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1Information Systems DevelopmentNancy L. Russo2002This book represents a modern and realistic approach to syst...ISBN-13:9780077098360
2EBOOK: Information Systems Development: Methods-in-ActionFITZGERALD RUSS2002-06-16EBOOK: Information Systems Development: Methods-in-ActionISBN-13:0077140443
3The British National BibliographyArthur James Wells2002UOM:39015079755784
4Realigning Research and Practice in Information Systems Deve...Nancy L. Russo2013-06-29Given the pervasive nature of information technology and inf...ISBN-13:0387354891
5Human Benefit through the Diffusion of Information Systems D...Jan Pries-Heje2010-03-10This book constitutes the proceedings of the 2010 Joint Inte...ISBN-13:3642121136
6Information Systems ResearchBonnie Kaplan2006-04-11Information Systems Research: Relevant Theory and Informed P...ISBN-13:1402080956
7Advanced Information Systems EngineeringAnne Persson2004-08-18th CAiSE 2004 was the 16 in the series of International Conf...ISBN-13:3540259759
8IT Innovation for Adaptability and CompetitivenessBrian Fitzgerald2006-04-11IT Innovation for Adaptability and Competitiveness addresses...ISBN-13:140208000X
9Organization TheoryDavid Jaffee2001Features an analysis of the development and evolution of org...ISBN-13:9780071189620
10Extreme Programming and Agile Methods - XP/Agile Universe 20...Carmen Zannier2004-08-03This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th Co...ISBN-13:354022839X
11Implementing Lean Software DevelopmentMary Poppendieck2007"This remarkable book combines practical advice, ready-to-us...ISBN-13:0321437381
12Capability Management GuideMatthias Wißotzki2017-08-08This book investigates what enterprises can do and/or what s...ISBN-13:365819233X
13Responsible and Smart Land Management InterventionsWalter Timo de Vries2020-07-16This book showcases new empirical findings on the conceptual...ISBN-13:1000072479
14MultiviewD. E. Avison1990UOM:39015019568594
15Sustainable Development Research in the Asia-Pacific RegionWalter Leal Filho2018-02-27This multidisciplinary book focuses on best practices in sus...ISBN-13:3319732935
16Human Factors for Informatics UsabilityB. Shackel1991-02-14Human factors is one of the critical issues in Information T...ISBN-13:9780521365703
17Information SystemsPaul Beynon-Davies2002This text combines strong theoretical and foundational conce...ISBN-13:9780333963906
18Architecture PrinciplesDanny Greefhorst2011-04-29Enterprises, from small to large, evolve continuously. As a ...ISBN-13:3642202799
19Method EngineeringSjaak Brinkkemper2013-06-05Method Engineering focuses on the design, construction and e...ISBN-13:0387350802
20Understanding and Evaluating MethodologiesNimal Jayaratna1994Since the 1970s information system methodologies have prolif...UOM:39015032619986
21Rethinking Management Information SystemsWendy Currie1999This book examines influential ideas within Management Infor...ISBN-13:0198775334
22Urban Living LabsSimon Marvin2018-05-03All cities face a pressing challenge – how can they provid...ISBN-13:1351862677
23A Framework for Management Information SystemsGeorge Anthony Gorry2018-03-04This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781379274155
24Effective Systems Design and Requirements AnalysisEnid Mumford1995-11-11Based on the author's own ETHICS methodology, this book prov...ISBN-13:134913774X
25Program Design Using JSPM. J. King1985UCAL:B3678281
26European Living LabsJens Schumacher2008ISBN-13:9783865733436
27Systems Analysis and Design: People, Processes, and Projects...Keng Siau2015-03-26For the last two decades, IS researchers have conducted empi...ISBN-13:1317459113
28Information Systems ImplementationHenry J. Lucas1990Presents a structural model of information system implementa...ISBN-13:9780893916657
29Lean and Agile Software DevelopmentAdam Przybyłek2021This book constitutes the proceedings of the 5th Internation...ISBN-13:3030670848
30The Rational Unified ProcessPhilippe Kruchten2004bull; Reflects all of the changes that were integrated into ...ISBN-13:9780321197702
31Structured DesignEdward Yourdon1979Presents system and program design as a disciplined science....UOM:39015026551302
32Information Systems Development and Data ModelingRudy Hirschheim1995-10-27Information systems development is not merely a technical in...ISBN-13:131658240X
33Models of AchievementAgnes N. O'Connell2014-03-18Providing role models of excellence for contemporary women a...ISBN-13:1317785908
34The Creative UniversityMichael A. Peters2013-09-03The concept of the “Creative University” signals that hi...ISBN-13:9462092451
35Computer Systems in Work Design--the ETHICS MethodEnid Mumford1979UOM:39015003722256
36Consumer Economic WellbeingJing Jian Xiao2015-06-01This timely text overviews theories, concepts, and contexts ...ISBN-13:149392821X
37Women in PsychologyAgnes N. O'Connell1990These insightful essays, remarkably free of the jargon endem...ISBN-13:9780313260919
38Lean ArchitectureJames O. Coplien2011-01-06More and more Agile projects are seeking architectural roots...ISBN-13:0470970138
39Inner Contradictions of Rigorous ResearchChris Argyris1980UCAL:B4481775
40Collaboration and TechnologyCarl Gutwin2017-07-06This book constitutes the refereed proceeding of the 23rd In...ISBN-13:3319638742
1Information systems development : methods in actionFitzgerald, Briancop. 2002Information systems development : methods in action
2Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...Fitzgerald, Brian2012Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...
3Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...Fitzgerald, Brian2009Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...

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