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1The Real Happy PillAnders Hansen2017-09-19Is there a foolproof way to reduce stress and anxiety while ...ISBN-13:1510722998
2Bridging Educational Leadership, Curriculum Theory and Didak...Michael Uljens2017-10-04This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This vol...ISBN-13:3319586505
3Popular Education, Power and DemocracyAnn-Marie Laginder2013Popular education, a distinctive Swedish tradition of lifelo...ISBN-13:9781862015791
4The European Second Generation ComparedMaurice Crul2012-08-01Based on data collected by the TIES survey in 15 cities acro...ISBN-13:9089644431
5Writing SuperheroesAnne Haas DysonBased on an ethnographic study in an urban classroom of 7- t...ISBN-13:9780807770160
6Task-Based Language TeachingDavid Nunan2004-12-09While Designing Tasks underpins this new title, the material...ISBN-13:0521840171
7Extramural English in Teaching and LearningPia Sundqvist2016-11-09This book is unique in bringing together theory, research, a...ISBN-13:1137460482
8Encountering EvolutionJohanna Frejd2019-08-21This thesis explores preschool class children’s meaning ma...ISBN-13:9176850056
9Changing Teacher ProfessionalismSharon Gewirtz2009-01-08Significant changes in the policy and social context of teac...ISBN-13:1134034121
10Youth unemployment and inactivityAlbæk, Karsten2015-09-08Young people follow highly different trajectories from age 1...ISBN-13:9289342307
11Gender, Embodiment, and the History of the Scholarly Persona...Kirsti Niskanen2021-03-23This book investigates the historical construction of schola...ISBN-13:3030496066
12The Powers of Literacy (RLE Edu I)Bill Cope2014-06-17Literacy remains a contentious and polarized educational, me...ISBN-13:1136515364
13History of Vocational Education and Training in EuropeEsther Berner2016-08-29Understanding today s Vocational Education and Training (VET...ISBN-13:9783034321204
14Reviews of National Policies for Education: South Africa 200...OECD2008-09-05Gives a brief overview of regional issues and the history of...ISBN-13:9264053522
15The Confessing SocietyAndreas Fejes2013-05-02"I highly appreciate the quality of Fejes’ and Dahlstedt...ISBN-13:1136734309
16Inclusion: The Dynamic Of School DevelopmentSkidmore, David2004-05-01Inclusion has been adopted as a policy goal in many countrie...ISBN-13:0335204813
17Learning Progressions in Geography EducationOsvaldo Muñiz Solari2016-07-30This book informs an international audience of teachers, sch...ISBN-13:3319447173
18The Power of Geographical ThinkingClare Brooks2017-03-02In this book geography educators from around the globe discu...ISBN-13:3319499866
19Challenging the 'European Area of Lifelong Learning'George K. Zarifis2013-10-29This book critically reflects on the context in which lifelo...ISBN-13:9400772998
20Special Education Policy and PracticeThomas M. Skrtic2005Addresses the policy shift in special education from procedu...ISBN-13:9780891083108
21Science Education Research and Practice in EuropeDoris Jorde2012-12-17Each volume in the 7-volume series The World of Science Educ...ISBN-13:9460919006
22IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016...Wolfram Schulz2016-08-09The International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICC...ISBN-13:9783319393568
23Testing and Inclusive SchoolingBjorn Hamre2018-05-11Testing and Inclusive Schooling provides a comparative persp...ISBN-13:135178983X
24Argumentation in Science EducationSibel Erduran2007-12-06Educational researchers are bound to see this as a timely wo...ISBN-13:1402066708
25Early Language LearningDr. Janet Enever2017-07-06This is the first collection of research studies to explore ...ISBN-13:1783098333
26Civic and Citizenship Education in Volatile TimesKerry J Kennedy2019-04-23The book highlights current issues influencing civic and cit...ISBN-13:9811363862
27Becoming Citizens in a Changing WorldWolfram Schulz2018-05-01This open access book presents the results from the second c...ISBN-13:3319739638
28International Handbook of Technology Education2006-01-01This first volume in the International Technology Education ...ISBN-13:9087901046
29Getting it Wrong from the BeginningKieran Egan2002-01-01The ideas upon which public education was founded in the las...ISBN-13:9780300105100
30Starting Strong III A Quality Toolbox for Early Childhood Ed...OECD2011-12-16This publication focuses on quality issues in early childhoo...ISBN-13:9264123563
31Learning Across SitesSten R. Ludvigsen2010-10-04The ever evolving, technology-intensive nature of the twenty...ISBN-13:1136943927
32Classroom Writing Assessment and Feedback in L2 School Conte...Icy Lee2017-03-28While assessment and feedback tend to be treated separately ...ISBN-13:9811039240
33Multimodality, Learning and CommunicationJeff Bezemer2015-11-19This state-of-the-art account of research and theorizing bri...ISBN-13:1317418433
34No Education Without RelationNel Noddings2004This book is a collective statement about a new approach to ...ISBN-13:9780820468303
35Practice as Research in the ArtsRobin Nelson2013-03-03At the performance turn, this book takes a fresh 'how to' ap...ISBN-13:1137282916
36For Better or For Worse? Collaborative Couples in the Scienc...Annette Lykknes2012-06-05In this volume, a distinguished set of international scholar...ISBN-13:3034802862
37Creativity and Education FuturesAnna Craft2011Drawing on the ideas of wise creativity and 'collective poss...ISBN-13:9781858564623
38Policing Schools: School Violence and the Juridification of ...Johannes Lunneblad2019-09-03This book examines the global phenomenon of school violence ...ISBN-13:3030186059
39Sociology of EducationAlan R. Sadovnik2011Examines the various topics in sociology and education while...ISBN-13:9780415803694
40The Nordic Education ModelUlf Blossing2013-10-21This book presents a detailed analysis of the educational mo...ISBN-13:9400771258

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