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1X & Y Chromosomal VariationsCarole A. Samango-Sprouse2016-10-11This is the first book on X and Y chromosomal disorders to a...ISBN-13:1615047360
2Culture and the Development of Children's ActionJaan Valsiner1997-06-23In this deeply probing, intellectually challenging work, Dr....ISBN-13:9780471135906
3Children's ExplanationsMorag L. Donaldson2006-02-13Children's Explanations is a book that will be of equal inte...ISBN-13:9780521024006
4Child DevelopmentLaura Berk2015-05-20Child DevelopmentISBN-13:0205878482
5The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development...Peter K. Smith2010-11-11The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Social Development...ISBN-13:9781444390919
6Child Development: An Active Learning ApproachLaura E. Levine2010-09-16Although the field of child and adolescent development seems...ISBN-13:141296850X
7Child and Adolescent DevelopmentWilliam Damon2012-06-29This advanced text for psychology, human development, and ed...ISBN-13:1118428730
8Modern Calculus and Analytic GeometryRichard A. Silverman2014-04-15A self-contained text for an introductory course, this volum...ISBN-13:0486793982
9Child and Adolescent Development in Your ClassroomChristi Crosby Bergin2014-01-01Covering development from early childhood through high schoo...ISBN-13:1285965604
10How Children DevelopRobert S. Siegler2003An highly anticipated new text for the topically-organized c...ISBN-13:9781572592490
11Cognitive Linguistics: Current Applications and Future Persp...Gitte Kristiansen2006-01-01Cognitive Linguistics: Current Applications and Future Persp...ISBN-13:3110197766
12Social Interaction and the Development of Children's Underst...Lucien T. Winegar1989-01-01This book unites research and theoretical work that addresse...UOM:39015015507182
13Life-Span Human DevelopmentCarol Sigelman2008-02-13Known for its clear, straightforward writing style, comprehe...ISBN-13:0495553409
14Great Myths of Child DevelopmentStephen Hupp2014-12-08Great Myths of Child Development reveals the latestevidence-...ISBN-13:1118521242
15The Handbook of Language EmergenceBrian MacWhinney2014-12-23This authoritative handbook explores the latest integrated t...ISBN-13:1118346092
16Child Development: A Thematic ApproachDanuta Bukatko2012-12-20Bukatko/Daehler's CHILD DEVELOPMENT: A THEMATIC APPROACH pro...ISBN-13:0618608656
17Rigorous Software DevelopmentJosé Bacelar Almeida2011-01-04The use of mathematical methods in the development of softwa...ISBN-13:9780857290182
18Cognitive Development of Children and YouthHerbert John Klausmeier1978UOM:39015002401878
19Real-World Flash Game DevelopmentChristopher Griffith2012-11-12Your deadline just got moved up. Your artist has never worke...ISBN-13:1136136932
20Guides to Collection Development for Children and Young Adul...John Thomas Gillespie1998Offers 600 entries for bibliographiesISBN-13:9781563085321
21Language Development in Children with Psychiatric Impairment...Claudia Blankenstijn2003STANFORD:36105112532481
22Orthodontics - E-BookLee W. Graber2011-07-14A leading orthodontics reference, Orthodontics: Current Prin...ISBN-13:0323069932
23Body Measurements of American Boys and Girls for Garment and...Ruth O'Brien1941This study was made in order to supply accurately taken body...UVA:X030354089
24Handbook of Child Psychology: Cognitive developmentLeonard Carmichael1983UOM:39015046846708
25A Clinical Handbook on Child Development Paediatrics - E-Boo...Sandra Johnson2012-10-31This handbook offers a succinct study of Childhood Developme...ISBN-13:072958089X
26Study Guide for How Children DevelopRobert S. Siegler2003-07-18ISBN-13:9781572592513
27Child developmentThomas J. Berndt1997-01IND:30000057491056
28How Children Develop Study GuideJill L. Saxon2006-01-06Each chapter includes a review of key concepts, guided study...ISBN-13:9780716767206
29Managing Children's BehaviourSheila Riddall-Leech2003Covers both the theory and practice of behaviour management ...ISBN-13:9780435455323
30The Development of Economic Reasoning in Children and Adoles...Mark Christ Schug1980MINN:31951001043674D
31Media of ReasonMatthias Vogel2012-11-06Matthias Vogel challenges the belief, dominant in contempora...ISBN-13:0231527756
32The Development of Numerical Reasoning in ChildrenPhilip Minor Davidson1983UCAL:C2935132
33The Development of MathematicsE. T. Bell2012-09-11Time-honored study by a prominent scholar of mathematics tra...ISBN-13:0486152286
34The Debate About Genetic EngineeringPete Moore2007-12-15Discusses genetic engineering, including its history, why so...ISBN-13:9781404237544
35Gender DevelopmentSusan Golombok1994-01-28Gender Development is the first book to examine gender from ...ISBN-13:9780521408622
36Life, Love and ChildrenIrina Pollard2002-11-30Discussion of bioscience ethics requires understanding of th...ISBN-13:9781402072949
37The Structure and Measurement of IntelligenceHans Jürgen EysenckWhat is meant by the term "intelligence" and, once de-fined,...ISBN-13:1412839238
38Child and Adolescent DevelopmentGary Novak2004Child and Adolescent Development: A Behavioral Systems Appro...ISBN-13:9780761926986
39The Developing Person Through Childhood and AdolescenceKathleen Stassen Berger2008-10-13For every chapter, the Study Guide will include a "Preview" ...ISBN-13:9781429220804
40Paediatric Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Second EditionAnthony Busuttil2008-11-28Child abuse and suspicious child deaths are very complicated...ISBN-13:1444109731
1Civil engineering and urban planning III : proceedings of th...International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning 2014 : Wuhan, China)Civil engineering and urban planning III : proceedings of th...
2Marine navigation and safety of sea transportation [Elektron...International Navigational Symposium on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation 2009 : Gdynia, Poland)Marine navigation and safety of sea transportation [Elektron...
3Biotechnology, agriculture, environment and energyBiotechnology, agriculture, environment and energy

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