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1Handbook of Peer Interactions, Relationships, and GroupsKenneth H. Rubin2011-01-31This comprehensive, authoritative handbook covers the breadt...ISBN-13:1609182227
2Selected References on Environmental Quality as it Relates t...1972STANFORD:36105223080792
3Dilemmas of InclusionRafaela M. Dancygier2017-09-05As Europe’s Muslim communities continue to grow, so does t...ISBN-13:0691172609
4Supply Chain Governance for Social SustainabilityNandita Farhad2019-08-15This PhD thesis approaches the phenomenon of supply chain go...ISBN-13:917685020X
5The Athenaeum1844IOWA:31858029267188
6Employment Contracts and Well-Being Among European WorkersNele De Cuyper2017-05-15Temporary employment contracts are now commonplace in busine...ISBN-13:1351940457
7Bioactive Compounds from Natural SourcesCorrado Tringali2003-09-02Interest in obtaining biologically active compounds from nat...ISBN-13:9780203212318
8The Statist1901WISC:89008507501
9Cumulated Index Medicus1986UIUC:30112065974831
10Honolulu Heart ProgramAbraham Kagan1996-08-01The Director of this study, Abraham Kagan, has comprehensive...ISBN-13:9780203092002
11The Psychology of Social Networking Vol.2Giuseppe Riva2016-08-22This book describe the Psychology of Social Networking. In o...ISBN-13:3110473852
12Global Care WorkLise Widding Isaksen2010-01-01This is a unique study of gender and migration. Written by r...ISBN-13:9185509485
13Ancient Death WaysKim von Hackwitz2015ISBN-13:9789150624465
14Relationship MarketingThorsten Hennig-Thurau2013-06-29Relationship Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of ...ISBN-13:3662097451
15Audiobooks, Literature, and Sound StudiesMatthew Rubery2011-05-09This is the first scholarly work to examine the cultural sig...ISBN-13:1136733329
16Sound MovesMichael Bull2015-03-24This innovative study opens up a new area in sociological an...ISBN-13:1134516991
17Fathering in Cultural ContextsJaipaul L Roopnarine2019-03-05How do men think about fathering? How does this differ acros...ISBN-13:1315536153
18The Traumatic Neuroses of WarAbram Kardiner2012-07-012012 Reprint of 1941 Edition. Exact facsimile of the origina...ISBN-13:9781614273332
19Bronze Age IdentitiesSophie Bergerbrant2007STANFORD:36105122439503
20EudisedJean Viet2019-12-02ISBN-13:3110865807
21Artificial Intelligence And AutomationNikolas G Bourbakis1998-05-05Contents:A New Way to Acquire Knowledge (H-Y Wang)An SPN Kno...ISBN-13:981449903X
22The Sword of JusticeLeif G. W. Persson2018-06-05In the magnificent third installment of the internationally ...ISBN-13:1101872942
23LiberiaWorld Bank1979STANFORD:36105070232009
24De veritate cognitionis humanae. Resp. Wolfgan gus Christoph...Jacobus Tenzel1655ONB:+Z207493509
25Modern EpidemiologyKenneth J. Rothman2008The thoroughly revised and updated Third Edition of the accl...ISBN-13:9780781755641
26Why Zebras Don't Get UlcersRobert M. Sapolsky2004-09-15Renowned primatologist Robert Sapolsky offers a completely r...ISBN-13:9781429935654
27Films that WorkVinzenz Hediger2009Industriële films worden gezien als een apart filmgenre van...ISBN-13:9089640134
28Arts & Humanities Citation Index1981A multidisciplinary index covering the journal literature of...UOM:39015064551263
29Thomas Anglicus doctor lucidissimus predicatorij ordinis: co...Thomas : of Sutton1523IBUR:BU000496246
30The Social Neuroscience of EmpathyJean Decety2011-01-21Cross-disciplinary, cutting-edge work on human empathy from ...ISBN-13:0262293366
31Trading PlacesDavid Hamers2017-05-26Trading Places rethinks, develops, and tests design-driven p...ISBN-13:8494487396
32Handbook of Theories of Aging, Second EditionMerril Silverstein, PhD2008-10-27The field of gerontology has often been criticized for being...ISBN-13:9780826162526
33Image Analysis, Classification and Change Detection in Remot...Morton John Canty2019-03-11Image Analysis, Classification and Change Detection in Remot...ISBN-13:0429875355
34The Association Between Accounting Information and Stock Pri...Mikael Runsten1998-01-01ISBN-13:9789172584891
35Towards a Critical VictimologyEzzat A. Fattah2016-07-27Towards a Critical Victimology offers a serious challenge to...ISBN-13:1349220892
36Gender, Diversity and Trade UnionsFiona Colgan2003-09-02The pressures of globalization and diversity are increasingl...ISBN-13:1134582080
37Policy Analysis of Transport NetworksDr Aura Reggiani2012-11-28Interdisciplinary contributors from across Europe and the US...ISBN-13:1409487210
38The Politics of Information in Early Modern EuropeSabrina Alcorn Baron2005-07-08In its various European contexts, the invention and spread o...ISBN-13:1134630743
39Psychosocial Factors at WorkJoint ILO/WHO Committee on Occupational Health1986ISBN-13:9789221054115
40The Diverted DreamSteven Brint1989-09-07In the twentieth century, Americans have increasingly looked...ISBN-13:0199878803

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