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1En samtidig världshistoriaMaria Sjöberg2014ISBN-13:9789144074375
2Ports of Globalisation, Places of CreolisationHolger Weiss2015-11-20This anthology analyses the transformation of interconnected...ISBN-13:9004302794
3Tourism and Indigenous Heritage in Latin AmericaCasper Jacobsen2018-08-23Following the surge of regional multiculturalism and indigen...ISBN-13:1351614770
4Transforming WarriorsPeter Haldén2016-05-12This volume offers an interdisciplinary study of how differe...ISBN-13:1317244850
5European Small States and the Role of Consuls in the Age of ...Aryo Makko2019-12-09In European Small States and the Role of Consuls in the Age ...ISBN-13:900441438X
6Världshistoria: Människosläktets Utveckling i Stat Och Sa...1913UCR:31210010128211
7Konstens världshistoria: MedeltidenGregor Paulsson1962UCAL:B2940499
8Konstens världshistoria: Frȧn barocken till nutidenGregor Paulsson1971UCAL:B2940505
9Esaias TegnérAlgot Werin1934WISC:89005621156
10Fornvännen19841941, häfte 1 includes obituary of Gustaf A. Eisen by Dagma...UOM:39015070282374
11Historisk tidskrift1916SRLF:A0005637418
12Tid och evighet hos Sören KierkegaardLennart Koskinen1980UCAL:B2710819
13A History of Western SocietyJohn McKay1998-08ISBN-13:9780395904374
14Historisk tidskrift för FinlandPer Olof von Törne1991SRLF:AA0007489453
15Norsk historisk bibliografi 1916-1945Svein Tore Gjønnes1988WISC:89098135528
16ArsbokVetenskaps-societeten i Lund1980STANFORD:36105015089035
17Ymer1922Includes the society's proceedings and list of members.UCAL:B2956221
18DesireAnna Clark2019-03-28A sweeping survey of sexuality in Europe from the Greeks to ...ISBN-13:1351139142
19European Imperialism, 1830-1930Alice L. Conklin1999Consisting principally of thematically organized selections ...UOM:39015059575723
20Ord och bildKarl Wåhlin1928STANFORD:36105012788381
21Skånes utrikessjöfart 1660-1720Oscar Bjurling1945UCAL:B2636307
22Salmonsens store illustrerede konversationsleksikonJohan Christian Blangstrup1899MINN:31951D00656644H
23Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century RussiaErich Haberer2004-08-26A caregully researched study of 100 years of the Russian-Jew...ISBN-13:9780521528498
24Violence and PunishmentPieter Spierenburg2013-08-22This innovative book tells the fascinating tale of the long ...ISBN-13:0745663982
25Gender in HistoryMerry E. Wiesner-Hanks2001-10-16This concise overview explores the construction of gender in...ISBN-13:9780631210368
26An Oasis CityRoger S. Bagnall2016-02-01Scattered through the vast expanse of stone and sand that ma...ISBN-13:147986031X
27The DARPA Model for Transformative Technologies: Perspective...William Boone Bonvillian2020-01-09The authors have done a masterful job of charting the import...ISBN-13:1783747943
28Iron CurtainAnne Applebaum2012-10-30In the long-awaited follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize-winning ...ISBN-13:0385536437
29India WaitsJan Myrdal1986-01-01ISBN-13:9780941702072
30Odd CouplesJens Rydström2011The concept of marriage as a union of a man and a woman was ...ISBN-13:9048514851
31The Public Schools Historical AtlasCharles Colbeck1885OXFORD:590245176
32Cities That Shaped the Ancient WorldJohn Julius Norwich2014-11-11An illuminating and evocatively illustrated tour of forty of...ISBN-13:0500772398
33Human Rights as Ethics, Politics, and LawElena Namli2014This study offers a critical approach to the connections bet...ISBN-13:9789155489779
34Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Balti...2017-01-12In Identity Formation and Diversity in the Early Medieval Ba...ISBN-13:9004328475
35The Household and the Making of HistoryMary S. Hartman2004-04-12This book argues that a unique late marriage pattern, discov...ISBN-13:9780521536691
36Gender and Political Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1400-18...James Daybell2016-07-01Gender and Political Culture in Early Modern Europe investig...ISBN-13:1134883986
37The Houses of HistoryAnna Green1999The only history and theory textbook to include accessible e...ISBN-13:9780719052552
38Behaviour, Development and EvolutionPatrick Bateson2017-02-20The role of parents in shaping the characters of their child...ISBN-13:1783742518
39HistorienRudi Thomsen1970WISC:89108659491
401939Michael Jabara Carley2009-02-16At a crucial point in the twentieth century, as Nazi Germany...ISBN-13:146169938X
1En samtidig världshistoria2014En samtidig världshistoria
2En samtidig världshistoriaArrayEn samtidig världshistoria
3En samtidig världshistoria [Elektronisk resurs]2014En samtidig världshistoria [Elektronisk resurs]
4En samtidig världshistoria [Elektronisk resurs]2017En samtidig världshistoria [Elektronisk resurs]
5Anvisning til en synchronistisk eller samtidig universal his...Ziervogel, Evald, 1728-17651754Anvisning til en synchronistisk eller samtidig universal his...
1En samtidig världshistoriaSjöberg, Maria, Salomon, Kim, 2014En samtidig världshistoria
2Inledning En samtidig världshistoriaSjöberg, Maria, 1960-,Inledning En samtidig världshistoria
3Inledning En samtidig världshistoriaSjöberg, Maria, 1960-,Inledning En samtidig världshistoria
4En samtidig världshistoria, kap 25 Tre regioner ett havKarlsson, Birgit, 1952-,2014En samtidig världshistoria, kap 25 Tre regioner ett hav
5Recension av "En samtidig världshistoria" av Maria Sjöberg...Harrison, Dick,Recension av "En samtidig världshistoria" av Maria Sjöberg...

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