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1Cyber War Will Not Take PlaceThomas Rid2013-09-01"Cyber war is coming," announced a land-mark RAND report in ...ISBN-13:0199365342
2Cyberdeterrence and CyberwarMartin C. Libicki2009-09-22Cyberspace, where information--and hence serious value--is s...ISBN-13:0833048759
3Understanding Cyber WarfareChristopher Whyte2018-12-07This textbook offers an accessible introduction to the histo...ISBN-13:131726522X
4Strategic Cyber Security2011ISBN-13:9949904056
5Cyberwar is Coming!John Arquilla1992IND:30000026012744
6Cyber WarRichard A. Clarke2010-04-20An essential, eye-opening book about cyberterrorism, cyber w...ISBN-13:0061992399
7Conflict in Cyber SpaceKarsten Friis2016-03-31Adopting a multidisciplinary perspective, this book explores...ISBN-13:1317365410
8Rise of the MachinesThomas Rid2017-05-11What does "cyber" even mean? And where does the idea come fr...ISBN-13:9781911344100
9Active MeasuresThomas Rid2020-04-21This revelatory and dramatic history of disinformation trace...ISBN-13:0374718652
10Cyber WarfareJason Andress2011-07-13Cyber Warfare Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Pra...ISBN-13:9781597496384
11Deterring Cyber WarfareBrian M. Mazanec2014-12-05While the deterrence of cyber attacks is one of the most imp...ISBN-13:1137476184
12Cyber War Will Not Take PlaceThomas Rid2013"Published in the United Kingdom in 2013 by C. Hurst & Co. (...ISBN-13:0199330638
13Cyber War versus Cyber RealitiesBrandon Valeriano2015-04-27In 2011, the United States government declared a cyber attac...ISBN-13:019020480X
14Information Warfare in the Age of Cyber ConflictChristopher Whyte2020-07-28This book examines the shape, sources and dangers of informa...ISBN-13:0429893922
15Is Cyber Deterrence Possible?Timothy M. McKenzie2017-01ISBN-13:9781585662739
16Cyber WarfareJames A. Green2015-05-22This book is a multi-disciplinary analysis of cyber warfare,...ISBN-13:1317645561
17Information Technology for Peace and SecurityChristian Reuter2019-03-12This book offers an introduction to Information Technology w...ISBN-13:3658256524
18The Evolution of Cyber WarBrian M. Mazanec2015-11-01"In January 2014 Pope Francis called the Internet a "gift fr...ISBN-13:1612347630
19Conflict and Cooperation in CyberspacePanayotis A Yannakogeorgos2016-04-19Conflict and Cooperation in Cyberspace: The Challenge to Nat...ISBN-13:1466592028
20Inside Cyber WarfareJeffrey Carr2009-12-15What people are saying about Inside Cyber Warfare "The neces...ISBN-13:9781449382995
21Russian Cyber OperationsScott Jasper2020-06-01Russia has deployed cyber operations to interfere in foreign...ISBN-13:1626167974
22Cyber StrategyBrandon Valeriano2018-04-17Some pundits claim cyber weaponry is the most important mili...ISBN-13:0190618116
23Myths and Realities of Cyber Warfare: Conflict in the Digita...Nicholas Michael Sambaluk2020-03-01This illuminating book examines and refines the commonplace ...ISBN-13:1440870810
24The Darkening WebAlexander Klimburg2017-07-11“A prescient and important book. . . . Fascinating.”—T...ISBN-13:0698402766
25Cyber Operations and International LawFrançois Delerue2020-02-29A comprehensive analysis of the international law applicable...ISBN-13:1108490271
26Understanding Cyber WarfareChristopher Whyte2018-12-07This textbook offers an accessible introduction to the histo...ISBN-13:131726522X
27Cyber WarfareShmuel Even2012Cyberspace has become a new domain of warfare in the modern ...ISBN-13:9789657425350
28Introduction to Cyber-WarfarePaulo Shakarian2013-05-16Introduction to Cyber-Warfare: A Multidisciplinary Approach,...ISBN-13:0124079261
29CybersecurityDamien Van Puyvelde2019-08-05In the last decade, the proliferation of billions of new Int...ISBN-13:150952813X
30North Korea's Cyber OperationsJenny Jun2016-01-11This report presents an open source analysis of North Korea...ISBN-13:1442259035
31Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cy...2017-02-02Tallinn Manual 2.0 expands on the highly influential first e...ISBN-13:1316828646
32Tactical CyberIsaac R. Porche, III2017-04-19RAND Arroyo Center was asked by U.S. Army Cyber Command's G3...ISBN-13:9780833096081
33Understanding Cyber ConflictGeorge Perkovich2017-11Cyber weapons and the possibility of cyber conflict—includ...ISBN-13:1626164983
34Radicalization, Terrorism, and ConflictTali K. Walters2013Radicalization, Terrorism, and Conflict is a collection of s...UCLA:L0106026487
35Cyber Infrastructure ProtectionTarek Nazir Saadawi2017-06-30"Cyberspace, or the Internet, supports important commercial ...ISBN-13:9781548409319
36The Fifth DomainRichard A. Clarke2020-09-15An urgent warning from two bestselling security experts--and...ISBN-13:0525561986
37China's Strategic Support ForceJoe McReynolds2020-03-12In late 2015, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) initiated r...9798623918109
38Ten Strategies of a World-Class Cybersecurity Operations Cen...Carson Zimmerman2014-07-01Ten Strategies of a World-Class Cyber Security Operations Ce...ISBN-13:9780692243107
39The Cold War and AfterMarc Trachtenberg2012-03-12What makes for war or for a stable international system? Are...ISBN-13:0691152039
40At the AbyssThomas Reed2007-12-18“The Cold War . . . was a fight to the death,” notes Tho...ISBN-13:0307414620

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