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1KallocainKarin Boye2002This is a novel of the future, profoundly sinister in its vi...ISBN-13:9780299038946
2The Winter War: Russia's Invasion of Finland, 1939-1940Robert Edwards2009-05-27"Edwards recounts events, both shameful and heroic, with ins...ISBN-13:1605987638
3The Year of the FloodMargaret Atwood2010-07-27From the Booker Prize–winning author of Oryx and Crake, th...ISBN-13:0307398927
4Small States in International RelationsChristine Ingebritsen2012-09-01Smaller nations have a special place in the international sy...ISBN-13:0295802103
5The Sources of Military ChangeTheo Farrell2002In varying circumstances, military organizations around the ...ISBN-13:9781555879754
6Source Book of Defence Equipment CostsPhilip Pugh2007ISBN-13:9780955625800
7Ethics and Crisis ManagementLina Svedin2011-08-01The daily process of public service provision and administra...ISBN-13:1617354988
8Organizational Cooperation in CrisesProfessor Lina M Svedin2013-03-28The public expects organizations to come together and cooper...ISBN-13:1409499073
9Crisis LeadershipIan Mitroff2004IT SHOULDN’T TAKE A CRISIS TO CREATE A LEADER From product...IND:30000087932830
10The Russian Understanding of WarOscar Jonsson2019-11-01This book analyzes the evolution of Russian military thought...ISBN-13:1626167346
11Learning to FightAimée Fox2017-11-30Learning, innovation and adaptation are not concepts that we...ISBN-13:1107190797
12Corporate Soldiers and International SecurityChristopher Kinsey2006-06-07This book traces the history of private military companies, ...ISBN-13:113421409X
13Operational LogisticsMoshe Kress2012-12-06Operational Logistics: The Art and Science of Sustaining Mil...ISBN-13:1461510856
14Big Ideas in Collaborative Public ManagementLisa Blomgren Bingham2014-12-18The world of public management is changing dramatically, fue...ISBN-13:1317475968
15The Routledge Research Companion to Security OutsourcingJoakim Berndtsson2016-06-10Conveniently structured into five sections, The Routledge Re...ISBN-13:1317042220
16A Carrier at RiskMariano Sciaroni2019-02-28The naval warfare of the last few decades appears dominated ...ISBN-13:9781911628705
17States, Citizens and the Privatisation of SecurityElke Krahmann2010-02-04Recent years have seen a growing role for private military c...ISBN-13:1139483684
18Empire by IntegrationGeir Lundestad1998"Empire" by Integration is the first comprehensive survey of...ISBN-13:9780198782124
19Putin's HydraMark Galeotti2016ISBN-13:9781910118542
20Understanding Military DoctrineHarald Hoiback2013-07-18This book puts military doctrine into a wider perspective, d...ISBN-13:1136760318
21Military Strategy of Small StatesHåkan Edström2018-08-28The book explores how small states adjust their military str...ISBN-13:1351054325
22How NATO AdaptsSeth A. Johnston2017Today’s North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with nearly th...ISBN-13:1421421984
23Europe and AmericaFederiga Bindi2019-04-23“America First” is “America Alone” Foreign policy is...ISBN-13:0815732813
24Command CultureJörg Muth2011Muth examines the different paths the United States Army and...ISBN-13:1574413031
25Outsourcing SovereigntyPaul R. Verkuil2007-12-19Reliance on the private military industry and the privatizat...ISBN-13:0511346360
26The Swedish Presence in AfghanistanArita Holmberg2016-07-07This book delivers on two analytical levels. First, it is a ...ISBN-13:1317014561
27Henry HarwoodPeter Hore2018-05-30Henry Harwood is best known for his destruction of the Admir...ISBN-13:9781526725295
28Defense of the WestStanley R. Sloan2020-09-11Written in a lively and readable style by the world’s lead...ISBN-13:1526146215
29Russia's Military Strategy and DoctrineGlen E. Howard2019-04-09Russia's Military Strategy and Doctrine is designed to educa...ISBN-13:9780998666013
30The Combat SoldierAnthony King2013-02-21A work of historical, comparative sociology examining the ev...ISBN-13:0199658846
31The West and the Global Power ShiftRiccardo Alcaro2016-06-28This book assesses the state of transatlantic relations in a...ISBN-13:1137574860
32Contractors and WarChristopher Kinsey2012-07-25The U.S. military is no longer based on a Cold War self-suff...ISBN-13:0804782938
33European Security and the Future of Transatlantic RelationsRiccardo Alcaro2011Long the main pillar holding up the transatlantic relationsh...ISBN-13:9788861346475
34Strategic Challenges in the Baltic Sea RegionAnn-Sofie Dahl2018-05-07How should the countries in the Baltic Sea region and their ...ISBN-13:1626165726
35Small NaviesMichael Mulqueen2016-04-01Whilst maritime studies tend to reflect the dominance of lar...ISBN-13:1317054342
36KGB LexiconVasili Mitrokhin2013-01-11In this volume Mitrokhin presents two dictionaries produced ...ISBN-13:1136343512
37French Armoured CruisersJohn Jordan2019-09Of all the threats faced by the Royal Navy during the first ...ISBN-13:9781526741189
38The Return of Geopolitics in Europe?Stefano Guzzini2012-10-25A comparative study of the relationship between the end of t...ISBN-13:1107027349
39Victory for HireMolly Dunigan2011-02-28At peak utilization, private security contractors (PSCs) con...ISBN-13:0804777411
40Going to War?Stéfanie von Hlatky2016-06-01Going to War? investigates the reasons why countries enter c...ISBN-13:0773599339
1Värnkraft : inriktningen av säkerhetspolitiken och utformn...ArrayVärnkraft : inriktningen av säkerhetspolitiken och utformn...

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