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1The Syntax of Mainland ScandinavianJan Terje Faarlund2019-03-21This book explores the syntactic structures of Mainland Scan...ISBN-13:019255008X
2Word-FormationPeter O. Müller2015-07-01This handbook comprises an in-depth presentation of the stat...ISBN-13:3110246279
3Canonical Morphology and SyntaxDunstan Brown2013This is the first book to present Canonical Typology, a fram...ISBN-13:0199604320
4Participles in TimeIda Larsson2009STANFORD:36105213122349
5Demoting the AgentBenjamin Lyngfelt2006-12-06Passives, middles, and other voice phenomena are issues at t...ISBN-13:9027293074
6The Copy Theory of MovementNorbert Corver2007-06-27This volume brings together papers which address issues rega...ISBN-13:9027292302
7Rightward MovementDorothee Beerman1997Symmetries and asymmetries have always played an important r...ISBN-13:9027227381
8The Perfect Time SpanBjörn Rothstein2008This book is the first book-length study on the Swedish pres...ISBN-13:9027255083
10Reconstruction Effects in Relative ClausesManfred Krifka2018-11-19Reconstruction effects in relative clauses are a class of ph...ISBN-13:3110380773
11Modeling Information Structure in a Cross-linguistic Perspec...Sanghoun Song2020-10-09This study makes substantial contributions to both the theor...ISBN-13:9781013289606
12The Syntax of TenselessnessAnna-Lena Wiklund2007-01-01Tense/Mood/Aspect-agreeing Infinitivals is an in-depth inves...ISBN-13:3110197839
13Manual of Catalan LinguisticsJoan A. Argenter2020-04-06This manual is intended to fill a gap in the area of Romance...ISBN-13:3110450402
14Resumptivity in Mandarin ChineseVictor Junnan Pan2016-06-20The use of resumptive pronouns is quite productive in Mandar...ISBN-13:3110492385
15The prepositional passive in EnglishElizabeth Couper-Kuhlen1979-01-01Over the past few decades, the book series Linguistische Arb...ISBN-13:3111630722
16Child Language AcquisitionBen Ambridge2011-03-17Is children's language acquisition based on innate linguisti...ISBN-13:9781139500517
17The Intonation of GivennessStefan Baumann2006-01-01This book addresses students and researchers of phonetics/ph...ISBN-13:3110921200
18Generative InvestigationsPiotr Bański2020-05-15This volume is a collection of studies in generative (morpho...ISBN-13:1527551334
19Clause StructureElly van Gelderen2013-07-18Clause structure is the most widely-studied phenomenon withi...ISBN-13:1107017742
20The Oxford Handbook of GrammaticalizationHeiko Narrog2011-10-13This book presents the state of the art in research on gramm...ISBN-13:0191618055
21Passivization and TypologyWerner Abraham2006-01-01Is the passive a unified universal phenomenon? The claim der...ISBN-13:9027229805
22Studies in Övdalian Morphology and SyntaxKristine Bentzen2015-01-22Övdalian is spoken in central Sweden by about 2000 speakers...ISBN-13:9027269130
23Voice and Argument Structure in BalticAxel Holvoet2015-08-15The second volume in the VARGReB series deals with voice in ...ISBN-13:9027267952
24SwedishPhilip Holmes2003Winner of the Swedish National Language Council's Erik Wella...ISBN-13:0415278848
25Anaphora and DistributivityJakub Dotlačil2010STANFORD:36105132643979
26Constituent QuestionsE. Engdahl2012-12-06ISBN-13:9400953232
27The Design of AgreementSandra Chung1998-11Sandra Chung proposes that linguistic theory must recognize ...ISBN-13:9780226106076
28Remarks on NominalizationNoam Chomsky1968STANFORD:36105110953077
29The Cambridge Handbook of Germanic LinguisticsMichael T. Putnam2020-01-31The Germanic language family ranges from national languages ...ISBN-13:1108386350
30Understanding English GrammarThomas E. Payne2010-12-09Unlike other textbooks, it helps students to understand gram...ISBN-13:0521763290
31(De)coding ModalityAnna Wärnsby2006STANFORD:36105122920031
32Language Use and Linguistic StructureJoseph EmondsThe twenty-three articles in this volume are based on papers...ISBN-13:8024455242
33A New Agenda in (critical) Discourse AnalysisRuth Wodak2005-01-01Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) has established itself ove...ISBN-13:9789027227034
34The clausal syntax of German Sign LanguageFabian BrossThis book presents a hypothesis-based description of the cla...ISBN-13:396110218X
35Crossroads between Contrastive Linguistics, Translation Stud...Oliver CzuloContrastive Linguistics (CL), Translation Studies (TS) and M...ISBN-13:3946234267
36Auxiliary Selection RevisitedRolf Kailuweit2015-03-05A central debate about the description of auxiliary selectio...ISBN-13:3110386437
37Locative AlternationSeizi Iwata2008-06-09The aim of the present volume is two-fold: to give a coheren...ISBN-13:9027291047
38Syntax Over TimeTheresa Biberauer2015This collection of essays provides a critical investigation ...ISBN-13:0199687927
39Introducing Maltese LinguisticsBernard Comrie2009-06-24This collection of articles highlights a selection of on-goi...ISBN-13:9027290296
40Advances in Natural Language ProcessingBengt Nordstrom2008-08-13This volume contains the papers presented at GoTAL 2008, the...ISBN-13:3540852867
1Semantic and syntactic patterns in Swedish passivesEngdahl, Elisabet, 1949Semantic and syntactic patterns in Swedish passives

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