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1An Innocent MillionaireStephen Vizinczey1990-11-15"Brilliantly inventive, written with great flair and shows a...ISBN-13:9780226858890
2Sustainability AssessmentAlan James Bond2013Currently the writing on the subject is limited and comprise...ISBN-13:0415598486
3Sustainable Value Management for Construction ProjectsAyodeji E. Oke2017-03-16This book provides a unique guide to value management and su...ISBN-13:331954151X
4The Baker Illustrated Bible CommentaryGary M. Burge2015-04-07As more and more Christians are involved in teaching in thei...ISBN-13:1441223444
5The Nobel Prize in Economics, 1976Milton Friedman1977David Giles offers information on the Nobel Prize for Econom...STANFORD:36105034097126
6Ballads of SuburbiaStephanie Kuehnert2009-07-21Ballads are the kind of songs that Kara McNaughton likes bes...ISBN-13:1439126852
7Wages and CapitalKarl Marx1893UCD:31175035644783
8The World Reacts to the HolocaustDavid S. Wyman1996-09-24Offers a country-by-country breakdown of the impact the Holo...ISBN-13:9780801849695
9Westleigh, and other talesmrs. G J Preston1875OXFORD:600065281
10Urban Transport in the Developing WorldHarry T. Dimitriou2011-01-01Policy-making for urban transport and planning of economies ...ISBN-13:1849808392
11Governance for Sustainable DevelopmentJens Newig2013-09-13Sustainable development stirs up debate about the capacities...ISBN-13:1317991508
12Crime, Risk and JusticeKevin Stenson2012-12-06Crime control has risen rapidly up the social and political ...ISBN-13:1135986428
13Witch Way to the MallEsther Friesner2009-06-01Move over, urban fantasy¾here comes suburban fantasy. What ...ISBN-13:1618247255
14On Writing WellWilliam Knowlton Zinsser1976ISBN-13:9780060147983
15My Incredible Adventures2017-03-04Mary was an ordinary schoolgirl who never thought about havi...ISBN-13:9781541300859
16The BioeconomyDavide Viaggi2018ISBN-13:9781786392770
17Young Children's Knowledge About ThinkingJohn Flavell2000-05-25ISBN-13:9780631224488
18Japan's Decision for WarLouis Morton1990UIUC:30112041200244
19Crusaders, Condottieri, and CannonDonald Joseph Kagay2003This collection of eighteen essays focuses on various phases...ISBN-13:9789004125537
20The Origins of World War IRichard Frederick Hamilton2003-02-24Discusses and examines the possible causes of World War I.ISBN-13:9780521817356
21Women of the WarFrank Moore1866The book details the activities of approximately forty Union...IOWA:31858018568562
22Female IntelligenceTammy M. Proctor2006Informative and innovative, this book focuses on the cultura...ISBN-13:0814766943
23Cavalry Operations in the Ancient Greek WorldRobert E. Gaebel2002Gaebel dokumenterer såvel militært som historisk, at rytte...ISBN-13:9780806133652
24The Origins of World War TwoRobert Boyce2017-03-14No issue in modern history has been more intensively studied...ISBN-13:1403937389
25Mobilizing U. S. Industry in World War IIAlan L. Gropman1996Contents: Mobilization activities before Pearl Harbor day; e...ISBN-13:0788136461
26Cross Channel AttackGordon A. Harrison1993-12Discusses the Allied invasion of Normandy, with extensive de...ISBN-13:9780792458562
27Religious Warfare in Europe 1400-1536Norman Housley2008-11-06Religious warfare has been a recurrent feature of European h...ISBN-13:0191564508
28FM 100-5 OperationsUnited States. Department of the Army1993OSU:32435069586998
29Trans-Pacific RelationsRupert Eric Davies2003A broad-based examination of Western-Asian relations, using ...ISBN-13:9780275977146
30The Civil War on the WebAlice E. Carter2003A guide to the top sites dedicated to the Civil War found on...ISBN-13:9780842051354
31The Negro in the American RebellionWilliam Wells Brown1867STANFORD:36105037994626
32Panzer OperationsErhard Raus2009-04-28Drawing from post-war reports commissioned by U.S. Army inte...ISBN-13:0786739703
33The Origins of the World WarSidney Bradshaw Fay1928UCAL:B3479923
34Stonewall Jackson and the American Civil WarGeorge Francis Robert Henderson1900NYPL:33433082376389
35RedcoatsStephen Brumwell2006-01-09An examination of the experiences of British soldiers who fo...ISBN-13:9780521675383
36Global Logistics and Strategy, 1940-1943Richard M. Leighton1955U.S. Army logistics, primarily of ground forces, in its rela...OSU:32435052062940
37War and RevolutionNorman E. Saul2001The third volume in Saul's history of U.S.-Russian relations...UOM:39015051297086
38Inventing the Schlieffen PlanTerence Zuber2002-10-31The existence of the Schlieffen plan has been one of the bas...ISBN-13:0191647713
39Adventures in My YouthArmin Scheiderbauer2013-03-20The personal memoir of a Nazi soldier, from joining the Germ...ISBN-13:1907677496
40In Deadly CombatGottlob Herbert Bidermann2000A memoir of a German soldier who served on the front lines o...UOM:39015050144602

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