romantic Ethic and the Spirit of Modern Consumerism was ...ISBN-13:9781904623335
11Rethinking Substance AbuseWilliam R. Miller2011-08-18While knowledge on substance abuse and addictions is expandi...ISBN-13:1606236997
12The European Landscape ConventionMichael Jones2011-02-09This important and insightful book provides, for the first t...ISBN-13:9789048199327
13Social OrganizationsGöran Ahrne1994-07-05In this lively and wide-ranging essay, Göran Ahrne sketches...ISBN-13:144626565X
14Journalism in an Era of Big DataSeth C. Lewis2018-03-08Big data is marked by staggering growth in the collection an...ISBN-13:1315533278
15Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-3)Thelma Harms2014-11-01The long-anticipated new version of the internationally reco...ISBN-13:9780807755709
16Essential EntomologyGeorge McGavin2001This book should be as indispensable to students as to amate...ISBN-13:9780198500025
17Heart's DelightPer Nilsson2005As a sixteen-year-old looks at and systematically destroys e...ISBN-13:0689876777
18Social Media at BBC NewsValerie Belair-Gagnon2015-02-11Since the emergence of social media in the journalistic land...ISBN-13:1317585011
19Approaching DialoguePer Linell1998"Approaching Dialogue" has its primary focus on the theoreti...ISBN-13:9027218331
20ARS 451961UOM:39015007733960
21Towards Forest SustainabilityDavid Lindenmayer2003-05-19Towards Forest Sustainability is a collection of practical e...ISBN-13:0643100059
22Presence Of MindPepi Leistyna2019-05-20Taking up the ever-shifting cultural and political landscape...ISBN-13:0429977670
23Barren StatesCarrie B. Douglass2020-05-25The fertility rate has dramatically declined across Europe i...ISBN-13:1000189791
24Politicising Parenthood in ScandinaviaEllingsæter, Anne Lise2006-06-07The Nordic countries have been able to raise living standard...ISBN-13:9781861346452
25Unwomanly ConductCarolyn Mackelcan Morell2014-01-09First published in 1994. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1317960866
26The Death of a NationAbraham Yohannan1916HARVARD:32044079049185
27The children of the cost, quality, and outcomes study go to ...ISBN-13:1428926909
28Practice and the Human SciencesDonald E. Polkinghorne2012-02-01Argues that the technical model of practice has limited appl...ISBN-13:0791484548
29Asymmetries in DialogueIvana Marková1991Although dialogues, face-to-face immediate interactions betw...UOM:39015024761507
30Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood EducationMaarit Alasuutari2014-01-21Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen...ISBN-13:1317817079
31Dying and Dead TreesJohan Samuelsson1994CORNELL:31924073939385
32Small-Gauge StorytellingRyan Shand2013-05-30What do you understand by the term 'home movie'? Do you imag...ISBN-13:0748656359
33The Moral Life of SchoolsPhilip W. Jackson1998-02-27"Rarely have I come across a book that so quickly provoked m...ISBN-13:9780787940669
34Clinical Wisdom and Interventions in Acute and Critical Care...Patricia Hooper-Kyriakidis, PhD, MSN2011-03-282011 AJN Book of the Year Winner in Critical Care--Emergency...ISBN-13:0826105742
35Heritage, Communities and ArchaeologyLaurajane Smith2013-11-20This book traces the development of 'community archaeology',...ISBN-13:147252134X
36The Nursing ProcessHelen Yura1978Die Schritte des Pflegeprozesses werden in den einzelnen Kap...UOM:39015003209858
37The Wandering PinePer Olov Enquist2014-12-31When everything began so well, how could it turn out so badl...ISBN-13:1780870183
38I Miss You, I Miss You!Peter Pohl1999Thirteen-year-old Tina Dubois and her identical twin sister,...ISBN-13:9789129639353
39Contemporary Rhetorical TheoryJohn Louis Lucaites1999-01-01This indispensable text brings together important essays on ...ISBN-13:9781572304017
40Critical HermeneuticsJohn B. Thompson1983A comparative critique of ordinary language philosophy, herm...ISBN-13:9780521276665

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