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1Coffee and Conflict in Colombia, 1886-1910Charles W. Bergquist1986-10-01The appearance of Coffee and Conflict in Colombia, 1886-1910...ISBN-13:0822381486
2Beginning Literacy with LanguageDavid K. Dickinson2001Beginning literacy with language : young children learning a...UOM:39015054173474
3Handbook of Early Childhood LiteracyNigel Hall2003-12-06Providing an overview of contemporary research into early ch...ISBN-13:9780761974376
4Eager to LearnNational Research Council2001-01-22Clearly babies come into the world remarkably receptive to i...ISBN-13:0309068363
5The Organization of Attachment RelationshipsPatricia McKinsey Crittenden2003-06-16This volume, first published in 2000, presents a theory on a...ISBN-13:9780521533461
6Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood EducationMaarit Alasuutari2014-01-21Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen...ISBN-13:1317817079
7Radical Education and the Common SchoolMichael Fielding2010-12-16What is education, what is it for and what are its fundament...ISBN-13:1136870318
8Up the Hill BackwardsFritjof Sahlström1999STANFORD:36105028811722
9Governing Children, Families and EducationM. Bloch2016-09-27This is a collection of essays that address the internationa...ISBN-13:113708023X
10Documentation in Institutional Contexts of Early ChildhoodMaarit Alasuutari2020-04-28Internationally, documentation has gained importance in inst...ISBN-13:3658281936
11The Moral Life of SchoolsPhilip W. Jackson1998-02-27"Rarely have I come across a book that so quickly provoked m...ISBN-13:9780787940669
12Pedagogical Quality in PreschoolSonja Sheridan2001STANFORD:36105110488645
13Quality Matters in Early Childhood Education and Care: Norwa...Taguma Miho2013-01-02This book focuses on quality issues in early childhood educa...ISBN-13:9264176713
14Approaching DialoguePer Linell1998"Approaching Dialogue" has its primary focus on the theoreti...ISBN-13:9027218331
15Narrative Inquiry in Music EducationMargaret S. Barrett2009-03-17Margaret S. Barrett and Sandra L. Stauffer We live in a “c...ISBN-13:1402098626
16Narrative Soundings: An Anthology of Narrative Inquiry in Mu...Margaret S. Barrett2012-02-29This volume focuses specifically on narrative inquiry as a m...ISBN-13:9400706987
17What Children Can Tell UsJames Garbarino1992-09-11"This well-written, comprehensive, often wise book should be...UOM:49015001443598
18Mental DevelopmentJohn Dewey1900CHI:12205568
19Rethinking School ChoiceJeffrey R. Henig1995-07-24Advocates of school vouchers and other choice proposals couc...ISBN-13:1400821037
20Science Literacy in Primary Schools and Pre-SchoolsHaim Eshach2006-08-12This well-written and thought-provoking book presents the st...ISBN-13:140204674X
21Markets, Choice, and Equity in EducationSharon Gewirtz1995Examines the complexities of parental choices and school res...UOM:39015037347179
22Examining Pedagogical Content KnowledgeJulie Gess-Newsome2006-04-11This ambitious text is the first of its kind to summarize th...ISBN-13:0306472171
23The Action Research DissertationKathryn Herr2014-05-06The first edition of The Action Research Dissertation: A Gui...ISBN-13:1483358119
24Doing Discourse AnalysisLinda A. Wood2000-05-11"Providing both the practical steps for doing discourse anal...ISBN-13:9780803973510
25The Teaching of Science in Primary SchoolsWynne Harlen2000Presenting an up-to-date discussion of the many aspects of t...ISBN-13:9781853465642
26The Eco-Certified ChildMalin Ideland2018-11-19While few could dispute the need for Environmental and Susta...ISBN-13:3030001997
27Choice and Equity in EducationGeoffrey Walford1994This book studies the history of choice in education, lookin...UOM:39015032152988
28Feminism and ScienceProfessor of History and Philosophy of Science in the Program in Science Technology and Society Evelyn Fox Keller1996Over the past fifteen years, a new dimension to the analysis...PSU:000032179125
29Elementary Science Teacher EducationKen Appleton2013-12-16Co-Published with the Association For Science Teacher Educat...ISBN-13:1135464170
30Action Research for Gender EquityBritt-Marie Berge2000This book is about action research as a method for change an...ISBN-13:9780335200221
31The Continued JourneyHilary Downey2009ISBN-13:9780986457005
32A Feeling for the OrganismEvelyn Fox Keller1984-02-15McClintock, Barbara.ISBN-13:9780716715047
33Feminist Science EducationAngela Calabrese Barton1998This volume presents a case for liberatory science education...ISBN-13:9780807762936
34Laughter in InteractionPhillip Glenn2003-09-18Laughter in Interaction is an illuminating and lively accoun...ISBN-13:1139437372
35Focus on Early Childhood EducationAntonio Pinto2017In this compilation, the authors present research carried ou...ISBN-13:9781536129564
36DemocracyBrian Wallis1998-09-01A Village Voice Best Book of the Year, this collection of es...ISBN-13:9781565844995

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