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1Service management och marknadsföringChristian Grönroos2002ISBN-13:9789147063796
2Service managementChristian Grönroos1992ISBN-13:9789176980255
3Service Management and MarketingChristian Gronroos2015-04-01Written by a leading pioneer in the field, the revised and u...ISBN-13:9781118921449
4In Search of a New Logic for MarketingChristian Gronroos2008-03-10The book features 9 previously published journal articles wr...ISBN-13:9780470061299
5Service managementRichard Normann1991ISBN-13:9780471904038
6Working Through Ethics in Education and LeadershipJ. Kent Donlevy2011-10-21This book, although targeting educational leaders, - teacher...ISBN-13:9460913768
7Service Management and MarketingChristian Grönroos1990-01-01Gronroos (international and industrial marketing, Swedish Sc...ISBN-13:9780669200355
8Marketing DiscoursePer Skålén2007-12-14The marketing discipline has been dominated by managerial re...ISBN-13:1134116381
9Service management i den offentliga sektornChristian Grönroos1988IND:30000009622683
10Relationship MarketingThorsten Hennig-Thurau2013-06-29Relationship Marketing provides a comprehensive overview of ...ISBN-13:3662097451
11Relationship MarketingChristian Grönroos1997ISBN-13:9789515555236
12Contesting the CorporationPeter Fleming2010-12-16In an age when large corporations dominate the economic and ...ISBN-13:9780521169530
13Entrepreneurial MarketingBjö Bjerke2004-01-01Just as society has realized the value of entrepreneurs, so ...ISBN-13:1843766957
14Organization TheoryUlla Eriksson-Zetterquist2011-03-24This new text takes a unique practice-based approach, identi...ISBN-13:0199569304
15Relational Political Marketing in Party-Centred DemocraciesHelene P.M. Johansen2016-04-08This book offers a critical re-thinking of the way in which ...ISBN-13:1317068319
16Handbook of Relationship MarketingJagdish N Sheth2000Annotation As businesses increasingly stress the importance ...ISBN-13:0761918108
17Alternative Marketing Approaches for EntrepreneursBjörn Bjerke2018-03-16Consumers have, to a large extent, become their own producer...ISBN-13:178643895X
18Customer Value Co-Creation Through Reverse Use of Customer D...Hannu Saarijarvi2011ISBN-13:9789514485947
19Managing Tourism and Hospitality ServicesB. Prideaux2006-09-14The aim of this book is to enhance theoretical and practical...ISBN-13:1845930150
20Svensk bokförteckning1988UOM:39015014538477
21Revenue ManagementRobert Cross1997ISBN-13:9788173712326
22PSYCHOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF MUSICAL BEHAVIORRudolf E. Radocy2012-09-01The fifth edition of Psychological Foundations of Musical Be...ISBN-13:0398088055
23Design ManagementBrigitte Borja de Mozota2003Providing a synthesis of practical blueprint and theoretical...ISBN-13:1581152833
24Building Strong BrandsDavid A. Aaker2012-10-01As industries turn increasingly hostile, it is clear that st...ISBN-13:1471104389
25RespectRichard Sennett2004-01-29In this provocative and timely book, Richard Sennett examine...ISBN-13:014194658X
26Managing servicesChristopher H. Lovelock1992ISBN-13:9780135447017
27A Companion to EthicsPeter Singer2013-06-05In this volume, some of today's most distinguished philosoph...ISBN-13:1118724968
28Geographies of CommunicationJesper Falkheimer2006ISBN-13:9789189471368
29EU Electricity Trade LawPetri Mäntysaari2015-05-06This book aims to describe the mechanisms of the internal wh...ISBN-13:3319165135
30Entrepreneurial MarketingLeonard M. Lodish2002-03-14ISBN-13:0471040207
31Management Decision1994OSU:32435051813947
32Organizations and the MediaJosef Pallas2014-07-17The relationship between media and the organizations they co...ISBN-13:1135081646
33It's Not What You Sell, It's What You Stand ForRoy M. Spence Jr.2009-02-05Who is Roy Spence and what makes him the Pied Piper of Purpo...ISBN-13:1440697906
34Defining MarketingChristian Grönroos1989OCLC:614913954
35Understanding Organizational CultureMats Alvesson2012-11-16Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here 'W...ISBN-13:1446271811
36Leading the Customer ExperienceMs Sarah Cook2015-09-28Leading the Customer Experience explores the relationship be...ISBN-13:1472447697
37Sustainability CommunicationJasmin Godemann2011-06-08Modern and professional communication is required to realise...ISBN-13:9789400716971
38An Applied Service Marketing TheoryChristian Grönroos1980ISBN-13:9789515551191
39The Marketing Strategy ContinuumChristian Grönroos1990ISBN-13:9789515553201
40Affärsstrategiskt ledarskapJan Edvard Skaug2000ISBN-13:9789172461635
1Service management och marknadsföring : kundorienterat leda...Grönroos, Christian, 1947-2008Service management och marknadsföring : kundorienterat leda...
2Service management : ledning, strategi och marknadsföring i...Grönroos, Christian, 1947-1992Service management : ledning, strategi och marknadsföring i...
3Service Management och marknadsföring : kundorienterat leda...Grönroos, Christian, 1947-2015Service Management och marknadsföring : kundorienterat leda...
4Service management och marknadsföring : en CRM ansatsGrönroos, Christian, 1947-2002Service management och marknadsföring : en CRM ansats
5Service management [Ljudupptagning] : ledning, strategi och ...Grönroos, Christian2000Service management [Ljudupptagning] : ledning, strategi och ...
6Service management och marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] ...Grönroos, Christian2010Service management och marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] ...
7Service management och marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] ...Grönroos, Christian2016Service management och marknadsföring [Elektronisk resurs] ...
8Service management och marknadsföring [Ljudupptagning] : en...Grönroos, Christian2004Service management och marknadsföring [Ljudupptagning] : en...
9Service management and marketing [Elektronisk resurs] : cust...Grönroos, Christian2008Service management and marketing [Elektronisk resurs] : cust...

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