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1Ds 2005:038 Tillträde till Förenta nationernas konvention ...2005Om Sveriges tiltrædelse af FNs konvention mor korruptionISBN-13:9789138224274
2The Value Line Investment Survey2007UCLA:L0098882368
3Poultry Science1962Vol. 5 includes a separately paged special issue, dated June...CORNELL:31924053470112
4Gauge/Gravity DualityMartin Ammon2015-04-09The first textbook on this important topic, for graduate stu...ISBN-13:1107010349
5The Quantum Structure of Space and TimeDavid Gross2007Ever since 1911, the Solvay Conferences have shaped modern p...ISBN-13:9812569529
6Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen2005-05UOM:39015055643269
7Approaches to Quantum GravityDaniele Oriti2009-03-05Containing contributions from leading researchers in this fi...ISBN-13:0521860458
8The CERN Larg Hardron ColliderAmos Breskin2009ISBN-13:9789290833369
9Childhood Vulnerabilities in South AfricaJan Grobbelaar2021-01-26This book addresses different challenges that endanger the l...ISBN-13:1928480942
10Weather and Climate ExtremesThomas R. Karl2013-03-09Are extreme weather events becoming more common? How do extr...ISBN-13:9401592659
11Hurricanes of the North AtlanticJames B. Elsner1999As people continue to develop coastal areas, society's liabi...ISBN-13:9780195125085
12Climate Extremes and SocietyHenry F. Diaz2011-06-30Extreme climatic events present society with significant cha...ISBN-13:9780521298483
13String Theory and Fundamental InteractionsMaurizio Gasperini2007-12-14This book has been prepared to celebrate the 65th birthday o...ISBN-13:3540742336
14Generalized CohomologyAkira Kono2006Aims to give an exposition of generalized (co)homology theor...ISBN-13:9780821835142
15Stable StemsDaniel C. Isaksen2020-02-13The author presents a detailed analysis of 2-complete stable...ISBN-13:1470437880
16Global Perspectives on Tropical CyclonesISBN-13:9814465828
17Hockly's Insolvency LawRobert Sharrock2002ISBN-13:9781485101871
18Problem Solving in Engineering HydrologyFaris Faris2015-08-13Objectives of the book are meant to fulfill the main learnin...ISBN-13:9781516876945
19ATLAS detector and physics performanceATLAS Collaboration1999ISBN-13:9789290831426
20Lectures on Quantum GravityAndres Gomberoff2006-05-30The 2002 Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute School on Q...ISBN-13:0387249923
21Addressing Barriers to LearningEmmerentia Landsberg2005It covers a wider spectrum of barriers to learning than Enge...UOM:39015063654258
22Genetic Damage in Human SpermatozoaElisabetta Baldi2013-08-16There are several types of damage that can be found in the m...ISBN-13:1461477832
23A Passion to PreserveWill Fellows2005-08-26From large cities to rural communities, gay men have long be...ISBN-13:0299196836
24Contemporary Management PrinciplesVrba M J Brevis Tersia2014-05-14ISBN-13:9781485104278
25The Hurewicz TheoremA. V. Zarelua1966UIUC:30112106657494
26Posttraumatic Growth in Clinical PracticeLawrence G. Calhoun2012-12-06From the authors who pioneered the concept of posttraumatic ...ISBN-13:0415898692
27Weather and Climate Extremes in a Changing ClimateUnited States Climate Change Science Program2015-02-04Changes in extreme weather and climate events have significa...ISBN-13:9781507847367
28Free Random VariablesDan V. Voiculescu1992This book presents the first comprehensive introduction to f...ISBN-13:0821811401
29From Gravity to Thermal Gauge Theories: The AdS/CFT Correspo...Eleftherios Papantonopoulos2011-03-26The AdS/CFT correspondence is a powerful tool in studying st...ISBN-13:3642048633
30Euclidean Quantum GravityG. W. Gibbons1993The Euclidean approach to Quantum Gravity was initiated almo...ISBN-13:9789810205164
31The Pacific Northwest CoastPaul D. Komar1997How to cope with natural disasters on the Washington and Ore...UOM:39015040039565
32The South African Law of Persons and Family LawA. H. Barnard1986-01-01ISBN-13:9780409046212
33Innovation in Energy Technology Comparing National Innovatio...OECD2006-02-20This report reviews efforts under way in a number of OECD co...ISBN-13:926401408X
34Applying a Health Lens to Decision Making in Non-Health Sect...Institute of Medicine2014-08-21Health is influenced by a wide range of factors, many of whi...ISBN-13:0309299780
36Statutory InterpretationC. J. Botha1996STANFORD:36105061861816
37State of ImmunityJames Colgrove2006-10-05This first comprehensive history of the social and political...ISBN-13:9780520932784
38Epidemic CityJames Colgrove2011-05-05An insightful chronicle of the changing public health demand...ISBN-13:1610447085
39J.M. CoetzeeDavid Attwell1993-06-11David Attwell defends the literary and political integrity o...ISBN-13:0520078128
40Spacetime and GeometrySean M. Carroll2019-07-31Spacetime and Geometry is an introductory textbook on genera...ISBN-13:1108488390
1Tillträde till Förenta nationernas konvention mot korrupti...2005Tillträde till Förenta nationernas konvention mot korrupti...

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