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1Skarp programmering med C#Jan Skansholm2008ISBN-13:9789144052601
2Communicating PoliticsJesper Strömbäck2008This is followed by a chapter by Kersti Torbjørnsrud, entit...ISBN-13:9789189471634
3AstrosexSarah Bartlett2014-07-01We’re all getting comfortable with the idea that men are f...ISBN-13:1629142751
4Abnormal PsychologyNolen-Hoeksema2013-11-29ISBN-13:1259205371
5Changing BordersJens Arvidson2007ISBN-13:9789197667005
6John of GodHeather Cumming2007-05-01An examination of the work of the Brazilian healer Joäao Te...ISBN-13:1582701644
7Signals and SystemsDr. Michael J. Roberts2004As in most areas of science and engineering, the most import...ISBN-13:9780072499421
8The Waldorf School - Cultivating Humanity?Bo Dahlin2007ISBN-13:9789170631320
9Hole's Human Anatomy & PhysiologyDavid Shier2013Assuming no prior science knowledge, this book supports main...ISBN-13:9780071317962
10M: AdvertisingDavid H. Schaefer2014-04-09M: Advertising 2e was created with students' and professors'...ISBN-13:9780078028960
11Consumer Behavior and Marketing StrategyJ. Paul Peter1996This work shows how the various elements of consumer analysi...UOM:39076002126543
12Proceedings of the 21st International Congress of Onomastic ...2005OCLC:1000565255
13Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement SystemsDavid AlciatoreISBN-13:0077418964
14International MarketingGhauri2014The fourth edition of 'International Marketing' provides a c...ISBN-13:9780077148157
15Introduction to Human Resource ManagementMarius Meyer2018An examination of the essential aspects of the practice of H...ISBN-13:9780627034602
16Economics for BusinessBegg2016-03-01ISBN-13:9780077175283
17Programmable Logic ControllersWilliam Bolton2009-09-10A programmable logic controllers (PLC) is a real-time system...ISBN-13:9780080961859
18Foundations of MarketingJohn Fahy2015ISBN-13:9780077167950
19How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2013Stephen Cawood2013-03-26Maximize Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Written by a former membe...ISBN-13:0071809821
20New Products ManagementCharles Merle Crawford1997Taking a managerial approach, in order to acquaint students ...ISBN-13:9780256187786
21Behavioral Corporate FinanceHersh Shefrin2017-03-13Behavioral Corporate Finance provides instructors with a com...ISBN-13:9781259277207
22Principles of Corporate FinanceRichard A. Brealey2013Principles of Corporate Finance is the worldwide leading tex...ISBN-13:9780077151560
23Strategic Financial DecisionsMattias Hamberg2004ISBN-13:9789147074051
24Applied Statistics In Business And EconomicsDoane2006-06-01ISBN-13:9780070618411
25The European Union and Security Sector ReformDavid Spence2008Explains the origins of SSR as a concept and the EU's embrac...UCSC:32106019500096
26Essentials of Business Statistics: Communicating with Number...Sanjiv Jaggia2016-09-02ISBN-13:174376278X
27Cultural Interaction Between East and WestUlf Fransson2007STANFORD:36105122441939
28Postcolonial Texts and EventsUlrika Andersson2013ISBN-13:9789144070698
29Actor-network Theory and OrganizingBarbara Czarniawska-Joerges2005The book serves as an excellent primer for those wanting to ...ISBN-13:9788763001441
30An Introduction to Continuous OptimizationNiclas Andréasson2007-11-01Optimisation, or mathematical programming, is a fundamental ...ISBN-13:9789144044552
31Game UsabilityKatherine Isbister2008-08-12Computers used to be for geeks. And geeks were fine with dea...ISBN-13:0123744474
32A HomeCarl Larsson1974Sixteen of Larsson's watercolors of his home and family are ...UOM:39076006617364
33Intermediate Financial TheoryJean-Pierre Danthine2005-07-25The second edition of this authoritative textbook continues ...ISBN-13:0080509029
34Basic English GrammarJean Hudson2015-04-02ISBN-13:9789144076072
35The Economics of ServicesJan Owen Jansson2006Argues that conventional economic theory is very focused on ...STANFORD:36105114429488
36DemocratizationDavid S. Potter1997-04-21In 1760 no polity in the world was democratic in any way we ...ISBN-13:9780745618159
37Introduction to Time Series ModelingAndreas Jakobsson2013-09-26Time series analysis concerns the mathematical modelling of ...ISBN-13:9789144083742
38Social Psychology, Global EditionNyla R. Branscombe2017-02-06For courses in Social Psychology Show how the ever-changing ...ISBN-13:1292159103
39(Re)searching Gothenburg2010ISBN-13:9789186133207
40An Outline of Transport LawSvante O. Johansson2014I denna nyskrivna bok ges en modern översikt över hela den...ISBN-13:9789172235885
1Skarp programmering med C#Skansholm, Jan, 1949-2008Skarp programmering med C#
2Skarp programmering med C# [Ljudupptagning]Skansholm, Jan2013Skarp programmering med C# [Ljudupptagning]
3Skarp programmering med C# [Elektronisk resurs]Skansholm, Jan2010Skarp programmering med C# [Elektronisk resurs]

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