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1Ordbok öfver svenska spraket1830UCAL:B3492759
2Ordbok öfver Svenska allmoge-SpråketJohan Ernst Rietz1862GENT:900000180667
3Commerce extérieur de la Finlande1982-01UCBK:C049791066
4Statistiska meddelanden1987MINN:31951P00637641I
5Nordisk jordbrugsforskning1948UCAL:B3254958
6Vår näring1956CORNELL:31924071808277
7Ulkomaankauppa; vuosijulkaisu1964UCAL:C2791894
8Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJ.K. Rowling2015-12-08"'There is a plot, Harry Potter. A plot to make most terribl...ISBN-13:1781100500
9Svensk veterinärtidskriftJohn Georg Heribert Vennerholm1946UCAL:B3268030
10Cardiac RegenerationMasaki Ieda2017-10-27This Volume of the series Cardiac and Vascular Biology offer...ISBN-13:3319561065
11We AnimalsJo-Anne McArthur2013-12-01Drawn from a thousand photos taken over fifteen years, We An...ISBN-13:1590565207
12Bibliography of Agriculture with Subject Index1976UIUC:30112102097463
13The Fundamentals of IllustrationLawrence Zeegen2012-09-10The Fundamentals of Illustration 2nd Edition by Lawrence Zee...ISBN-13:2940447209
14Foreign Trade. Monthly Bulletin1978UVA:X030605741
15World Agriculture and the EnvironmentJason Clay2013-02-22World Agriculture and the Environment presents a unique asse...ISBN-13:9781610910156
16Ordbok öfver svenska språket1969UCAL:C2813156
17Sword Princess Amaltea mangaNatalia Batista2018-09-17We all know the way the story goes. The valiant prince goes ...ISBN-13:1427859248
18The Mask of SanityHervey Milton Cleckley1955This classic is organized as follows: Section 1. An Outline ...
19Psychopathia SexualisRichard Krafft-Ebing1906STANFORD:24503355637
20Introduction to Animal RightsGary Francione2001Two-thirds of Americans polled by the Associated Press agree...ISBN-13:9781566396912
21Without RemorseTom Clancy1994John Kelly, an ordinary man, crosses the lines of justice an...ISBN-13:9780425143322
22Rain Without ThunderGary Francione2010-06-17A powerful re-examination of the animal rights movement and ...ISBN-13:9781439905227
23Mad, Bad and Dangerous?Christopher Frayling2013-06-01From Victor Frankenstein to Dr. Moreau to Doc Brown in Back ...ISBN-13:1861898215
24Olaus Magnus, A Description of the Northern Peoples, 1555P.G. Foote2020-10-12The Swedish scholar and prelate, Olaus Magnus (1490-1557), l...ISBN-13:1317086074
25Political Animals and Animal PoliticsMarcel Wissenburg2018-02-17While much has been written on environmental politics on the...ISBN-13:1349683086
26Making a KillingBob Torres2007Using Marxism, anarchism, and social ecology to explore domi...ISBN-13:1904859674
27Spartan Up!Joe De Sena2014-05-13"A must read for anyone looking to take his performance to t...ISBN-13:0544285182
28Ordbok öefver svenska spraaketSvenska akademienIOWA:31858009928080
29Climate Change in the European Alps Adapting Winter Tourism ...OECD2007-01-18The first systematic cross-country analysis of snow-reliabil...ISBN-13:9264031693
30Feline CardiologyEtienne Côté2011-09-09Feline Cardiology is the first book dedicated to the diagnos...ISBN-13:0470960175
31Reading the Story in DNALindell Bromham2008The world is full of DNA. The salad in your sandwich, the po...STANFORD:36105131743226
32Did the Early Church Baptize Infants?Kurt Aland2004-02-09Though Joachim Jeremias' 'Infant Baptism in the First Four C...ISBN-13:1592445411
33The Origins of LifeJohn Maynard Smith2000'I can recommend this book as a thoroughly interesting read'...ISBN-13:019286209X
34Images of LustJames Jerman2013-04-15Sexually explicit sculptures may be found on a number of med...ISBN-13:1135862249
35The Weather MakersTim Flannery2007-12-01The #1 international bestseller on climate change that’s b...ISBN-13:1555846335
36The Ballad of a Broken NoseArne Svingen2016-06-14From award-winning Norwegian author Arne Svingen comes “an...ISBN-13:1481415441
37A History of ChemistryBernadette Bensaude-Vincent1996Presents chemistry as a science in search of an identity, or...ISBN-13:9780674396593
38Fun Facts About DogsRichard Torregrossa1998-08-01Richard Torregrossa Readers will learn all kinds of interest...ISBN-13:9781558746138
39Unlocking the CageSteven M. Wise2002An exploration of animal cognition along the evolutionary sp...STANFORD:36105112347054
40The CellJoseph Panno2009-01-01Examines the development, structure, and function of the cel...ISBN-13:0816067368

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