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1De yngre barnens läroplanshistoriaAnn-Christine Vallberg Roth2002ISBN-13:9789144040592
2Assessment and Documentation in Early Childhood EducationMaarit Alasuutari2014-01-21Documentation in early childhood education is typically seen...ISBN-13:1317817079
3Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives in Theory a...Dion Sommer2009-12-24Recent decades have seen a growing emphasis, in a number of ...ISBN-13:9789048133161
4Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and CareGunilla Dahlberg2007-01-24This book challenges received wisdom and the tendency to red...ISBN-13:113411351X
5Domestic Violence, Family Law and SchoolM. Eriksson2013-09-24Domestic Violence, Family Law and School discusses the ways ...ISBN-13:113728305X
6Mathematics Education in the Early YearsTamsin Meaney2016-01-22This book presents chapters based on papers presented at the...ISBN-13:331923935X
742 Mandala Patterns Coloring BookWolfgang Hund2001-10-01Crossing cultures and epochs in a wide variety of patterns, ...ISBN-13:0897933362
8Self-theoriesCarol S. Dweck2013-12-16This innovative text sheds light on how people work -- why t...ISBN-13:1317710339
9Sociologi Och EpistemologiDonald Broady1990ISBN-13:9789176562505
10Experience and NatureJohn Dewey2013-04-16This antiquarian volume contains a fascinating and detailed ...ISBN-13:1446547825
11Early Childhood MattersKathy Sylva2010-01-04This book documents the rapid development of the importance ...ISBN-13:1135189862
12Media SemioticsJonathan Bignell2002-07-05Using examples such as "Big Brother" and "Billy Elliot", Big...ISBN-13:9780719062056
13Early Childhood CurriculumClaire McLachlan2013-01-02"In most countries, some form of curriculum has been designe...ISBN-13:1107624959
14Children's Peer RelationsPhillip T. Slee1998Children's Peer Relations presents an up-to-date overview of...ISBN-13:9780415153928
15Innehåll och innebörd i lärares arbete i förskola och sk...Eva Gannerud2006STANFORD:36105114844611
16Lärandets skiftande innebörder, uttryckta av förskollära...Ann-Charlotte Mårdsjö2005ISBN-13:9789173465229
17PaperweightMeg Haston2015-07-07This emotionally haunting and beautifully written young adul...ISBN-13:0062335766
18Social History of KnowledgePeter Burke2013-06-06In this book Peter Burke adopts a socio-cultural approach to...ISBN-13:0745676863
19Pedagogical quality in preschoolSonja Sheridan2001STANFORD:36105110488645
20Förskolepedagogikens framväxtJohannes Westberg2008Med titel: The birth of early childhood education : pedagogi...ISBN-13:9789155471576
21Science Literacy in Primary Schools and Pre-SchoolsHaim Eshach2006-08-12This well-written and thought-provoking book presents the st...ISBN-13:140204674X
22Media SemioticsJonathan Bignell1997This study begins by explaining the concept of the sign and ...ISBN-13:9780719045011
23Men, Gender Divisions and WelfareJeanette Edwards2002-05-03First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor &...ISBN-13:1134811829
24Play and Learning in Early Childhood SettingsIngrid Pramling Samuelsson2008-11-14This book represents the outcome of the joint activities of ...ISBN-13:1402084986
25Feminism and Motherhood in Western Europe, 1890–1970A. Allen2005-06-30According to Allen, motherhood and citizenship are terms tha...ISBN-13:1403981434
26The Geography of Border Landscapes (Routledge Library Editio...Dennis Rumley2014-10-03This volume is about border landscapes, with emphasis on the...ISBN-13:1317598806
27Gender in Early ChildhoodNicola Yelland2002-09-11This book will explore the ways in which young children perc...ISBN-13:1134735170
28Challenging LearningJames Nottingham2015-10-22Challenging Learning offers advice and techniques for helpin...ISBN-13:1317411978
29The Art of Art HistoryDonald Preziosi2009What is art history? Why, how and where did it originate, an...ISBN-13:0199229848
30Pedagogies of Educational TransitionsNadine Ballam2016-10-04This book presents the latest research on educational transi...ISBN-13:3319431188
31Childhood and Human ValueNick Lee2005-07-01Childhood and Human Value explains why people feel this way ...ISBN-13:0335226132
32Debates and Issues in Feminist Research and PedagogyJanet Holland1995The articles in this book engage with practical issues relat...ISBN-13:9781853592515
33Working Mothers in EuropeUte Gerhard2005-01-01In order to illustrate cross-country variations in mothers' ...ISBN-13:9781781956762
34Starting Strong II Early Childhood Education and CareOECD2006-09-14This review of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in ...ISBN-13:926403546X
35The Capacity to CareWendy Hollway2007-01-24Wendy Hollway explores a subject that is largely absent from...ISBN-13:1134148364
36Classroom Discourse and the Space of LearningFerence Marton2004-05-20Classroom Discourse and the Space of Learning is about learn...ISBN-13:1135642338
37The Politics of Affirmative ActionCarol Lee Bacchi1996-09-24"This book makes a major contribution to an issue of central...ISBN-13:9781446238356
38New Rules of Sociological MethodAnthony Giddens2013-06-10This is a new and revised edition of a book which has alread...ISBN-13:0745677150
39On DeweyRobert B. Talisse2000This brief text assists students in understanding Dewey's ph...UOM:39015051280397
40The Sociology of ChildhoodWilliam A. Corsaro2017-06-10William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking text, The Sociology of...ISBN-13:1506386199
1De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria [Ljudupptagning] från 1...Vallberg Roth, Ann-ChristineDe yngre barnens läroplanshistoria [Ljudupptagning] från 1...
2De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria [Elektronisk resurs] did...Vallberg Roth, Ann-ChristineDe yngre barnens läroplanshistoria [Elektronisk resurs] did...
3De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria : från 1800-talets mitt...Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine, 1960-De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria : från 1800-talets mitt...
4De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria : didaktik, dokumentatio...Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine, 1960-De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria : didaktik, dokumentatio...
1De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria - didaktik, dokumentatio...Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine,2011De yngre barnens läroplanshistoria - didaktik, dokumentatio...
2Läroplaner för de yngre barnen : Utvecklingen från 1800-t...Vallberg Roth, Ann-Christine,Läroplaner för de yngre barnen : Utvecklingen från 1800-t...

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