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1Configurational Theory and Methods in Organizational Researc...Peer C. Fiss2013Some 20 years after the emergence of configurational theory ...ISBN-13:1781907781
2Pharmaceutical Prices in the 21st CenturyZaheer-Ud-Din Babar2014-12-05This book provides an overview of the global pharmaceutical ...ISBN-13:3319121693
3Cumulated Index Medicus1988UIUC:30112065975119
4Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark O...1998PSU:000031931687
5Developing Principles and Models for Sustainable Forestry in...H. Sverdrup2013-04-18In this book is summarized those management principles that ...ISBN-13:9401598886
6Heavily Modified Water BodiesEleftheria Kampa2004-07-08This book presents the results of thirty-four case studies i...ISBN-13:9783540210856
7Advances in aquaculture hatchery technologyN.J. Duncan2013-02-19Broodstock management, the control of reproduction and genet...ISBN-13:012808734X
8Index Medicus2004OSU:32436011091632
9Current Topics in Innate ImmunityJohn D. Lambris2007-09-07In the post genomic era, understanding of the innate immune ...ISBN-13:0387717676
10Role of Health Economic Data in Policy Making and Reimbursem...Mihajlo (Michael) Jakovljevic2017-11-23This Research Topic was focused on provision of novel medica...ISBN-13:2889453200
11Kelly's Directory of Merchants, Manufacturers and Shippers1907HARVARD:HN4GN1
12Dietary Protein Research TrendsJanet R. Ling2007Proteins are made of strings of amino acids that form chains...ISBN-13:9781600216077
13Conservation and Management of Forest Genetic Resources in E...Thomas Geburek2005CORNELL:31924105518595
14Nytt juridiskt arkivAxel Borgström1885Contains abstracts of Swedish parliamentary legislative acti...UOM:35112204182085
15Midkine: From Embryogenesis to Pathogenesis and TherapyMine Ergüven2012-06-12Carl Edward Sagan’s (1934-1996) one of the famous quotatio...ISBN-13:9400742347
16Advances in Aquaculture Hatchery TechnologyGeoff Allan2013-02-19Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production sector in...ISBN-13:0857097466
17Ecology of Arctic EnvironmentsSarah J. Woodin1997-08Once thought of as a pristine environment, it is now all too...ISBN-13:9780521839983
18The Serpin FamilyMargarethe Geiger2015-11-13The book provides an comprehensive overview on biology, gene...ISBN-13:3319227114
19Eggs as Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals for Human Health...Jianping Wu2019-05-01Often described as ‘nature’s perfect food’, perception...ISBN-13:178801779X
20Health and ProsperityFabrice Murtin2015-10-29Murtin examines the long-term causes of health improvements ...ISBN-13:1137577215
21UNGI rapportUppsala universitet. Naturgeografiska institutionen1990STANFORD:36105117368964
22Tidskrift för lagstiftning, lagskipning och förvaltning1886HARVARD:HL0POU
23Neuropsychological Sequelae of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage and i...B.O. Hütter2000-08-10The first monograph dealing exclusively with the neuropsycho...ISBN-13:9783211834428
24ECMT Round Tables Charging for the Use of Urban Roads Report...European Conference of Ministers of Transport1994-11-04Round Table 97 highlights the many objections raised for cha...ISBN-13:9282105512
25Arctic and Alpine Research1994UCSD:31822016402554
26Hemocompatibility of Biomaterials for Clinical ApplicationsChristopher Siedlecki2018-03-05Hemocompatibility of Biomaterials for Clinical Applications:...ISBN-13:0081004990
27Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Transport E...Chris Nash2015-09-25Transport economics and policy analysis is a field which has...ISBN-13:0857937936
28ECMT Round Tables User Charges for Railway InfrastructureEuropean Conference of Ministers of Transport1998-12-02Now that railway infrastructure and train operations have be...ISBN-13:9264017143
29Environmental Footprints of PackagingSubramanian Senthilkannan Muthu2015-11-06This book presents detailed discussions concerning the envir...ISBN-13:9812879137
30Advances in Pig WelfareMarek Špinka2017-11-20Advances in Pig Welfare analyzes current topical issues in t...ISBN-13:0081011199
31Waste Management for the Food IndustriesIoannis S. Arvanitoyannis2010-07-28The continuously increasing human population, has resulted i...ISBN-13:9780080554938
32Global Change and Arctic Terrestrial EcosystemsWalter C. Oechel2012-12-06Global warming is likely to have the greatest impact at high...ISBN-13:1461222400
33Are We Pushing Animals to Their Biological Limits?Temple Grandin2018-07-31Stimulating and thought-provoking, this important new text l...ISBN-13:178639054X
34International Bibliography of the Social SciencesBritish Library British Library of Political and Economic Science1992The IBSS is the essential tool for librarians, university de...ISBN-13:9780415074575
35The EcologistsThomas Söderqvist1986STANFORD:36105040540481
36Mires -- Swamp, Bog, Fen, and MoorAnthony John Poynter Gore1983Coverage includes Finnish mire types and their distribution,...UOM:39015006116878
37Pharmaceutical Company HistoriesGary L. Nelson1983UOM:39015004360031
38All in a CenturyEly Jacques Kahn1975UOM:39015011750315
39Forest BioEnergy ProductionSeppo Kellomäki2013-09-12For thousands of years, forest biomass or wood has been amon...ISBN-13:1461483913
40Forest Tree Breeding in EuropeLuc E Pâques2013-05-31Forest tree breeding has been ongoing for more than 70 years...ISBN-13:9400761465
1Kemin i samhälletAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121999Kemin i samhället
