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1Matrix TheoryAnders Holst2014-08-20A good understanding of matrices and their properties is a n...ISBN-13:9789144100968
2Corporate Property ManagementVictoria Edwards2009-02-12Corporate property is routinely identified as the second big...ISBN-13:1405147849
3Sorting Things OutGeoffrey C. Bowker2000-08-25A revealing and surprising look at how classification system...ISBN-13:9780262261609
4Commercial LeasesDavid Cockburn2011-09-30Scots Law. This text provides a practical guide to occupatio...ISBN-13:1847663176
5Redesigning EnglishSharon Goodman1996In this book the authors examine how language has adapted to...ISBN-13:0415131235
6Changing CitizenshipOsler, Audrey2005-04-01Changing Citizenship supports educators in understanding the...ISBN-13:033521181X
7How Texts WorkAdrian Beard2004-06-02How Texts Work: explores the ways in which we categorize tex...ISBN-13:1134448597
8Social Work with Disabled PeopleMichael Oliver, Bob Sapey and Pam Thomas2012-03-01ISBN-13:1137024275
9Disability and CommunityRichard K. Scotch2011-11-16Examines an array of issues related to disability and commun...ISBN-13:0857247999
10Education, Globalization, and Social ChangeHugh Lauder2006Education is seen as central to economic competitiveness, th...ISBN-13:9780199272532
11Enabling EnvironmentsEdward Steinfeld2013-06-29TItis volume is the first effort to compile representative w...ISBN-13:1461548411
12Health, Illness and CultureLars-Christer Hydén2008-06-03This collection of essays examines the interrelations betwee...ISBN-13:1135859051
13The Sociolinguistics of IdentityTope Omoniyi2008-07-01Brand new in paperback this volume looks at the problematic ...ISBN-13:1847063322
14Political Campaign CommunicationLarry Powell2015-08-27Political Campaign Communication: Inside and Out examines th...ISBN-13:1317345622
15Developing Communicative Competence in a Second LanguageRobin C. Scarcella1990STANFORD:36105008881109
16Health, Medicine and SocietyMichael Calnan2002-09-11Taking as its point of departure recent developments in heal...ISBN-13:1134598254
17The Discourse of AdvertisingGuy Cook1992-01-01ISBN-13:9780415041706
18Modern MedicineSimon J. Williams2013-10-18Do lay people view modern medicine as a fountain of hope or ...ISBN-13:1134219261
19Words in AdsGreg Myers1994Advertisements are an element of popular culture we genuinel...ISBN-13:9780340614440
20Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents' LivesDonna E. Alvermann2007-07-10Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents' Lives, Seco...ISBN-13:1317433866
21A New Medical PluralismSarah Cant2004-11-23First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1135364028
22Understanding Alternative MediaOlga G. Bailey2007-12-01What are alternative media? What roles do alternative media ...ISBN-13:0335235050
23EdutopiasMichael A. Peters2006Edutopias New Utopian Thinking in Education Michael A. Peter...ISBN-13:9077874143
24Qualitative Research in EducationPeter R Freebody2003-02-26This outstanding new textbook provides a comprehensive overv...ISBN-13:1446205320
25The Online CatalogueCharles R. Hildreth1989UOM:39015014736451
26Caring and responsibilityJune S. Lowenberg1989UOM:39015015056131
27Ideology after poststructuralismIain M. Mackenzie2002-03-20Leading scholars discuss ideology and hotly contested post-s...STANFORD:36105025950424
28Cultural perspectives in student affairs workGeorge D. Kuh1993-09This book describes how student affairs professionals can us...UOM:39015029887992
29The ImageKenneth Ewart Boulding1956Boulding discusses the image as the key to understanding soc...ISBN-13:9780472060474
30Representing Disability in an Ableist WorldBeth A. Haller2010Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN-13:9780972118934
31On LiteracyRobert Pattison1984-02-02Intellectually and morally acute, vibrantly alive ... parent...ISBN-13:9780195365269
32Heartland ExcursionsBruno Nettl1995-01-01One of the ethnomusicologists takes the reader along for a t...ISBN-13:9780252064685
33Bertolt BrechtBetty Nance Weber2010-03-01First published in 1980, this collection of fifteen original...ISBN-13:0820334782
34Popular MusicMikael Niemi2010-10-07‘A wonderfully warm tale of weddings, funerals, marathon s...ISBN-13:0007394462
35Secondary School LiteracyLeslie S. Rush2007-01-01ISBN-13:9780814142936
36A Passage to AnthropologyKirsten Hastrup2013-04-15The postmodernist critique of Objectivism, Realism and Essen...ISBN-13:1135100640
37The Self-Healing HumanSusanna Ehdin2003-03A holisitc book about how to harness and strengthen our self...ISBN-13:9780972785617
38Communication RevolutionRobert Waterman McChesney2007A provocative critique of media studies by the author of the...UOM:39015070686095
39Entering Higher EducationCaroline Berggren2006-01-01STANFORD:36105122452399
40The Myth of RescueW.D. Rubinstein2002-01-22It has long been argued that the Allies did little or nothin...ISBN-13:1134615698

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