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1Svensk juristtidningKarl Johan Daniel Schlyter1987STANFORD:36105063081181
2Bowling AloneRobert D. Putnam2001-08-07Shows how changes in work, family structure, women's roles, ...ISBN-13:0743203046
3SIPRI Yearbook 2007Stockholm International Peace Research Institute2007The 38th edition of the SIPRI Yearbook analyzes developments...ISBN-13:9780199230211
4The Woman in the ParkTeresa Sorkin2019When Manhattanite Sarah Rock meets a mysterious and handsome...ISBN-13:9780825308994
5Coordinating the InternetFredrik Lindeberg2019-12-10Många självklarheter i vårt digitala samhälle är beroen...ISBN-13:9179299350
6Consultee-Centered ConsultationNadine M. Lambert2004-05-20This book describes the theory, methods, and contemporary ap...ISBN-13:1135627150
7Implementing Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights o...Rebecca Thorburn Stern2017-07-31In Participation, Power and Attitudes: Implementing Article ...ISBN-13:9004324054
8Nordic Mediation ResearchAnna Nylund2018-04-03This open access book presents twelve unique studies on medi...ISBN-13:3319730193
9The Indigenous Identity of the South SaamiHåkon Hermanstrand2019-02-01This open access book is a novel contribution in two ways: I...ISBN-13:3030050297
10Images of ChildhoodC. Philip Hwang2014-02-04The twentieth century will surely be remembered as a period ...ISBN-13:1317780175
11I Need You More Than I Love You and I Love You to BitsGunnar Ardelius2008Morris and Betty, two teens living in Stockholm, Sweden, mee...PSU:000066878971
12Anthropology and Public HealthRobert A. Hahn2009Through 24 case studies from around the world, the volume pr...ISBN-13:0195374649
13Social Traps and the Problem of TrustBo Rothstein2005-10-06A 'social trap' is a situation where individuals, groups or ...ISBN-13:9781139446334
14Small States in International RelationsChristine Ingebritsen2012-09-01Smaller nations have a special place in the international sy...ISBN-13:0295802103
15Hybrid WarfareMikael Weissmann2021-04-22An examination of the most recent hybrid warfare approaches ...ISBN-13:1788317114
16Nordic GirlhoodsBodil Formark2017-10-10This edited collection is an interdisciplinary and dialogica...ISBN-13:3319651188
17Teaching As A Reflective PracticeIan Westbury2012-08-06This volume presents a mix of translations of classical and ...ISBN-13:1136601708
18SIPRI Yearbook 2021Institut international de recherches pour la paix2021-09-21The 51st edition of the SIPRI Yearbook analyses developments...ISBN-13:9780192847577
19Governance in the Twenty-First-Century University: Approache...Dennis John Gayle2011-09-28Explores approaches to effective leadership and strategic ma...ISBN-13:1118216644
20Brilliant Dissertation eBookBill Kirton2012-11-02The full text downloaded to your computer With eBooks you ca...ISBN-13:0273743783
21Brilliant Study SkillsBill Kirton2010An accessible guide to the most important skills a student n...ISBN-13:9780273734376
22Aircraft FlightDr D.R. Philpott2011-01-10Aircraft Flight provides accurate physical, rather than math...ISBN-13:0273730991
23Community Adaptation and Vulnerability in Arctic RegionsGrete K. Hovelsrud2010-09-08The ‘Year’ That Changed How We View the North This book ...ISBN-13:9048191742
24Building Engagement and Healthy OrganisationsMarit Christensen2012-12-03The main aim of the project was to investigate the predictor...ISBN-13:9289323973
25Creating DiversitiesKlein Barbro2004The effects of globalization and the momentous changes to th...IND:30000100267149
26New Literature on Women1996UVA:X006056476
27The Nordic Countries and the European Security and Defence P...Alyson J. K. Bailes2006In 1999 the EU decided to develop its own military capacitie...ISBN-13:9780199290840
28GeopoliticsSaul Bernard Cohen2009Written by one of the world's leading political geographers,...ISBN-13:9780742556768
29Peter Wallensteen: A Pioneer in Making Peace ResearchablePeter Wallensteen2021-05-28This book provides a broad overview of what peace research i...ISBN-13:3030628485
30War and AlgorithmMax Liljefors2019-10-11This book looks at the changing forms of violence and likely...ISBN-13:1786613662
31The Future of African Peace OperationsCedric De Coning2016-03-15Facing threats ranging from Islamist insurgencies to the Ebo...ISBN-13:1783607114
32Humanitarian Military InterventionTaylor B. Seybolt2007-01Military intervention in a conflict without a reasonable pro...ISBN-13:9780199252435
33Shipping and the EnvironmentKarin Andersson2016-02-23This book focuses on the interaction between shipping and th...ISBN-13:3662490455
34Necessary Conditions of LearningFerence Marton2014-06-20Necessary Conditions of Learning presents a research approac...ISBN-13:1317811933
35Indigenous Research EthicsLily George2020-10-19It’s important that research with indigenous peoples is et...ISBN-13:1787693899
36The Future of Civil LitigationLaura Ervo2014-07-05This book offers an analysis of the current trends and devel...ISBN-13:3319044656
37Gang Transitions and Transformations in an International Con...Cheryl L. Maxson2016-06-09This unique volume explores why and how youth join and leave...ISBN-13:3319296027
38Modern Engineering MathematicsGlyn James2011-09-21This book provides a complete course for first-year engineer...ISBN-13:0273742515
39Realism and International PoliticsKenneth Neal Waltz2008Realism and International Politics brings together the colle...ISBN-13:9780415954785
40Historisk tidskrift2008STANFORD:36105132652475

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