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1Information Systems DevelopmentNancy L. Russo2002This book represents a modern and realistic approach to syst...ISBN-13:9780077098360
2EBOOK: Information Systems Development: Methods-in-ActionFITZGERALD RUSS2002-06-16EBOOK: Information Systems Development: Methods-in-ActionISBN-13:0077140443
3Information Systems DevelopmentChris Barry2008-10-24Information Systems Development (ISD) progresses rapidly, co...ISBN-13:0387687726
4Information Systems DevelopmentGeorge Angelos Papadopoulos2009-09-23This volume constitutes the published proceedings of the 17t...ISBN-13:038784810X
5Advances in Information Systems Development:Anders G. Nilsson2010-07-15The two-volume Advances in Information Systems Development: ...ISBN-13:0387364021
6Advances in Information Systems DevelopmentBo Andersson2019-08-02This volume features a collection of papers on emerging conc...ISBN-13:3030229939
7Reframing Humans in Information Systems DevelopmentHannakaisa Isomäki2010-10-12Modern society has been transformed by the digital convergen...ISBN-13:1849963479
8Information Systems DevelopmentJaroslav Pokorny2011-09-02Information Systems Development: Business Systems and Servic...ISBN-13:9781441997906
9Advanced Information Systems EngineeringEric Dubois2006-05-30This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 18th I...ISBN-13:354034652X
10New Trends in Software Methodologies, Tools and TechniquesHamido Fujita2010Contains 30 papers from the SoMeT_10 international conferenc...ISBN-13:1607506289
11Information Systems DevelopmentWilliam Wei Song2010-11-18Information Systems Development (ISD) progresses rapidly, co...ISBN-13:1441973559
12Realigning Research and Practice in Information Systems Deve...Nancy L. Russo2013-06-29Given the pervasive nature of information technology and inf...ISBN-13:0387354891
13Advanced Topics in Database Research, Volume 5Siau, Keng2006-04-30Advanced Topics in Database Research is a series of books on...ISBN-13:1591409373
14Information Systems DevelopmentMarite Kirikova2012-12-06This book is the result of the 11 th International Conferenc...ISBN-13:1461501679
15Situational Method Engineering: Fundamentals and Experiences...Jolita Ralyté2007-12-31Over the last decade, Method Engineering, defined as the eng...ISBN-13:0387739475
16Systems Analysis and Design: Techniques, Methodologies, Appr...Roger Chiang2017-07-05For the last two decades, IS researchers have conducted empi...ISBN-13:1351547275
17Systems Development Methods for the Next CenturyW. Gregory Wojtkowski2012-12-06This book is a result of the ISD'97, Sixth International Con...ISBN-13:1461559154
18The Transfer and Diffusion of Information Technology for Org...Brian Donnellan2006-08-17This volume contains the edited proceedings of the Working C...ISBN-13:0387344101
19Theoretical and Practical Advances in Information Systems De...Siau, Keng2011-04-30Information system design and development is of interest and...ISBN-13:1609605225
20EJISE Volume 14 Issue 1
21Information Systems for Business and BeyondDavid T. Bourgeois2014"Information Systems for Business and Beyond introduces the ...OCLC:1000380366
23Systems Development Methods for Databases, Enterprise Modeli...Wita Wojtkowski2012-12-06This book is a result of the ISD'99, Eight International Con...ISBN-13:1461542618
24Contemporary Trends in Systems DevelopmentMaung K. Sein2012-12-06This book is a result of ISD2000-The Ninth International Con...ISBN-13:1461513413
25Information Systems DevelopmentChris Barry2008-12-11Information systems development (ISD) progresses rapidly, co...ISBN-13:9780387785868
26Advances in Information Systems DevelopmentGabor Magyar2007-08-28This monograph details the proceedings of the 15th Internati...ISBN-13:0387707611
27Human-System Integration in the System Development ProcessNational Research Council2007-06-15In April 1991 BusinessWeek ran a cover story entitled, â€...ISBN-13:0309134056
28Information Systems and Qualitative ResearchAllen Lee1997-05-31This book contains the papers presented and discussed at the...ISBN-13:9780412823602
29The Past and Future of Information Systems: 1976 -2006 and B...David Avison2006-11-30The International Federation for Information Processing (IFI...ISBN-13:0387347321
30System Engineering Analysis, Design, and DevelopmentCharles S. Wasson2015-11-16Praise for the first edition: “This excellent text will be...ISBN-13:1118967143
31Advances in Information Systems DevelopmentGabor Maygar2007-08-28This volume carries the proceedings of the 15th Internationa...ISBN-13:0387708022
32MultiviewD. E. Avison1990UOM:39015019568594
33Proceedings of the 10th Australasian Conference on Informati...1999UOM:39015049518262
34New Perspectives on Information Systems DevelopmentHari Harindranath2012-12-06This book is a result of the Tenth International Conference ...ISBN-13:146150595X
35Information Systems DevelopmentRob Pooley2013-10-26Information Systems Development: Reflections, Challenges and...ISBN-13:1461449510
36Challenges and Strategies for Research in Systems Developmen...William W. Cotterman1992-08-11Based on a conference held by the Information Technology Man...STANFORD:36105002398704
37Systems Concepts in ActionBob Williams2010-10-25Systems Concepts in Action: A Practitioner's Toolkit offers ...ISBN-13:0804770638
38Visual Informatics: Bridging Research and PracticeHalimah Badioze Zaman2009-11-02This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First ...ISBN-13:3642050352
39Organizational and Social Perspectives on Information Techno...Richard Baskerville2013-03-14The articles in this book constitute the proceedings papers ...ISBN-13:0387355057
40Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing WorldJohn W. Satzinger2015-02-01Refined and streamlined, SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN IN A CH...ISBN-13:1305465261
1Information systems development : methods in actionFitzgerald, Briancop. 2002Information systems development : methods in action
2Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...Fitzgerald, Brian2012Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...
3Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...Fitzgerald, Brian2009Information systems development [Elektronisk resurs] methods...

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