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1Grundläggande aritmetikMadeleine Löwing2017ISBN-13:9789144091181
2Studies in Mathematics EducationRobert Morris1984UCAL:B4497791
3Becoming a Reflective Mathematics TeacherAlice F. Artzt2008Artzt, Armour-Thomas and Curcio supply detailed observation ...ISBN-13:0805861939
4New Mathematics Education Research and Practice2006-01-01Mathematics education research has blossomed into many diffe...ISBN-13:9087903510
5Working Towards Inclusive EducationPeter Mittler2012-06-25This book provides a clearly written, wide-ranging overview ...ISBN-13:1136605347
6Understanding Mathematics : Teacher's NotesRichard Rowland Skemp1964OCLC:959785593
7Mathematics Inside the Black BoxDylan Wiliam2006ISBN-13:9780708716878
8Teaching Number SenseJulia Anghileri2000-12-21A specialist text that uses a balance of theory and practice...ISBN-13:0826448194
9Early AlgebraCarolyn Kieran2016-07-11This survey of the state of the art on research in early alg...ISBN-13:3319322583
10Developing Number SenseJulia Anghileri2008-05-15'Developing Number Sense' identifies innovative teaching pra...ISBN-13:1847061257
11The Routledge Handbook of Literacy StudiesJennifer Rowsell2015-05-15The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies offers a comprehe...ISBN-13:1317510607
12Northern Lights on PISA 2003Nordisk Ministerråd2006This publication examines the results of the OECD Programme ...ISBN-13:9289313005
13Standards in EducationDennis M. McInerney2007-08-01Education institutions and organizations throughout the worl...ISBN-13:1607526271
14Mathematics Classrooms: Students’ Activities and Teachers...Fabrice Vandebrouck2013-09-03With cooperation of Aline Robert, Janine Rogalski, Maha Abbo...ISBN-13:9462092818
15Northern Lights on PISA and TALISLudvigsen, Sten2016-04-18• Is PISA 2012 relevant to mathematics education in Norway...ISBN-13:9289345233
16Discrete Mathematics & Discrete ModelsKimmo Eriksson2015-04-02ISBN-13:9789144106427
17Mathematics for Dyslexics and DyscalculicsSteve Chinn2017-01-30A seminal handbook in the field for more than 20 years, this...ISBN-13:1119159962
18Mental ComputationAlistair McIntosh2004ISBN-13:9781920865252
19DyslexiaGlynis Hannell2016-04-24A clearly explained guide to helping pupils cope with their ...ISBN-13:1136788697
20Special Needs Education in MathematicsAnne Berit Fuglestad2013-12-31This book examines recent and on-going Nordic research and d...ISBN-13:9788292712986
21CleverlandsLucy Crehan2016-12-01As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exaspe...ISBN-13:1783522755
22Child's Conception of SpaceJean Piaget2013-08-21First published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1136220798
23PISA The PISA 2003 Assessment Framework Mathematics, Reading...OECD2004-03-02The PISA 2003 Assessment Framework presents the conceptual u...ISBN-13:926410173X
24The SAGE Handbook of LearningDavid Scott2015-07-31"Profound and useful, readers will benefit from the systemat...ISBN-13:1473933617
25Bystander behaviors in peer victimizationBjörn Sjögren2020-12-16När elever blir utsatta för kränkningar finns ofta andra ...ISBN-13:9179297285
26Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and CareOECD2006-09-14This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in ...ISBN-13:926403546X
27Challenges in Partially Automated DrivingIgnacio Solís Marcos2018-05-14The technological development in recent years is currently r...ISBN-13:9176852962
28Lärandets dynamik i arbetsplatsutvecklingsprogramAgneta Halvarsson Lundkvist2019-03-08The thesis focuses on workplace development programmes (WPDP...ISBN-13:9176851249
29Multimodal Teaching and LearningGunther Kress2014-09-11This book takes a radically different look at communication,...ISBN-13:1472571053
30What Works for Children with Mathematical Difficulties?Ann Dowker2004ISBN-13:9781844782611
31The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music EducationAlex Ruthmann2017"Few aspects of daily existence are untouched by technology....ISBN-13:0199372136
32Mathematics Form and FunctionSaunders MacLane2012-12-06This book records my efforts over the past four years to cap...ISBN-13:1461248728
33The Big Six Historical Thinking ConceptsPeter Seixas2012-07-30Authors Peter Seixas and Tom Morton provide a guide to bring...ISBN-13:9780176541545
34Mathematics Teachers and Their TeachingPer-Olof Bentley2003STANFORD:36105112669127
35Learning Motivation in International Primary SchoolsSheila Brooks2005STANFORD:36105131978855
36Development and evaluation of an internet-based treatment fo...Mats Dahlin2020-09-28Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a chronic condition ch...ISBN-13:9179297935
37Rethinking Language, Mind, and World DialogicallyPer Linell2009-05-01Per Linell took his degree in linguistics and is currently p...ISBN-13:1607521989
38The Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Mathem...Sung Je Cho2015-02-10This book comprises the Proceedings of the 12th Internationa...ISBN-13:3319126881
39International Handbook of Financial LiteracyCarmela Aprea2016-03-24This Handbook presents in-depth research conducted on a myri...ISBN-13:9811003602
40Classics in Mathematics Education ResearchThomas P. Carpenter2004Udvalgte artikler fra bøger og tidsskrifter fra perioden 19...UOM:39015060674861
1Grundläggande aritmetik : matematikdidaktik för lärareLöwing, Madeleine, 1946-ArrayGrundläggande aritmetik : matematikdidaktik för lärare
2Grundläggande aritmetik [Ljudupptagning] matematikdidaktik ...Löwing, Madeleine2017Grundläggande aritmetik [Ljudupptagning] matematikdidaktik ...
3Grundläggande aritmetik : matematikdidaktik för lärareLöwing, Madeleine, 1946-2008Grundläggande aritmetik : matematikdidaktik för lärare

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