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1Fanged NoumenaNick Land2011-04-01A dizzying trip through the mind(s) of the provocative and i...ISBN-13:095530878X
2Development, Social Change and Environmental SustainabilitySumarmi2021-06-17Nowadays, the concept of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals...ISBN-13:1000433773
3Nursing Theorists and Their WorkMartha Raile Alligood2010The most comprehensive of its kind, Nursing Theorists and Th...ISBN-13:9780323056410
4Archaeology of TouchstonesMartin Jezek2018-02-09Based on 'hard' data obtained from chemical microanalyses of...ISBN-13:9789088905186
5Dictionary Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York...New York Public Library. Research Libraries1979UOM:39015082913636
6Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and CareOECD2006-09-14This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in ...ISBN-13:926403546X
7Language PolicyBernard Spolsky2004Publisher DescriptionISBN-13:9780521011754
8Successful Global Collaborations in Higher Education Institu...Abdulrahman AI-Youbi2019-08-15This open access book presents deep investigation to the man...ISBN-13:3030255255
9National Union Catalog1968Includes entries for maps and atlases.WISC:89015289242
10Subject CatalogLibrary of Congress1979STANFORD:36105211445510
11Barns bildspråkHasse Hansson1991PSU:000056808780
12AloneCyn Balog2017-11-07This must-read for lovers of Stephen King's The Shining will...ISBN-13:1492655481
13Conceptual Models for Nursing PracticeJoan Riehl-Sisca1980UOM:39015003207845
14Nietzsche and Modern German ThoughtKeith Ansell-Pearson2012-10-12Nietzsche is no longer a marginal figure in the study of phi...ISBN-13:1134949936
15Building Moderate Muslim NetworksAngel Rabasa2007Radical Islamists spread their message using extensive netwo...ISBN-13:0833041223
16Science for the PeopleDavid Layton1973UOM:39015002328055
17Responsible JournalismJeff Alan2001Jeff Alan goes beyond theory to explore the practical ethica...ISBN-13:9781566251686
18Anti-OedipusGilles Deleuze2009-05-26An "introduction to the nonfascist life" (Michel Foucault, f...ISBN-13:0143105825
19Theorising Special EducationCatherine Clark2005-06-23The field of special needs education is well established, an...ISBN-13:1134754779
20Learning and Comprehension of TextHeinz Mandl1984UCSC:32106006838426
21The Human Operator in Process ControlElwyn Edwards1974ISBN-13:9780850660692
22Literacy in the New Media AgeGunther R. Kress2003This important and influential book considers how the Intern...ISBN-13:9780415253567
23Sorting Things OutGeoffrey C. Bowker2000-08-25A revealing and surprising look at how classification system...ISBN-13:0262522950
24The Thirst for AnnihilationNick Land2002-11-01An important literary and philosophical figure, Georges Bata...ISBN-13:113493565X
25Research and Social ChangeSheila McNamee2012-03-15This book bridges scholarly forms of inquiry and practitione...ISBN-13:1136463208
26EPZ Thousand PlateausGilles Deleuze2004-09-01‘A rare and remarkable book.' Times Literary Supplement Gi...ISBN-13:9780826476944
27Hermeneutics and the Human SciencesPaul Ricoeur2016-08-31John B. Thompson's collection of translated essays forms an ...ISBN-13:1107144973
28Difference and RepetitionGilles Deleuze2004-11-12Since its publication in 1968, "Difference and Repetition", ...ISBN-13:1441180125
29Of Derrida, Heidegger, and SpiritDavid Wood1993Jacques Derrida's De l'espirit: Heidegger et la question is ...ISBN-13:9780810110939
30Textbooks and Educational Media: Perspectives from Subject E...Péter Bagoly-Simó2021-08-05This book brings together empirical research and conceptual ...ISBN-13:3030803465
31Caring for the Dying at HomeKeri Thomas2020-03-11This comprehensive resource book, the key text for the Gold ...ISBN-13:1315344335
32How Popular Musicians LearnLucy Green2017-03-02Popular musicians acquire some or all of their skills and kn...ISBN-13:1351930222
33Nursing Theories and Nursing PracticeMarlaine C Smith2019-10-02Noted nursing scholars explore the historical and contempora...ISBN-13:0803699859
34Nietzsche and PhilosophyGilles Deleuze2006-05-10Presents important accounts of Nietzsche's philosophy. The a...ISBN-13:9780826490759
35After FinitudeQuentin Meillassoux2009-11-05From the preface by Alain Badiou: It is no exaggeration to s...ISBN-13:1441121331
36Manual of Emergency and Critical Care UltrasoundVicki E. Noble2011-06-16Ultrasound has revolutionized a physician's ability to make ...ISBN-13:1139495933
37The Food TalkSanjay Raja2018-07It is every caregiver's responsibility to teach their kids a...ISBN-13:9781947937383
38Modeling and Role-ModelingHelen Cook Erickson2008-12This extant nursing theory and paradigm is recognized by the...ISBN-13:9780976338505
39Child Health Assessment1974OCLC:923380008
40Virtual FuturesJoan Broadhurst Dixon2005-07-20Virtual Futures explores the ideas that the future lies in i...ISBN-13:1134784597

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