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1Interpreting Qualitative DataDavid Silverman2011-11-01This is the perfect book for any student new to qualitative ...ISBN-13:144625996X
2Using Software in Qualitative ResearchAnn Lewins2007-04-12Using Software in Qualitative Research is an essential intro...ISBN-13:9781446205167
3Qualitative Research & Evaluation MethodsMichael Quinn Patton2014-10-29Drawing on more than 40 years of experience conducting appli...ISBN-13:1483301451
4Doing Qualitative ResearchDavid Silverman2009-01-30Written in a lively, accessible style, Doing Qualitative Res...ISBN-13:1848600348
5Interpreting Qualitative DataDavid Silverman2015-03-02In this fifth edition of his field-defining text, David Silv...ISBN-13:9781446295434
6Conducting Educational ResearchDaniel J. Boudah2010-09-13A step-by-step guide to conducting a research project or the...ISBN-13:1412997690
7The Coding Manual for Qualitative ResearchersJohnny Saldana2012-10-04The Second Edition of Johnny Saldaña's international bestse...ISBN-13:1446289192
8Interpreting Qualitative DataDavid Silverman2015-01-22In this fifth edition of his field-defining text, David Silv...ISBN-13:147391664X
9An Introduction to Qualitative ResearchGretchen B. Rossman2016-04-08The updated Fourth Edition of Gretchen B. Rossman and Sharon...ISBN-13:1506307922
10Qualitative Research from Start to Finish, First EditionRobert K. Yin2011-09-26This lively, practical text presents a fresh and comprehensi...ISBN-13:1606239783
11Qualitative Data AnalysisIan Dey2003-09-02First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134931468
12Qualitative Research PracticeJane Ritchie2013-11-01Why use qualitative methods? What kinds of questions can qua...ISBN-13:1446296202
13An Introduction to Qualitative ResearchUwe Flick2009-02-19'The fourth edition of Uwe Flick's Introduction to Qualitati...ISBN-13:9781446241318
14Qualitative Research MethodsMonique Hennink2010-11-12Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspection copy of thi...ISBN-13:1446259560
15The Principles of Knowledge CreationBengt Gustavsson (Ph. D.)2007-11-27'. . . a vast array of material that would be useful in a va...ISBN-13:9781781008843
16Foundations of Qualitative ResearchJerry W. Willis2007-01-26Foundations of Qualitative Research introduces key theoretic...ISBN-13:1452279004
17Qualitative Research in Health CareCatherine Pope2020-02-18Provides the essential information that health care research...ISBN-13:1119410835
18Qualitative Text AnalysisUdo Kuckartz2014-01-23How can you analyse narratives, interviews, field notes, or ...ISBN-13:1446297764
19Interactive Qualitative AnalysisNorvell Northcutt2004-02-20`Students in qualitative classes often have a difficult time...ISBN-13:0761928340
20Nursing and Midwifery ResearchDean Whitehead2020-04-08Nursing and Midwifery Research is an essential guide in assi...ISBN-13:0729587711
21Research Methods in EducationJoseph Check2011-10-27Research Methods in Education introduces research methods as...ISBN-13:1412998514
22Designing Qualitative ResearchCatherine Marshall1989-03All qualitative researchers have to justify their research p...STANFORD:36105040978566
23Analyzing Qualitative DataAlan Bryman2002-09-09This major inter-disciplinary collection, edited by two of t...ISBN-13:1134927533
24Qualitative Data Collection ToolsFelice D. Billups2019-12-20Qualitative Data Collection Tools: Design, Development, and ...ISBN-13:1544334834
25Applied Qualitative Research DesignMargaret R. Roller2015-02-23This unique text provides a comprehensive framework for crea...ISBN-13:1462519105
26Doing Qualitative ResearchDavid Silverman2008-04-02The Indispensable, Bestselling Qualitative Textbook isáNow ...ISBN-13:1412926394
27Discovery of Grounded TheoryBarney Glaser2017-07-05Most writing on sociological method has been concerned with ...ISBN-13:1351522159
28Qualitative ResearchingJennifer Mason2017-10-23The third edition of this best-selling text guides students ...ISBN-13:1526422026
29Qualitative Research in Information SystemsMichael D Myers2002-05-10Qualitative research has become a legitimate approach within...ISBN-13:1446275817
30Qualitative Evaluation MethodsMichael Quinn Patton1984OCLC:1070127235
31Social Science ResearchAnol Bhattacherjee2012-03-16This book is designed to introduce doctoral and graduate stu...ISBN-13:9781475064582
32Qualitative Analysis for Social ScientistsAnselm L. Strauss1987-06-26The development of theory through qualitative analysis is em...ISBN-13:9780521338066
33Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Public HealthDeborah Padgett2011-09-02"This text has a large emphasis on mixed methods, examples r...ISBN-13:1412990335
34Qualitative Research MethodsSarah J. Tracy2019-08-13The definitive step-by step resource for qualitative and eth...ISBN-13:1119390788
35Qualitative Research DesignJoseph A. Maxwell2005Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach, Second...ISBN-13:9780761926085
36Qualitative Data AnalysisCarol Grbich2007Qualitative Data Analysis: An Introduction provides a thorou...STANFORD:36105124076972
37Reporting Qualitative Research in PsychologyHeidi M. Levitt2020-01-14"Reporting standards are guidelines that describe how to com...ISBN-13:9781433833434
38The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative ResearchNorman K. Denzin2017-01-05The substantially updated and revised Fifth Edition of this ...ISBN-13:1506365442
39Principles and Practice of Nursing ResearchLaura A. Talbot1995A comprehensive text covering concepts of nursing research a...UOM:39015032304381
40Doing Qualitative Research OnlineJanet E. Salmons2015-11-30Lecturers, request your electronic inspection copy Qualitati...ISBN-13:1473934192
1Use of visual displays in research and testing : coding, int...[2015]Use of visual displays in research and testing : coding, int...
2Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practiceJewell, Dianne V.c2011Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice

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