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1Business Research MethodsEmma Bell2018-11-05Business Research Methods is the complete introduction to do...ISBN-13:0198809875
2Business Research MethodsAlan Bryman2007An adaptation of 'Social Research Methods' by Alan Bryman, t...ISBN-13:9780199284986
3Business Research MethodsEmma Bell2019ISBN-13:9780198828778
4Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2013-03-28Now in its third Canadian edition, the market-leading Social...ISBN-13:9780199009435
5Research MethodologyProf Alan Bryman2015-11-26Research Methodology: Business and Management Contexts is a ...ISBN-13:9780199076130
6Business Research MethodsEmma Bell2019ISBN-13:9780192545909
7Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2012-01-19Text accompanied by a companion web site.ISBN-13:0199588058
8Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2012-04-03Now in its third Canadian edition, the market-leading Social...ISBN-13:9780195442960
9Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2016-01-26Now in its fourth Canadian edition, Social Research Methods ...ISBN-13:9780199009787
10Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2016-04ISBN-13:9780198755951
11The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research MethodsMichael Lewis-Beck2004"The first encyclopedia to cover inclusively both quantitati...ISBN-13:9780761923633
12The Sage Handbook of Organizational Research MethodsProfessor David Buchanan2009-05-01The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods provide...ISBN-13:1446246051
13Qualitative Methods in Business ResearchPäivi Eriksson2008-03-17`Comprehensive, current and compelling, a winning combinatio...ISBN-13:9781446259597
14Public Administration Research MethodsWarren S. Eller2018-02-21The best decisions made by public managers are based not on ...ISBN-13:1351672010
15Doing Your Research ProjectJudith Bell2014-08-01This is the market leading book for anyone doing their resea...ISBN-13:0335264476
16What is Qualitative Research?Martyn Hammersley2013-01-03This book illuminates the problems and perspectives of quali...ISBN-13:1849666067
17Research Methods in the Social Sciences: an A-Z of Key Conce...Jean-édéric Morin2021-01-29Research Methods in the Social Sciences is a comprehensive y...ISBN-13:0198850298
18Business Research MethodsDr. Sue Greener2008ISBN-13:8776814211
19The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research MethodsLeonard Bickman2009The SAGE Handbook of Applied Social Research Methods, Second...ISBN-13:1412950317
20Research Methods and Organization StudiesAlan Bryman2003-09-02First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134888333
21Reflective InterviewingKathryn Roulston2010-02-11Qualitative researchers have long made use of many different...ISBN-13:1412948576
22Taxmann's Computer Applications in Business | Choice Based C...Hem Chand Jain; H.N. Tiwari2021-01-31This book is a comprehensive & authentic book on ‘Computer...ISBN-13:9390585309
23Analyzing Qualitative DataAlan Bryman2002-09-09This major inter-disciplinary collection, edited by two of t...ISBN-13:1134927533
24Social Research MethodsAlan Bryman2009-04-30Social Research Methods, second Canadian edition, provides s...ISBN-13:9780195429862
25Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoderAlan Bryman2017ISBN-13:9789147112074
26Criminological Skills and Research for BeginnersLaura Caulfield2018-04-19Criminological Skills and Research for Beginners is a compre...ISBN-13:1351703862
27Social Classes and Social Credit in AlbertaEdward Bell1994-05-31For years scholars have maintained that Social Credit was a ...ISBN-13:0773564594
28The Routledge Companion to Visual OrganizationEmma Bell2014-01-23The visual constitutes an increasingly significant element o...ISBN-13:1135005478
29Quantity and Quality in Social ResearchAlan Bryman2003-09-01First published in 1988. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134897375
30Essential Study and Employment Skills for Business and Manag...Kevin Gallagher2016-05-05Previous edition: published as Skills development for busine...ISBN-13:0198724004
31How to Do Your Social Research Project Or DissertationTom Clark2019-10How to do your Social Research Project or Dissertation provi...ISBN-13:0198811063
32Observing the ObserverShulamit Reinharz2011Ethnography or participant observation research has been per...ISBN-13:9780195397802
33Qualitative and Mixed Methods in Public HealthDeborah Padgett2011-09-02"This text has a large emphasis on mixed methods, examples r...ISBN-13:1412990335
34Engaged ScholarshipAndrew H. Van de Ven2007-05-24A guide for organizational and social research in business s...ISBN-13:0199226296
35A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book a...Emma Bell2013-09-18Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the...ISBN-13:1446292622
36Doing Your Research ProjectJudith Bell2002ISBN-13:9780335203888
37CoachingJames Flaherty2006-08-11Praise for the first edition: “As interest in coaching gro...ISBN-13:1136416986
38Organizational TrustJohannes Karl Mühl2014-07-08Organizations consider trust as a pillar for successful oper...ISBN-13:3319040693
39Disney & His WorldsAlan Bryman2003-09-02This work provides an overview of the Disney organization, i...ISBN-13:1134849842
40Developing Employability for BusinessMaryvonne Lumley2013-12This book contains coverage of topics that employers identif...ISBN-13:0199672458
1Business research methodsBell, Emma, 1968-ArrayBusiness research methods
2Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoderBryman, Alan, 1947-20172013Företagsekonomiska forskningsmetoder
3Business research methodsBryman, Alan, 1947-2017cop. 2011Business research methods
4Business research methodsBryman, Alanc2007Business research methods
5Business research methodsBell, Emma, 1968-ArrayBusiness research methods
6Research methodology : business and management contextsBryman, Alan, 1947-20172014Research methodology : business and management contexts
7Business research methodsBryman, Alan, 1947-20172003Business research methods
8How does an individual who absorbs external knowledge affect...ArrayHow does an individual who absorbs external knowledge affect...
1A framework for analyzing integrated solutionsJagstedt, Siri, 1989 Persson, Magnus, 1975 A framework for analyzing integrated solutions

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