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1Ds 2005:016 Att fånga kunnandet om lärande och undervisnin...ISBN-13:9789138323854
2Barns bildspråkHasse Hansson1991PSU:000056808780
3Multimodal Teaching and LearningGunther Kress2014-09-11This book takes a radically different look at communication,...ISBN-13:1472571053
4Art, Narrative and ChildhoodMorag Styles2003Current conceptions of visual texts are reviewed and the fut...ISBN-13:9781858562636
5The Art of Teaching MusicEstelle R. Jorgensen2008-03-19The Art of Teaching Music takes up important aspects of the ...ISBN-13:0253000203
6The Wow FactorAnne Bamford2006More than ever before, the arts are shaping and influencing ...ISBN-13:3830966172
7The Education of the ChildEllen Key1888UCAL:$B305345
8Deleuze and PragmatismSimone Bignall2014-09-19This collection brings together the philosophy of Gilles Del...ISBN-13:1317655605
9Pragmatism as Post-postmodernismLarry A. Hickman2007Presents John Dewey as very much at home in the busy mix of ...ISBN-13:082322841X
10Learning to WriteGunther Kress2003-09-02First published in 1982, this influential and classic text p...ISBN-13:1134908288
11Forskningsanknytning genom disputationStefan Björklund1991UOM:39015025152425
12Teaching through StoriesMargareta Häggström2020-11-26This book aims to meet the demands on teaching and learning ...ISBN-13:3830989865
13Child DramaPeter Slade1954ISBN-13:9780340085981
14Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis1983STANFORD:36105110771974
15Norm-strugglesLena Martinsson2010-02-19Norm-Struggles explores and challenges normativity in genera...ISBN-13:1443820512
16Educational Research and Innovation Critical Maths for Innov...Mevarech Zemira2014-10-28This report looks at a number of published studies on mathem...ISBN-13:9264223568
17Handbook of Research on Mathematics Teaching and LearningDouglas Grouws2006-11-01Sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics...ISBN-13:1607528746
18Early Childhood MattersKathy Sylva2010-01-04Documents the development of the importance of early years e...ISBN-13:1135189862
19CreativityRob Pope2005-04-15Creativity: Theory, History, Practice offers important new p...ISBN-13:1134273525
20Changing the School CulturePer Dalin1993How do schools change? What do we know about the change proc...UOM:39015032764287
21What is Dance?Roger Copeland1983Essays explore the nature of the art of dance, discuss the d...ISBN-13:0195031970
22Movement and Experimentation in Young Children's LearningLiselott Mariett Olsson2009-02-27In contemporary educational contexts young children and lear...ISBN-13:1134032447
23Social and Personality DevelopmentDavid R. Shaffer2008-09-19The success of this best-selling text lies in the author's b...ISBN-13:1111807264
24Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and CareOECD2006-09-14This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in ...ISBN-13:926403546X
25Contexts of JusticeRainer Forst2002-02-27This text offers an intervention into the debate between com...ISBN-13:0520232259
26Teachers' Pedagogical ThinkingPertti Kansanen2000Six authors in teacher education from the University of Hels...UVA:X004421774
27The Theory of the ArtsFrancis Edward Sparshott2014-07-14In a systematic overview of classical and modern contributio...ISBN-13:1400857015
28Starting Strong III A Quality Toolbox for Early Childhood Ed...OECD2011-12-16This publication focuses on quality issues in early childhoo...ISBN-13:9264123563
29Clay in the Primary SchoolPeter Clough2007-11-15Working with clay provides young children with a wide range ...ISBN-13:9780713688191
30The Development and Education of the MindHoward Gardner2006-06-28Leading American psychologist and educator Howard Gardner ha...ISBN-13:1134210671
31How Schools Do PolicyStephen J. Ball2012Based on a long term qualitative study of four 'ordinary' se...ISBN-13:0415676266
32The Hundred Languages of ChildrenCarolyn P. Edwards1993The city-run early childhood program of Reggio Emilia, Italy...ISBN-13:9780893919337
33EBOOK: ASSESSING TECHNOLOGYRichard Kimbell1997-09-16How did the development of assessment practices influence th...ISBN-13:0335232019
34ThematicsClaude Bremond1995-01-01The contributors, of international reputation, include Jean-...ISBN-13:9780791421673
35Research and the Quality of Science EducationKerst Boersma2006-02-23In August 2003 over 400 researchers in the field of science ...ISBN-13:1402036736
36CleverlandsLucy Crehan2016-12-01As a teacher in an inner-city school, Lucy Crehan was exaspe...ISBN-13:1783522755
37Mathematics Teachers and Their TeachingPer-Olof Bentley2003STANFORD:36105112669127
38Problems of Meaning in Science CurriculumDouglas A. Roberts1998-01-01This collection of analytical essays from 13 internationally...ISBN-13:9780807737095
39Experience of SpontaneityPeter Slade1968STANFORD:36105034851183
40Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS-3)Thelma Harms2014-11-01The long-anticipated new version of the internationally reco...ISBN-13:9780807755709

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