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1Principles of MarketingAnders Parment2016-01-21ISBN-13:9781292104805
2Principles of MarketingANDERS. KOTLER PARMENT (PHILIP T.. ARMSTRONG, GARY.)2020-07-30ISBN-13:9781292354996
3Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition, 3rd edn, uPDF ...Anders Parment2021-02-12ISBN-13:129235500X
4MarknadsforingPhilip Kotler2017Marknadsforing: teori, strategi och praktik.OCLC:1016999357
6CU.PARMENT ENG ADDITIONAL CHAPTERS PK.Gary Armstrong2013ISBN-13:9781782731764
7Principles of Marketing Scandinavian EditionAnders Parment2016-01-20Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition is an ideal int...ISBN-13:1292115564
8Marknadsföring: teori, strategi och praktikPhilip Kotler2013-02-07Marknadsföring: teori, strategi och praktikISBN-13:0273736892
9Principles of MarketingPhilip R. Kotler2013-02-01Note: If you are purchasing an electronic version, MyMarketi...ISBN-13:9780133257830
10MarketingGARY. KOTLER ARMSTRONG (PHILIP. OPRESNIK, MARC OLIVER.)2019-09-19For undergraduate principles of marketing courses. This ISBN...ISBN-13:9781292294865
11Principles of Marketing2011ISBN-13:9781780161082
12The Marketing Plan HandbookMarian Burk Wood2011Features of the fourth edition of The Marketing Plan Handboo...ISBN-13:9780137053506
13Principles of MarketingGary M. Armstrong2018An introduction to marketing concepts, strategies and practi...ISBN-13:9781488620102
14Principles of MarketingAnders Parment2016Principles of Marketing Scandinavian Edition is an ideal int...ISBN-13:9781292144238
15Principles of MarketingPhilip Kotler2011ISBN-13:9780273735984
16MarketingGary Armstrong2016-01-04For undergraduate courses on the Principles of Marketing. An...ISBN-13:9780134149530
17Auto BrandAnders Parment2014-01-03The car - once everybody's dream and a key status symbol in ...ISBN-13:0749469307
18B2B Brand ManagementPhilip Kotler2006-09-22This is one of the first books to probe deeply into the art ...ISBN-13:3540447296
19Utilizing Gamification in Servicescapes for Improved Consume...Helmefalk, Miralem2020-01-03As consumers increase their purchases from online retailers,...ISBN-13:1799819728
20DemarketingNigel Bradley2013-10-23We all understand the basic principles underpinning marketin...ISBN-13:1135070423
21Generation Y in Consumer and Labour MarketsAnders Parment2011-09-16Generation Y in Consumer and Labour Markets explores the rol...ISBN-13:1136631232
22Social and Sustainability MarketingJishnu Bhattacharyya2021-09-26"... an important intervention in the conversation around so...ISBN-13:1000408027
23Timber Buildings and SustainabilityGiovanna Concu2019-12-04The construction sector alone accounts for 40 percent of res...ISBN-13:1789238811
24Unboxing MarketingBenjamin Hartmann2020-02-04"How can marketing create value for consumers, firms, and so...ISBN-13:9789144137506
25MarknadsföringPhilip Kotler2013Marknadsföring: teori, strategi och praktik.OCLC:1027202810
26Principles of Marketing, Student Value EditionPhilip Kotler2013-01-10Readers interested in an overview of marketing strategies an...ISBN-13:9780133128246
27Organization TheoryDerek S. Pugh2007-10-04This book spans seventy years of theory from Max Weber's sem...ISBN-13:0141902892
28Engaging Omni-channel Consumers During Purchase DecisionsJinzhao Lu2017-08ISBN-13:9783330342361
29How to recruit Generation Z. Successful and sustainable recr...Fridtjof Storde2018-09-20In Germany’s aging population older people are retiring in...ISBN-13:3956875230
30Exploring Proactive Market StrategiesHarald Brege2018-05-14How can firms become more successful and achieve higher busi...ISBN-13:9176852679
31Marknadsföring: Teori, strategi och praktikMikael Ottosson2013ISBN-13:9781782731771
32Corporate FinanceJonathan B. Berk2019Reach every student by pairing this text with MyLab Finance ...ISBN-13:9780135183809
33Conference proceedings - XLVI International Symposium on Ope...Milan Martić2019-11-18The Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgra...ISBN-13:8676803633
34Organizing and Reorganizing MarketsNils Brunsson2018-02-23Organizing and Reorganizing Markets brings organization theo...ISBN-13:0192547720
35THE SHIFT FROM TEACHING TO LEARNING:Willy Christian Kriz2014-07-10The anthology presents selected articles on the research and...ISBN-13:376395421X
36Integrated Marketing CommunicationsDavid Pickton2005Net/pickton to find additional valuable teaching and learnin...ISBN-13:9780273676454
37A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...Jim Blythe2006-10-18Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1847878903
38Essential Guide to Marketing PlanningMarian Burk Wood2016-11ISBN-13:9781292117522
39MarketingGary M. Armstrong2019La 4è de couv. indique : "Marketing An Introduction introdu...ISBN-13:1292200650
40Principles of RetailingMohammed Rafiq2014-05-22Principles of Retailing is a comprehensive, academic text on...ISBN-13:1137354526
1Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktikKotler, Philip, 1931-2017Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktik
2Principles of marketing : Swedish editionKotler, Philip, 1931-2011Principles of marketing : Swedish edition
3Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktikKotler, Philip, 1931-2013Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktik
4Principles of marketing : Scandinavian editionKotler, Philip, 1931-ArrayPrinciples of marketing : Scandinavian edition
5Principles of marketing : Scandinavian editionKotler, Philip, 1931-2020Principles of marketing : Scandinavian edition
6Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och p...Kotler, Philip2013Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och p...
7Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]Kotler, Philip2016Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]
8Principles of marketing [Ljudupptagning]Kotler, Philip2012Principles of marketing [Ljudupptagning]
9Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]Kotler, Philip2021Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]
10Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] teori, strategi och pra...Kotler, Philip2017Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] teori, strategi och pra...
11Marknadsföring: Teori, strategi och praktikPhilip, Kotler2013Marknadsföring: Teori, strategi och praktik
12Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs] Swedish edition...Kotler, Philip, 1931-2011Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs] Swedish edition...
13Marknadsföring. [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och ...Kotler, Philip, 1931-2017Marknadsföring. [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och ...
14Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] teori, strategi och pra...Kotler, Philip, 1931-2013Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] teori, strategi och pra...
15Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]Kotler, Philip2016Principles of marketing [Elektronisk resurs]
16Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och p...Kotler, Philip, 1931-2013Marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] : teori, strategi och p...
1Principles of Marketing : Swedish editionParment, Anders, 1972- Kotler, Philip, 1931- Armstrong, Gasry Principles of Marketing : Swedish edition
2Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktikKotler, Philip, 1931- Armstrong, Gary Parment, Anders, 1972- Marknadsföring : teori, strategi och praktik

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