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1Lil' MarineRP Kids2021-05-18Celebrate real-life heroes in the US Marine Corps with this ...ISBN-13:0762472561
2New Approaches to Greek and Roman WarfareLee L. Brice2020-02-11Uses new methodologies, evidence, and topics to better under...ISBN-13:1118273338
4Interaction and GrammarProfessor of Anthropology Elinor Ochs1996-12-12This volume explores a rich variety of linkages between gram...ISBN-13:9780521558280
5Studies in Interactional LinguisticsMargret Selting2001-01-01Current interactional linguistic research appears to be crys...ISBN-13:9789027226204
6Sound Patterns in InteractionElizabeth Couper-Kuhlen2004This collection of original papers by eminent phoneticians, ...ISBN-13:9789027229731
7EgophoricitySimeon Floyd2018-04-15Egophoricity refers to the grammaticalised encoding of perso...ISBN-13:9027265542
8Maximus Musicus Visits the OrchestraHallfrdur Lafsd[ttir2012Maximus Musicus, the most popular rodent in the history of I...ISBN-13:9781937330170
9Athenian Democracy at WarDavid M. Pritchard2018-11-29Studies all four branches of the Athenian armed forces to sh...ISBN-13:1108422918
10The Language of Turn and SequenceCecilia E. Ford2002This collection of previously unpublished, cutting-edge rese...ISBN-13:0195124898
11The Greek State at WarW. Kendrick Pritchett1974The volumes of The Greek State at War are an essential refer...ISBN-13:9780520027589
12Prosody in ConversationElizabeth Couper-Kuhlen1996-07-11These essays study the role of prosody in everyday English, ...ISBN-13:0521460751
13HoplitesVictor Davis Hanson2002-11-01Incorporating research found in ancient literary, iconograph...ISBN-13:1134961901
14Hannibal's WarJohn Francis Lazenby1998Hannibal is acknowledged to be one of history's greatest gen...ISBN-13:9780806130040
15The Western Way of WarVictor Davis Hanson2013-05-01The Greeks of the classical age invented not only the centra...ISBN-13:0307831558
16A Naval History of the Peloponnesian WarMarc G. de Santis2017-04-30Naval power played a vital role in the Peloponnesian War. Th...ISBN-13:1473861608
17A Storm of SpearsChristopher Matthew2012-05-09A “practical and thought provoking” study of the ancient...ISBN-13:1781594228
18Wars of the Ancient Greeks (Smithsonian History of Warfare)Victor Davis Hanson2006-12-12This brilliant account covers a millennium of Greek warfare....ISBN-13:0061142085
19Men of BronzeDonald Kagan2015-11-24A major contribution to the debate over ancient Greek warfar...ISBN-13:0691168458
20Greek WarfareHans van Wees2017-11-02From the soldier's-eye view of combat to the broad social an...ISBN-13:9781474275903
21The Spartan ArmyNicholas Sekunda1998-11-11Although Sparta's early history is not clear, by the end of ...ISBN-13:9781855326590
22Balder the BeautifulSir James George Frazer1990ISBN-13:9780333012826
23Rome at WarCatherine Gilliver2005Examines the battles, leaders, and military technologies tha...ISBN-13:9781841768816
24The Ancient GreeksNicholas Sekunda1986-05-22The cradle of western civilisation, the ancient Greek world,...ISBN-13:9780850456868
25History of the Art of War: The barbarian invasionsHans Delbrück1990ISBN-13:9780803292000

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