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1Lärande, skola, bildningUlf P. Lundgren2012ISBN-13:9789127133709
2Fandom as Classroom PracticeKatherine Anderson Howell2018-05-15Providing ways to engage students through their popular cult...ISBN-13:1609385675
3Att bygga ett skolväsendeJohannes Westberg2014-12-05Vilka var drivkrafterna bakom den avgörande förändring so...ISBN-13:9187675374
4Flickor, pojkar, individer (SOU 2010:99)2010ISBN-13:9174371126
5Progress Gold AEva Hedencrona2003ISBN-13:9789144030043
6FactfulnessHans Rosling2018-04-03'One of the most important books I've ever read - an indispe...ISBN-13:1473637481
7Equalities and Education in EuropeAlistair Ross2012-01-17This book is about inequities in education in Europe. The au...ISBN-13:1443837040
8Seven Sprays and a Golden Poppy; Poems, a Song and a StoryJuliana Townsend2016-05-09This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally ...ISBN-13:9781356162703
9Udfordre, udforske, udvikle!Åsa af Geijerstam2014-05-21Bogen behandler læse- og skriveundervisningen inden for de ...ISBN-13:8771184112
10The Oxford Handbook of Swedish PoliticsJon Pierre2016Series titles from the publisher's website.ISBN-13:0199665672
11Education by the Numbers and the Making of SocietySverker Lindblad2018-03-19International statistical comparisons of nations have become...ISBN-13:1351586084
12The Wow FactorAnne Bamford2006More than ever before, the arts are shaping and influencing ...ISBN-13:9783830966173
13Peter in Blueberry LandElsa Beskow2005While searching for berries in the woods, Peter meets the Ki...ISBN-13:9780863154980
14Listening in ClassroomsMary McCaslin Thompson1996-01-01A guide to classroom communication for teachers, focusing on...ISBN-13:9780673468819
15Steering from the CentreCarl Dahlström2011Governments face new challenges in an era marked by globaliz...ISBN-13:1442610697
16Operations StrategyNigel SlackISBN-13:9788131725726
17Lionel MessiMike Perez2017-04Thanks to his sublime skill, Lionel Messi is widely consider...ISBN-13:9781780979212
18Butcher's CrossingJohn Williams2016-05-19BY THE AUTHOR OF STONER Will Andrews is no academic. He long...ISBN-13:1448191785
19Educating the OtherDr Carrie Paechter2002-11-01Despite improvements in girls' relative academic success at ...ISBN-13:1135710589
20The Child and the CurriculumJohn Dewey1920ISBN-13:1465558101
21Evaluation as policymakingMarit Granheim1990-12STANFORD:36105031371615
22Governing as GovernanceJ. Kooiman2003-02-18The central theme of Jan Kooiman's book is the notion of gov...ISBN-13:0761940359
23Educational Research and Innovation Art for Art's Sake? The ...Winner Ellen2013-06-14Arts education is often said to be a means of developing cri...ISBN-13:9264180788
24Teaching for Quality Learning at UniversityJohn B. Biggs2011-09-01This best-selling book explains the concept of constructive ...ISBN-13:0335242766
25Research and the Quality of Science EducationKerst Boersma2006-02-23In August 2003 over 400 researchers in the field of science ...ISBN-13:1402036736
26Second Language Teaching & LearningDavid Nunan1999Second Language Teaching and Learning is a practical guide t...UOM:39015042981210
27Boundaries of Self and Reality OnlineJayne Gackenbach2017-03-01As technology continues to rapidly advance, individuals and ...ISBN-13:0128041749
28Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
29Memory Practices, and LearningÅsa Mäkitalo2017-01-01ISBN-13:9781681236209
30The Innate MindPeter Carruthers2005Vol. 3: Concerned with the fundamental architecture of the m...ISBN-13:0195179994
31MontessoriAngeline Stoll Lillard2016-10-03One hundred and ten years ago, Maria Montessori, the first f...ISBN-13:019998154X
32"Jean Cras, Polymath of Music and Letters "Paul-André Bempéchat2017-07-05Jean Cras (1879-1932) was a remarkable man by anyone's measu...ISBN-13:1351561766
33The Sociology of ChildhoodWilliam A. Corsaro2017-06-10William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking text, The Sociology of...ISBN-13:1506386199
34Food PharmacyLina Aurell2018-01-02The key to a healthy life is healthy eating. We know this fa...ISBN-13:151072351X
35Global Education ReformFrank Adamson2016-03-02Global Education Reform documents the ideologically and educ...ISBN-13:1317396952
36Education, Professionalization and Social RepresentationsMohamed Chaib2012-01-26This book presents a broad range of research related to how ...ISBN-13:1136868917
37Rethinking Social InquiryHenry E. Brady2010-09-16With innovative new chapters on process tracing, regression ...ISBN-13:1442203455
38About BehaviorismB.F. Skinner2011-08-24The basic book about the controversial philosophy known as b...ISBN-13:0307797848
39Children of the ForestElsa Beskow2005Recounts the adventures of a family of small forest people t...ISBN-13:9780863154973
40Modern French history in BritainRichard Cobb1974-01-01WISC:89016134058

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