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1Becoming a Reflective Mathematics TeacherAlice F. Artzt2008Artzt, Armour-Thomas and Curcio supply detailed observation ...ISBN-13:0805861939
2ForegroundsOle Skovsmose2014-11-04"Foregrounds contributes to the development of theories of l...ISBN-13:9462096538
3PISA The PISA 2003 Assessment Framework Mathematics, Reading...OECD2004-03-02The PISA 2003 Assessment Framework presents the conceptual u...ISBN-13:926410173X
4Views and Beliefs in Mathematics EducationBenjamin Rott2018-12-14The book is made up of 21 chapters from 25 presentations at ...ISBN-13:3030012735
5The Mathematics Teacher in the Digital EraAlison Clark-Wilson2013-12-08This volume addresses the key issue of the initial education...ISBN-13:9400746385
6Travelling Through EducationOle Skovsmose2005-01-01This is a personal notebook from a conceptual travel. But, i...ISBN-13:9087903626
7Play-Responsive Teaching in Early Childhood EducationNiklas Pramling2019-05-07This open access book develops a theoretical concept of teac...ISBN-13:3030159582
8Social Constructivism as a Philosophy of MathematicsPaul Ernest1998-01-01Extends the ideas of social constructivism to the philosophy...ISBN-13:9780791435878
9Mathematics Form and FunctionSaunders MacLane2012-12-06This book records my efforts over the past four years to cap...ISBN-13:1461248728
10Proof in Mathematics EducationDavid A. Reid2010-01-01Research on teaching and learning proof and proving has expa...ISBN-13:946091246X
11Developing Research in Mathematics EducationTommy Dreyfus2018-04-27Developing Research in Mathematics Education is the first bo...ISBN-13:1351625403
12Investigating Mathematics TeachingBarbara Jaworski2002-11-01Barbara Jaworski addresses a number of questions that are ce...ISBN-13:1135716110
13Multiple Perspectives on Mathematics Teaching and LearningJo Boaler2000Offers a collection of chapters that take a new look at math...ISBN-13:9781567505351
14Making Sense of Negative NumbersCecilia Kilhamn2011-01-01ISBN-13:9789173466981
15Second International Handbook of Educational ChangeAndy Hargreaves2010-08-13The two volumes of the second edition of the International H...ISBN-13:9048126606
16Conceptual and Procedural KnowledgeJames Hiebert2013-08-21First Published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1136559833
17Early Childhood Teachers‘ Professional Competence in Mathe...Simone Dunekacke2021-09-27This edited volume presents cutting-edge research on the pro...ISBN-13:1000474054
18Bystander behaviors in peer victimizationBjörn Sjögren2020-12-16När elever blir utsatta för kränkningar finns ofta andra ...ISBN-13:9179297285
19A Research Companion to Principles and Standards for School ...Jeremy Kilpatrick2003An analysis of how educational research is applied in the pr...UOM:39015062875292
20The Elements of Creativity and Giftedness in MathematicsB. Sriraman2011-07-23The Elements of Creativity and Giftedness in Mathematics edi...ISBN-13:946091439X
21Challenges in Partially Automated DrivingIgnacio Solís Marcos2018-05-14The technological development in recent years is currently r...ISBN-13:9176852962
22Teaching and Learning in Maths ClassroomsChiara Andrà2018-05-08The book presents a selection of the most relevant talks giv...ISBN-13:9783319841106
23Embodied Communication in Humans and MachinesIpke Wachsmuth2008-09-04Communication is not just about the transfer of verbal infor...ISBN-13:0199231753
24Mathematics Education in the Early YearsTamsin Meaney2016-01-22This book presents chapters based on papers presented at the...ISBN-13:331923935X
25Teaching Number SenseJulia Anghileri2000-12-21A specialist text that uses a balance of theory and practice...ISBN-13:0826448194
26Understanding Teacher IdentityPatrick M. Jenlink2021-05-08Understanding Teacher Identity is a collection of studies th...ISBN-13:147585918X
27Lärandets dynamik i arbetsplatsutvecklingsprogramAgneta Halvarsson Lundkvist2019-03-08The thesis focuses on workplace development programmes (WPDP...ISBN-13:9176851249
28Didactic classroom studiesChristina Osbeck2018-12-21Genom konkreta studier som sätter klassrumsarbetet i fokus ...ISBN-13:9188661482
29The Routledge Handbook of Literacy StudiesJennifer Rowsell2015-05-15The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies offers a comprehe...ISBN-13:1317510607
30The Future of Educational ResearchNoleine Fitzallen2014-04-03The Future of Educational Research: Perspectives from Beginn...ISBN-13:9462095124
31What Is Mathematics, Really?Reuben Hersh1997-08-21Most philosophers of mathematics treat it as isolated, timel...ISBN-13:0198027362
32Educational Assessment in the 21st CenturyClaire Wyatt-Smith2009-08-05Signs of Change: Assessment Past, Present and Future Another...ISBN-13:1402099649
33Theorising Special EducationCatherine Clark2005-06-23The field of special needs education is well established, an...ISBN-13:1134754779
34Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-3)Thelma Harms2014-11-01The long-anticipated new version of the internationally reco...ISBN-13:9780807755709
35MathematicsKeith Devlin1996-12-15"The great book of nature," said Galileo, "can be read only ...ISBN-13:9780716760221
36Developing Number SenseJulia Anghileri2008-05-15'Developing Number Sense' identifies innovative teaching pra...ISBN-13:1847061257
37International Perspectives on Mathematics Teacher EducationDenisse Thompson2021"Mathematics teacher education includes the mathematics cont...ISBN-13:9781648026300
38Interest and EngagementRimma Nyman2017ISBN-13:9789173469111
39Studies in Mathematics EducationRobert Morris1984UCAL:B4497791
40Beneath the SurfaceInternational Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication2000PSU:000060351036

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