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1Project ManagementBo Tonnquist2018ISBN-13:9789152355992
2Project managementBo Tonnquist2009ISBN-13:9788776757281
3Project ManagementBo Tonnquist2008ISBN-13:9789162289164
4Project ManagementBo Tonnquist2010ISBN-13:9789152303283
5Governance, projektportfölj och projektkontorKjell Rodenstedt2013-12-03Allt mer drivs som olika typer av projekt. Stora globala fö...ISBN-13:917463951X
6Project Management Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok2010ISBN-13:9789152303290
7Projektledning2014PROJEKTLEDNING riktar sig till alla som arbetar med projekt,...ISBN-13:9789152326473
8The Challenge of SustainabilityJohn Zinkin2020-08-10The Challenge of Sustainability: Corporate Governance in a C...ISBN-13:3110670488
9What's Your Problem?Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg2020-03-17"The author makes a compelling case that we often start solv...ISBN-13:1633697231
10ProjektledningAnette Hallin2019ISBN-13:9789147131068
11Social Media StrategyKeith A. Quesenberry2020-09"This book is a blueprint for the practice of marketing comm...ISBN-13:1538138182
12Modern Facility and Workplace ManagementAlexander Redlein2020-01-31This book adopts a multidimensional approach to explain curr...ISBN-13:3030353141
13Business ResearchJill Collis2013-11-29A practical, concise, straightforward guide. Covering the en...ISBN-13:1137037482
14Project ManagementJack R. Meredith2017-10-30TRY (FREE for 14 days), OR RENT this title: www.wileystudent...ISBN-13:1119369096
15Products That LastConny Bakker2019-10-08Products that Last starts where most books on product develo...ISBN-13:9789063695224
16ProjektledningBo Tonnquist2009ISBN-13:9789162296988
17Who's Who in Finance and Industry 1998-1999Marquis Who's Who, Inc1997ISBN-13:9780837903323
18MacroeconomicsNils Gottfries2013-03-22Macroeconomics presents a new approach to macroeconomics, ba...ISBN-13:1137321806
19What They Teach You at Harvard Business SchoolPhilip Delves Broughton2009-05-07WITH NEW ANALYSIS OF HBS AND THE FINANCIAL CRISIS When Phili...ISBN-13:0141931329
20Projektledning upplaga 7Bo Tonnquist2018ISBN-13:9789152354988
21Institutional Theory and Organizational ChangeStaffan Furusten2013-01-01Whether or not they are aware of it, managers do not fully c...ISBN-13:1782547096
22Sustainable FashionJanet Hethorn2015-07-30Written as a collection of 15 original essays, this new edit...ISBN-13:1628925310
23MatlabStormy Attaway2013-06-03MatLab, Third Edition is the only book that gives a full int...ISBN-13:0124058930
24Bibliografia Republicii Socialiste România1985-04-15UCBK:C006900849
25Responsive Design WorkflowStephen Hay2013Provides information on responsive solutions to Web site des...ISBN-13:0321887867
26Paediatric Audiological MedicineValerie E. Newton2008-12-30Professionals will find a wide range of topics relevant to t...ISBN-13:9780470987964
27Design a Better BusinessPatrick Van Der Pijl2016-09-13How to use this book: 8 Chapters; 48 Case studies; 20 Tools;...ISBN-13:1119272114
28Doughnut EconomicsKate Raworth2017-02-23A Financial Times "Best Book of 2017: Economics” 800-CEO-R...ISBN-13:160358675X
29Key Strategy ToolsVaughan Evans2013-03-26The strategy tools you need for your business to succeed! Le...ISBN-13:0273779125
30Experiments in MarketingMagnus Soderlund2018-01-31This is a book targeting actors in the field of marketing ac...ISBN-13:9789144123851
31Big Data at WorkThomas Davenport2014-02-04Go ahead, be skeptical about big data. The author was—at f...ISBN-13:1422168174
32Gower Handbook of Project ManagementRodney Turner2016-04-22This Handbook was the first APM Body of Knowledge Approved t...ISBN-13:1317125118
33MicroeconomicsAustan Goolsbee2019-09-27Like no other text for the intermediate microeconomics cours...ISBN-13:1319105572
34Projektledning Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok2009ISBN-13:9789162296513
35Six Sigma Quality Improvement with MinitabG. Robin Henderson2011-06-28This book aims to enable readers to understand and implement...ISBN-13:1119976189
36Building AgreementDaniel Shapiro2015-01-22Whether you're negotiating with an angry boss or a difficult...ISBN-13:1446409864
37Projektledning Paket med teori-övning2021Projektledning åttonde upplagan med anpassad övningsbok ä...ISBN-13:9789152361054
38Service LogicPROFESSOR PER. SKALEN2018-05-21"What is service logic? What does it mean to manage and anal...ISBN-13:9789144125084
39Subaltern Urbanisation in IndiaEric Denis2017-03-01​This volume decentres the view of urbanisation in India f...ISBN-13:8132236165
40The Kinfolk HomeNathan Williams2015-10-20New York Times bestseller When The Kinfolk Table was publish...ISBN-13:157965665X
1ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
2ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
3ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
4ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
5ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2014Projektledning
6ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Projektledning
7Project managementTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProject management
8ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Projektledning
9Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
10Projektledning från grundenTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning från grunden
11ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
12ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProjektledning
13ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2006Projektledning
14Project ManagementTonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayProject Management
15ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2012Projektledning
16Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2008Project management : a guide to the theory and practice of p...
17Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-2016Project management : [a guide to the theory and practice of ...
18ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Projektledning
19Agilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956-ArrayAgilt eller projekt? : att leda utveckling och bygga verksam...
20ProjektledningTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2004Projektledning
21Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo2008Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
22Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
23Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
24Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs] [stödjer IPMA/PMI-certi...
25Project management : student learning guide and workbookTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2010Project management : student learning guide and workbook
26Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...Tonnquist, Bo2015Project management [Ljudupptagning] : [a guide to the theory...
27Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...Tonnquist, Bo2017Project management [Ljudupptagning] [a guide to the theory a...
28Projektledning PaketTonnquist, Bo2018Projektledning Paket
29Projektledning Paket Faktabok + ÖvningsbokTonnquist, Bo2012Projektledning Paket Faktabok + Övningsbok
30Projektledning Paket med teori-övningTonnquist, Bo2021Projektledning Paket med teori-övning
31Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)Tonnquist, Bo2016Projektledning - PAKET(Fakta- o Övningsbok)
32Agilt eller projekt? [Elektronisk resurs] att leda utvecklin...Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2021Agilt eller projekt? [Elektronisk resurs] att leda utvecklin...
33Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2021Projektledning [Elektronisk resurs]
34Projektledning från grunden [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2020Projektledning från grunden [Elektronisk resurs]
35Project management [Elektronisk resurs]Tonnquist, Bo, 1956- .2019Project management [Elektronisk resurs]
36Project management : a complete guideTonnquist, Bo, 1956-2009Project management : a complete guide
37Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-1999Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...
38Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...Stampe, Susanne, 1957-2001Förstå och leda projekt : projektledaren - nätverkets vin...

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