2Kemin i samhälletAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121989Kemin i samhället
3GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121983Gymnasiekemi
4Kemin i samhälletAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121994Kemin i samhället
5Kemin i samhälletAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121997Kemin i samhället
6GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121973Gymnasiekemi
7GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121977Gymnasiekemi
8GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121992Gymnasiekemi
9GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121982Gymnasiekemi
10GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121983Gymnasiekemi
11GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121991Gymnasiekemi
12GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121986Gymnasiekemi
13Kemi för gymnasietAndersson, Stig, 1920-1970Kemi för gymnasiet
14Kemi för gymnasietAndersson, Stig, 1920-1971Kemi för gymnasiet
15Kemi för gymnasietAndersson, Stig, 1920-1971Kemi för gymnasiet
16GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121998Gymnasiekemi
17GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121995Gymnasiekemi
19Gymnasiekemi 1 LärarhandledningAndersson, Stig2016Gymnasiekemi 1 Lärarhandledning
20Gymnasiekemi 1 Onlinebok (12 mån)Andersson, Stig2012Gymnasiekemi 1 Onlinebok (12 mån)
21Gymnasiekemi 2 LärarhandledningAndersson, Stig2016Gymnasiekemi 2 Lärarhandledning
22Gymnasiekemi 2 Lärarhandledning cdAndersson, Stig2003Gymnasiekemi 2 Lärarhandledning cd
24GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121976Gymnasiekemi
25GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-2012[1981?]Gymnasiekemi
26GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121991Gymnasiekemi
27GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121977Gymnasiekemi
28GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121982Gymnasiekemi
29GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121978Gymnasiekemi
30GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121991Gymnasiekemi
31GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121977Gymnasiekemi
32GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121984Gymnasiekemi
33GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121986Gymnasiekemi
34GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121994Gymnasiekemi
35GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121991Gymnasiekemi
36GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121976Gymnasiekemi
37GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121984Gymnasiekemi
38GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121980Gymnasiekemi
39GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121976Gymnasiekemi
40GymnasiekemiAndersson, Stig, 1920-20121980Gymnasiekemi
1Outcome of Radical Surgical Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Gr...Gavali, Hamid Mani, Kevin Furebring, Mia Olsson, Karl W. Outcome of Radical Surgical Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Gr...
2Carotid artery stenting compared with endarterectomy in pati...Ederle, Joerg Dobson, Joanna Featherstone, Roland L. Bonati, Leo H. Carotid artery stenting compared with endarterectomy in pati...
3Antifungal activity of C3a and C3a-derived peptides against ...Sonesson, A Ringstad, Lovisa Andersson Nordahl, Emma Malmsten, Martin Antifungal activity of C3a and C3a-derived peptides against ...
4Antimicrobial activities of heparin-binding peptidesAndersson, Emma Rydengård, Victoria Sonesson, Andreas Mörgelin, Matthias Antimicrobial activities of heparin-binding peptides
5Oral Administration of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v Reduces ...Andersson, Hannah Tullberg, Cecilia Ahrné, Siv Hamberg, Kristina Oral Administration of Lactobacillus plantarum 299v Reduces ...
6Antifungal activities of peptides derived from domain 5 of h...Sonesson, Andreas Nordahl, Emma Malmsten, Martin Schmidtchen, Artur Antifungal activities of peptides derived from domain 5 of h...
7Paths to a sustainable food sector: integrated design and LC...Sonesson, Ulf Andersson, Annica Bertilsson, Jan Brunius, Carl Paths to a sustainable food sector: integrated design and LC...
8Do policy changes in the pharmaceutical reimbursement schedu...Andersson, Karolina, 1978 Petzold, Max, 1973 Sonesson, Christian, 1975 Lönnroth, Knut, 1964 Do policy changes in the pharmaceutical reimbursement schedu...
9What are the obstacles to generic substitution? An assessmen...Andersson, Karolina, 1978 Sonesson, Christian, 1975 Petzold, Max, 1973 Carlsten, Anders, 1952 What are the obstacles to generic substitution? An assessmen...
10What are the obstacles to generic substitution? An assessmen...Andersson, Karolina, 1978 Sonesson, Christian, 1975 Petzold, Max, 1973 Carlsten, Anders, 1952 What are the obstacles to generic substitution? An assessmen...
11Paths to a sustainable food sector: integrated design and LC...Sonesson, Ulf Gunnar Lorentzon, Katarina Andersson, Annica Barr, Ulla-Karin Paths to a sustainable food sector: integrated design and LC...
12Die ,schwedische‘ Lösung : Eine kultursemiotisch orientie...Mazur, Jennie, 1972- Andersson, Bo, Professor i Tyska Sonesson, Göran, Professor of Semiotics Henningsen, Bernd, Prof. Dr. Die ,schwedische‘ Lösung : Eine kultursemiotisch orientie...
13Hållbara matvägar – referens- och lösningsscenarier fö...Andersson, AnnicaHållbara matvägar – referens- och lösningsscenarier fö...

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